Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 981 - You Don't Know How To Be Cautious Of Your Acquaintances

Chapter 981: You Don’t Know How To Be Cautious Of Your Acquaintances

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Lin Weisen’s wedding was extremely grand and lots of famous names were attending. Tangning probably wasn’t the most attention-attracting person there, but her attendance was definitely a huge talking point.

However, outsiders had no idea how deep of a grudge Tangning and President Fan had. So, no one expected a war to erupt at the wedding.

Soon, Lin Weisen’s wedding was held in Beijing’s biggest cathedral and a huge number of models and actors attended.

In order to suit the occasion, Tangning appeared dressed in a long beige dress. Although she was already 7-8 months pregnant, the other parts of her body didn’t change much. So, she still looked as sexy as ever.

On that day, even President Mo specifically wore a black tailored suit that made him look extra noble. When the couple stood next to each other, they were bound to create a stir.

Soon, Lu Che delivered the two to the cathedral. At this time, the outside of the cathedral was already packed with stars.

Tangning barely recognized any of the fresh new faces, regardless of the industry they were in and what they had achieved.

But, just because she didn’t look at everyone else, didn’t mean that they didn’t look at her in awe.

This was Tangning… The almighty Tangning!

“She won’t be around for many more years. You just wait and see…This industry is teeming with youth and vitality. In a few years, no one is going to remember her name,” an artist said to the person beside her. “Right now, she’s simply relying on Superstar Media to maintain a bit of fame.”

“No matter how much longer she’ll last, she’s still been famous for longer than you have,” a cold voice echoed from behind the woman in mockery.

As the young woman turned around, she came face to face with Xia Hanmo and laughed, “Why are you still helping Tangning? If I was you, I would expose all of Tangning’s most embarrassing secrets to satisfy my hatred.”

“I’m not the same as you,” Xia Hanmo replied. Before the woman got a chance to respond, Xia Hanmo added, “At least, being famous for having a bad reputation is still fame. What about you? No one even knows your name.”

Xia Hanmo still protected Tangning even though she had already lost Superstar Media forever.

As long as she was still around, she would do all she could to salvage Tangning’s reputation.

“You just wait.”

Xia Hanmo no longer took things to heart. After all, with a rich man backing her up, she had the power to voice her opinion. At least, when it came to dealing with a small potato like this, it was a piece of cake.

Soon, the small-time artist stood up from her seat. A scene like this had plenty of guests and they were all from the entertainment industry, a place that was full of unspoken rules. So, for some people, playing small tricks on one’s enemy was quite a normal thing to do.

The young woman who argued with Xia Hanmo was exactly this type of person.

After leaving her seat, she did not go to the bathroom as most people would expect. Instead, she approached a waiter and gave a few instructions; she was planning to use some despicable methods.

She wanted to see how Xia Hanmo would still stick up for Tangning if she was humiliated in front of everyone.

Of course, whenever a large number of celebrities gathered in the one place, there was bound to be people that were hungry for fame and fortune. Even Lin Weisen knew this.

As she watched Lin Weisen weave through the guests with his bride, Tangning couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

“Tangning, President Mo…you’re here,” Lin Weisen approached after noticing that Tangning’s big belly made it inconvenient for her to walk around.

The bride looked extremely young; probably in her early twenties. But, Tangning could tell that Lin Weisen cared deeply for the young woman.

“Since it was you that invited me, I naturally had to come,” Tangning said as Mo Ting helped her stand up.

“You don’t know how many people here today wanted to see you.”

“They probably want to see the news I’ll create instead,” Tangning said sarcastically.

“By the way, there’s something important I want to talk to you about,” Lin Weisen pulled out a business card from his pants pocket and handed it to Tangning, “I want to introduce this man to you. He loves experimenting with sci-fi films and has a few small achievements. I think he may be able to help you.”

Tangning held the business card in her hand and smiled after taking a look at it, “Thank you, you’re getting married yet you’re still thinking about helping me.”

“Out of all the artists I’ve ever worked with, you were the one that I liked the most and the one that I felt was the most promising. In fact, the cover you shot for TQ is still being used for our promotional billboard because I want to show other models what it means to be a real model.”

“I’ve also remembered what you’ve done for me,” Tangning replied.

At this time, Lin Weisen suddenly said, “In that case, if I come across any troubles, I’ll definitely​ ask you for help.”

Tangning maintained her smile because she could tell that Lin Weisen did have something to ask of her. But, of course, after what Lin Weisen had done for her in the past, it was only right for her to return the favor.

But, for some reason, Tangning had a bad feeling about this.

Mo Ting seemed to have seen through her uncertainty, so he said, “People change. Or perhaps, you never truly understood him.”

“Forget it. I’ll just think of this as returning a favor.”

As a result, the wedding suddenly felt quite insincere.

She originally thought that Lin Weisen invited her there to catch up.

“You don’t know how to be cautious of your acquaintances.”

Lin Weisen and his bride went back to greeting their guests, but they continued to linger around Tangning and Mo Ting. Tangning even overheard a few things that made her quite uncomfortable.

“I’d heard in the past that Editor Lin was close to Tangning, I never thought that it was true.”

“Apart from the people at Superstar Media, I think you are the only one that has such a close relationship with Tangning…”

After hearing the guests say this, Tangning’s expression turned cold. It turned out, Lin Weisen was using her status to boost himself.

“In the past, when your status wasn’t high and you were just a small-time model, he helped you because he appreciated talent. So, now that you’ve become a huge talking point in the industry, it’s only natural for him to suck up to you. Your heart is still the same as before, so you didn’t notice that everything has changed. But, there are many things that are no longer the same.”

After hearing Mo Ting’s explanation, Tangning nodded her head, “I understand. It’s just hard to accept.”

“If you don’t like being here, we can find an excuse to leave.”

“Forget it. Since I’ve already given him face by appearing here, I might as well go all the way. If worse comes to worst, I’ll never come in contact with him again,” Tangning decided.

Before the ceremony started, there was already so much drama. What would happen after the ceremony and during the reception?

Realistically speaking, Lin Weisen couldn’t be blamed for acting the way that he did. After all, it was human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

However, just as Tangning regained her composure, someone suddenly yelled from the crowd, “Is she trying to strip dance?”

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