Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 982 - Who Would Try To Scheme Against You?

Chapter 982: Who Would Try To Scheme Against You?

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Who was at the center of this ruckus? Xia Hanmo!

Tangning did not know that Xia Hanmo had been schemed against. But, amongst the huge commotion, she managed to spot President Fan chatting to a director on the other side of the venue. Their eyes fired up as they looked at each other.

A moment later, Tangning spotted the red-faced Xia Hanmo standing up amongst the seated guests, tugging at her clothes uncomfortably. By this time, one side of her long blue dress had already slipped off her shoulder and, unfortunately, she was wearing nothing underneath.

The public exposure created quite a commotion.

As everyone present was a celebrity of some sort, they quickly stepped away from her, afraid that they would be tied in with this humiliating act.

But, the thing that everyone was most curious about, was how Xia Hanmo’s ex-boss, Tangning, was going to react to a scene like this. Was she going to help her?

“Let’s go have a look,” Tangning said to Mo Ting after confirming that it was Xia Hanmo.

At the same time, Mo Ting instructed Lu Che to take off his jacket and cover Xia Hanmo.

But, even after doing this, Xia Hanmo moaned and groaned embarrassingly in front of everyone. Tangning soon made her way into the crowd and saw Lu Che pour a glass of icy cold water on Xia Hanmo.

Luckily, she wasn’t drugged too badly.

Due to the icy coldness, Xia Hanmo came to her senses. When she realized that she was half naked, she was so upset that she wanted to immediately drill a hole to hide in.

Anyone with a bit of awareness would of realized that Xia Hanmo had fallen into someone’s trap.

But, after this embarrassment…how was Xia Hanmo to ever face the world again?

As Lin Weisen stood next to his bride watching the scene unfold, he immediately approached and asked, “Who did this? How dare someone bully another guest at my wedding?”

As the host, if he didn’t get justice for Xia Hanmo, it wouldn’t be right…

Plus, Xia Hanmo was once a part of Superstar Media. So, it was important that he got an explanation.

Xia Hanmo was really upset. She wanted to leave the wedding, but Tangning suddenly grabbed onto her wrist and asked, “What happened?”

Was Tangning going to do something about it?

Didn’t she say that Xia Hanmo and Superstar Media were no longer related?

Xia Hanmo looked at Tangning as tears began to roll out of her eyes.

Was Tangning showing concern for her?

“Based on my relationship with Editor Lin, he definitely won’t let this matter go like this. There’s still a bit of time until the ceremony starts. I’m sure Editor Lin will allow me to spend this time looking for the culprit. Otherwise, his heart won’t be at peace either.”

Since Lin Weisen deliberately invited her so he could flaunt their relationship, Tangning played along to her own benefit, so there was nothing he could say about it.

Hence, as expected, Lin Weisen nodded his head, “Indeed. Ruining a person’s purity is an important matter.”

With Lin Weisen’s agreement, Tangning turned and said to Xia Hanmo, “What exactly happened?”

Xia Hanmo did not say a word. She simply glared at the young artist that she had argued with earlier. Tangning immediately understood and looked at the woman as well.

“It’s got nothing to do with me. I argued with you earlier, but I would never do something this disgusting.”

“It really wasn’t me…”

“Besides, even if you suspect me, you still need evidence. I may dislike Xia Hanmo, but I simply instructed the waiter to teach her a lesson by damaging her chair so she’d embarrass herself. How would I have predicted that I’d have an argument with her and have drugs prepared…”

Tangning could tell that the woman wasn’t lying.

Otherwise, she would have felt guilty as soon as something happened to Xia Hanmo.

So, Tangning naturally turned to look at President Fan instead. And he simply looked back at her smugly, waiting to see how she would resolve the matter.

It seemed, President Fan wanted to challenge her until the end.

The public often talked about how amazing and capable Tangning was. So, how was she going to find the culprit?

Everyone looked at Tangning and waited to see the result. But, she simply looked at Xia Hanmo and said, “Originally, you had already broken all ties with Superstar Media. But, I couldn’t control myself from getting involved. I believe that the young woman that argued with you did not drug you. So, go freshen up and come back to sit by my side.”

“I will follow-up​ this matter after the ceremony is over.”

Originally, after the embarrassment she had suffered, it didn’t make sense for Xia Hanmo to stay at the wedding. After all, it was too tempting for people to tease her. But, if she sat next to Tangning, the situation was very different; no one dared to touch someone that Tangning was protecting.

The guests were curious. Was Tangning planning to take Xia Hanmo back?

Xia Hanmo’s eyes turned red as Lu Che protected her out of the venue. Meanwhile, Tangning and Mo Ting returned to their original spot. However, both their eyes were placed on President Fan in the distance.

“This jerk looks like he came prepared.”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s wait and see what else he has planned…”

Most importantly, of course, everyone was waiting to see how Tangning planned to make the culprit pay back for this incident.

It didn’t take long before Lin Weisen and his bride approached to provide an apology, “I never thought that something like this would happen at my wedding…”

“It’s not your fault. Besides, Xia Hanmo isn’t a part of Superstar Media,” Tangning reminded Lin Weisen calmly. “Even if this happened to someone else, I would have still helped them.”

“Let’s forget it then and put this incident in the past. The ceremony is about to start, I need to direct everyone’s attention to the stage…”

Tangning turned her gaze to President Fan and President Fan raised a wine glass at her…

But, he probably didn’t know that Tangning loved giving an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

So, just before the ceremony, Mo Ting gave Lu Che a phone call while he was out with Xia Hanmo.

Some actions had their consequences!

Soon, Xia Hanmo came out with a change of clothes and was told to sit down beside Tangning. But, compared to the past, she no longer felt worthy of sitting there.


“I’m not helping you because I want to be connected to you in any way. I’m helping you because I think someone was targeting me and you may have taken the hit instead.”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo felt a little disappointed, but she understood.

“Since your status is so high in the industry, people are bound to be envious of you.”

“From now on, when you leave the house on your own, you should watch what you drink and eat. You are an artist, not an average person. If you don’t know how to be cautious, then you’re no different from the Xia Hanmo in the past,” Tangning’s words were a little harsh; it sounded like she was teaching Xia Hanmo how to live her life.

“Can you tell me who would try to scheme against you?”

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