Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 984 - Don't Let That Jerk Go

Chapter 984: Don’t Let That Jerk Go

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“Hurry! Someone come and help President Fan up,” Lin Weisen yelled at the security guards. “Deliver President Fan safely home.”

President Fan woke up a little from the shock of the icy cold water and stood up with help of the security guards. He then trembled as he pointed to Xia Hanmo, “You…you will definitely pay for what you’ve done today!”

Xia Hanmo didn’t buckle, “I’ll be waiting.”

Tangning looked at the two and shook her head. After President Fan was sent away, she turned and said to Xia Hanmo, “This is my problem to deal with, I don’t want you to get involved. Who do you think you are?”

Xia Hanmo was surprised.

“You are no longer related to Superstar Media, stop butting your nose into mine and Lin Qian’s matters.”

“This jerk isn’t someone you can afford to offend. Remember, the next time you see him, stay as far away from him as possible…This has nothing to do with you.”

“It seems like you enjoyed the revenge you got already. In that case, there’s no need for you to sit next to me anymore.”

Xia Hanmo did not say a word as she quietly returned to her original seat.

She knew that things would never return to how they used to be, no matter what she said or did. She had already been kicked out of Superstar Media.

“Ting, you need to keep an eye on President Fan in case he seeks revenge on Xia Hanmo.”

Mo Ting nodded as he stood behind Tangning, “Don’t worry, I’ll tell Lu Che to make arrangements as soon as we arrive home.”

“Although she’s no longer a part of Superstar Media, I still don’t want to see anything happen to her.”

Mo Ting naturally understood what Tangning was thinking. After all, they had been married for so long. It was obvious that didn’t want to implicate Xia Hanmo.

“I simply humiliated that jerk today, but it seems like he’s determined to keep fighting.”

Mo Ting had nothing to say about this because he already had a secret plan in the works. But, some things needed time.

Soon, the wedding returned to its original peace. After lunch, it was time for the reception.

As she was pregnant, Tangning obviously couldn’t take part in dancing. So, she could only sit to the side with Mo Ting.

As it was a gathering of artists, many of the guests could sing and dance.

In particular, Lin Weisen’s bride was capable of all styles of dance, just like Lin Weisen had said earlier. She was extremely talented.

“Are you really planning to sign that young woman with Superstar Media?”

“Didn’t you hear it? Lin Weisen personally asked me. How could I reject him?” Tangning replied. “You also saw her spectacular dance performance just a moment ago. They were obviously putting on a show for me so I could make her famous.”

“I understand that you need to return Lin Weisen’s favor. But, I also know that you don’t like that woman.”

“Mr. Mo, are you perhaps a worm in my stomach?” Tangning giggled. “How do you know everything I’m thinking?”

Mo Ting pinched Tangning on the tip of her nose. Some things were obvious.

At this time, Tangning scanned her surroundings and noticed that Xia Hanmo was nowhere to be seen. She originally thought that she had left early because she had work to do, but, she had no idea that Xia Hanmo had been lured somewhere.

The outdoor wedding was lively as it filled with song and dance. But, just as everyone was happy and excited, a shrill scream suddenly resounded from somewhere.

Afterwards, a loud plonk was heard as a person fell from up above onto the grass. Someone immediately identified the person.

“It’s Xia Hanmo…it’s Xia Hanmo!”

As soon as she heard Xia Hanmo’s name, Tangning immediately stood up with Mo Ting’s help and made her way through the crowd. Slowly, Xia Hanmo came into view. She was lying on the floor with blood all over her mouth and nose. Tangning immediately knelt down beside her.


Xia Hanmo twitched as she pointed her finger upwards, “The fifth floor…fifth floor…”

Tangning understood that she had fallen from the fifth floor.

Meanwhile, behind her, Mo Ting was already phoning the police and ambulance.

“Tangning…President Fan…is on the fifth floor. He…pushed…me!”

Wasn’t President Fan sent home? Besides, when did Xia Hanmo go up to the fifth floor of the hotel?

“Ning…everyone has their own ending. I think…this may be the best end for me…” After saying these words, Xia Hanmo gripped tightly to Tangning’s hand, “Do you forgive me? Do…you…forgive…”

“Stop talking. As long as you stay alive, I’ll forgive you,” Tangning said as she covered Xia Hanmo’s mouth. “As long as you live.”

Xia Hanmo was covered in blood as she looked at Tangning. Hearing her response, she let out a laugh.

But, Tangning’s heart was seriously breaking.

As Xia Hanmo fell unconscious, Tangning clenched her fists. She had been too merciful with President Fan. She had spoiled him to the point where he hurt her loved ones, one after another.

Mo Ting knew that Tangning was upset. So, he held onto her hands, “Don’t worry, I already have something planned.”

“No. I want to personally make his life a living hell.”

Soon, the police arrived on the scene, followed by the ambulance. While the police surveyed the scene, Xia Hanmo was sent to the hospital.

Afterwards, Tangning and Mo Ting also headed to the hospital. For some reason, at that moment, all the grudges they previously had, were completely wiped away.

Xia Hanmo was wrong, but what about Tangning?

Tangning began to blame herself, especially when she arrived at the hospital and saw ‘Emergency’ written on the operating theater. But, she simply sat on the seat outside in a terrifyingly calm manner.

However, it didn’t take long before Mo Ting noticed some blood stains at the bottom of Tangning’s dress…

The blood that led from between her thighs obviously didn’t belong to Xia Hanmo.


As a result, Tangning was sent to the gynaecology and obstetrics ward and the medical staff quickly ran an exam on her and her baby. As the doctor checked Tangning’s condition, she shook her head, “A pregnant woman should maintain stable emotions. Big fluctuations like this are detrimental to the baby…”

“Mother and child should rest in bed for at least half a month. Moreover, the mother’s emotions can’t fluctuate too much.”

Tangning woke up and heard the doctor’s instructions, but she immediately looked at Mo Ting and asked, “How’s Xia Hanmo?”

“She successfully made it past the critical stage,” Mo Ting replied as he sat down on the edge of her bed. “From now on, you don’t need to concern yourself with anything. Leave everything with me.”


“Listen to me. Otherwise, I will feel really guilty for making you like this.”

Tangning understood how serious Mo Ting was, so she nodded her head.

“From today onwards, go home and get some rest. I will handle everything else.”

Tangning could tell that President Mo was angry…

In fact, he was very very angry…

“Ting…don’t let that jerk go,” Tangning pleaded as she held onto Mo Ting’s hand.

“As you wish,” Mo Ting replied.

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