Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 983 - Did You Enjoy The Little Game We Played Earlier?

Chapter 983: Did You Enjoy The Little Game We Played Earlier?

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“You don’t need to know this,” Tangning did not want Xia Hanmo to get involved with the grudge between her and President Fan. “We are even now. You can finally shake off your guilt. Since you’ve found someone to rely on, you should walk your own path.”

Xia Hanmo did not reply. To be exact, she clearly knew what Tangning’s answer actually meant.

But, even though she was no longer in Superstar Media, she would forever think of herself as one of them.

However, she had already experienced enough embarrassment from the incident earlier. With her identity and her current state, her existence in the world was pretty much pointless.

So, after Tangning gave her answer, the two women did not say another word to each other.

Meanwhile, everyone else in the venue waited to watch the wedding ceremony.

During this time, Tangning often turned her gaze towards President Fan. She was curious what other trick he wanted to play.

Did he perhaps already deal with his ex-wife?

The ceremony only ran for ten minutes or so. After the ceremony was over, it was time for the lunch banquet. However, Tangning did not do a thing yet. Had she decided not to pursue the matter any further?

Soon, Lin Weisen led his wife around to toast the guests. And the first person he walked over to, was Tangning and Mo Ting.

Dressed in a white tuxedo, Lin Weisen walked over with a glass of champagne in his hand. As soon as he saw Tangning stand up, he immediately asked, “Tangning, do you like dancers?”

“From the sounds of it, does Editor Lin have a talented person to introduce to me?”

“Indeed. My wife here loves to dance, but I can’t find an agency that I can trust, that’s why I thought of you,” Lin Weisen said with one arm around the bride. “I’m sure, with Superstar Media’s abilities, this wouldn’t be an issue. She doesn’t necessarily need to be an artist, she can also follow by your side and learn from you.”

As expected…

Tangning’s lips curved upwards. The Lin Weisen that had previously sided with her, couldn’t help but follow the crowd and ask for her favor in the end.

Tangning glanced at the bride. Although she didn’t have any particular liking for her, she still nodded her head, “That’s not hard to do. But, let me warn you in advance that I’ll be very strict with her.”

“I trust in you,” Lin Weisen knew that Tangning couldn’t reject him. It wasn’t only because of the occasion, but also because of the favor he had previously done for her.

Tangning hated owing people, so she always did whatever she could to pay them back.

“I’m sorry about what happened to Miss Xia earlier…” After receiving a satisfying response, Lin Weisen tried to change the focus to Xia Hanmo. “It must have made you very uncomfortable.”

“Of course I was uncomfortable…” Tangning responded straightforwardly. “How dare someone act so brazenly at your wedding.”

“From the sounds of it, you already know who the culprit is?”

Tangning pointed her chin towards President Fan who wasn’t too far away.

As soon as Lin Weisen looked at the direction she was gesturing to, he nodded his head, “I’ve heard about the grudge between the two of you, but I never expected things to get this serious. Besides, Xia Hanmo is no longer a part of Superstar Media. Why would he deliberately challenge you?”

“He targeted Lin Qian not too long ago too,” Tangning replied as she sipped some tea. “I assume it’s because he can’t hurt me, so he thinks that hurting the people around me is an effective attack.”

“I will help you keep an eye on him.”

“Thank you,” Tangning replied politely, her tone sounding a little distant. “However, I have a favor that I would like to ask of you.”


After a short chat, Lin Weisen moved on to other guests with his bride while Tangning anticipated what was about to happen.

“Did President Fan target Lin Qian as well?” Xia Hanmo asked.

Tangning’s eyes darkened, but she did not reply.

However, it didn’t take long before President Fan approached Tangning and Mo Ting, holding a glass of wine.

His actions were smug and his smile had a trace of mockery, “Did you enjoy the little game we played earlier?”

As soon as Xia Hanmo heard this, she immediately stood up and threw a slap towards President Fan, but President Fan quickly grabbed onto her wrist and stopped her, “Miss Xia, watch what you’re doing. The man supporting you is a good friend of mine. Aren’t you afraid of losing everything tomorrow?”

It seemed, similar people were drawn to each other.

“From the looks of it, it seems President Fan has already dealt with his ex-wife,” Tangning queried. “It seems, you are no longer afraid that I know of your secrets.”

“Tangning, you’re just a wild monkey that appears tough on the surface. All you can do is make a few sounds, but in reality, you are helpless around me.”

“Really?” Tangning watched as President Fan’s face began to turn red and said mockingly, “Are you sure you don’t want to put out the fire burning inside of you?”

President Fan’s strength slowly faded and his body felt especially weak. A moment later, he quickly realized what had happened. When had he been drugged?

Even at this point, he did not suspect Lin Weisen at all.

A moment later, President Fan fell to the floor, tore off his clothes and moaned uncontrollably. He was in a worse off state than Xia Hanmo earlier. After all, he wasn’t as pretty as Xia Hanmo and did not have a good body like hers. So, to see a man like him lying half naked on the floor, simply looked gross and sleazy.

“Oh God, what’s happening now?”

“Isn’t this President Fan? Did he also get…?!”

President Fan lay on the floor with his clothes torn into a mess. But, worst of all, he began to grab onto whatever woman he could find, pressed himself up against them and tried to take advantage of them.

“Hey, look, something appears to have fallen out of President Fan’s pants…”

“Is this the drug that was mentioned earlier?” a person guessed after reading the packaging for the medicine.

“This is obviously that drug…Does that mean the person that drugged Xia Hanmo was President Fan? Did he accidentally consume the drug that he brought himself? If that’s the case, then that’s really embarrassing.”

President Fan’s face turned red as he rolled around on the floor. Eventually, Lin Weisen couldn’t watch him any longer, so he called the security to remove him from the premises.

At this time, Xia Hanmo stepped out and said to everyone, “I don’t even know President Fan. He may not have drugged me on purpose. It doesn’t seem nice to kick him out. After all, it’s meant to be Editor Lin’s wedding. Perhaps, someone should wake him up with some icy water as well.”

All the guests didn’t want to miss out on the show, so they immediately pulled out their phones to record the scene; even though it was a repulsive sight.

Lin Weisen felt that Xia Hanmo made a reasonable point, so he asked someone to bring him a tub of icy water. Originally, he was going to wipe down President Fan’s face with the water, but Xia Hanmo suddenly grabbed the tub and poured it all over the man…

She obviously did it on purpose!

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