Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 46: The True Oriental Trend

Chapter 46: The True Oriental Trend

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The makeup artist, as well as other staff, were endlessly praising Mo Yurou's beauty. Because of her charming and energetic personality, Mo Yurou demanded everyone's attention. Whereas, in comparison, when not working, Tangning was quiet and peaceful; she didn't like talking. This kind of introverted personality, especially when compared to Mo Yurou, made it easy for people to overlook her presence and beauty.

"Miss Mo, since you are ready, please make your way into the studio to get your solo shoot taken first."

As well as the front cover shoot, there were also solo photos inside the magazine, so Mo Yurou entered the studio ahead of Tangning. As she got up from her seat in front of the mirror, a provoking look went across her face accompanied by a confident aura - it was like she was sure she would win. This confidence definitely could not be found on Tangning. As a result, based on a favorable impression, all the staff had faith in Mo Yurou more.

Inside the studio. The set was ready. Under the traditional wooden window stood an old table. Atop the table, sat a delicate blue and white porcelain vase and appearing out of the vase was a beautiful pink rose that had recently bloomed. Beside the table sat a Taishi chair; Mo Yurou's task was to sit on this chair and take a photo.

Upon seeing Mo Yurou enter the studio, the photographer was captivated by her look. All this Oriental beauty had to do was sit on the chair and she would be as beautiful as a painting. If she could utilize her skills to take it a step further, the Oriental Trend would definitely be ignited in the Western market.

"It's rumored this model is comparable to Huo Jingjing," the photographer's assistant praised, "She must be very professional."

"I have high hopes." The tall handsome photographer reminded everyone to get in position before telling Mo Yurou, in a friendly manner, that the shoot would be about to start.

As Mo Yurou was very ambitious, she understood, apart from putting in extra effort for the shoot with Tangning, she also could not treat this solo shoot casually.

"Let's take a few shots from the side," the photographer instructed Mo Yurou. With the help of the translator, Mo Yurou understood the photographer's expectations, so she immediately turned her body to one side. She then used her right arm to lean on the back of the chair and placed her left hand on her dress - revealing the left side of her refined face as she smiled seductively.

The photographer furrowed his brows - he was expecting an Oriental beauty, not an Oriental temptress...

The photographer captured a photo regardless. He thought maybe she hadn't gotten into the momentum yet, so he directed her to express the intellectual beauty of an Oriental woman by holding a traditional red basket. This time, Mo Yurou sat up straight; the angle was right, but...she had her head down...all the photographer could see was her wide forehead.

The photographer again took a few shots, his expression was unimpressed. How could this model be compared to Huo Jingjing?

Worst of all, throughout the entire shoot, although Mo Yurou's personality stood out, she could only pull off one smile and one facial expression...

The photographer was silent, he just wanted to complete the job at hand. When the shoot was finally over, Mo Yurou was shameless enough to approach him and ask how she went.

The photographer didn't respond while his assistant turned to Mo Yurou, gave her a thumbs up and said, "Very good..."

Mo Yurou gave a proud smile. Underneath her refined appearance was a model with no self-awareness - it suddenly felt so easy to hate her.

"Pfft!" The photographer let out a sound of digust behind her back before turning to his assistant and asked, "Is there still one more?" At this moment, Tangning gently entered the studio. She started off by greeting the photographer politely.

Her smile didn't seem forced nor unfriendly, but because of Mo Yurou's shoot, the photographer was currently in a bad mood, so he could only respond to Tangning in an expressionless manner.

Deep down he thought, even though the model that just left wasn't skilled, at least she had a bright personality. Whereas the model in front of him, was quiet and dull - he was expecting her to be even worse.

Because of his expectations, his attitude towards Tangning was very casual. He casually prepared and casually started the shoot without giving Tangning any directions. All he mentioned to her were the underlying themes of each photo.

"I really don't know how these women can be called models," the assistant next to the photographer also did not have high expectations for Tangning.

Theme 1: The gentleness of an Oriental woman.

The photographer wasn't worried at all about this theme because Tangning just had to be herself and the task would be completed. However, she did something he did not expect. Indeed, she did not need to do anything fancy, she just had to maintain her usual composure and simply sit on the chair, but...she added in one important factor...

...her eyes...

Unlike the calm, emotionless expression she originally had, Tangning's gaze was now focused in front of her; alert and clear. Her eyes were slightly watery with a tinge of red - like she was looking at something she loved, but had to resist...

This was exactly the shy, reserved personality of an Oriental woman!

Most importantly, Tangning didn't only bring attention to her eyes, she also led onlookers with her emotions to focus on the clothes on her body...she looked like a woman that had dressed up for the person she loved, only to find...the person she loved was with another person. Therefore, she felt her appearance was disgraceful and a joke...

Emotion and setting blended together; her gaze and the product became one...


The photographer couldn't contain his excitement. Throughout the entire shoot, he endlessly shouted, "Perfect!"

He had never seen such a skilled model. His heart was so excited it was about to burst...

In a mere 5 minutes, Tangning managed to portray a story, and most importantly, this story was related to the clothes she was wearing!

This was how a professional model should be. No matter how beautiful she was, she was meant to be an accessory for the product she was presenting. Most models had the capability to show off their clothes, but how many could become one with it?

This time, the photographer was filled with excitement. He finally felt he found a chance to show off his photography skills. Most importantly, Tangning was a model that knew how to pick her own poses. She didn't require much direction, every pose she pulled was exactly what was required and every photo she took would make one not willing to delete it...

Thinking about it, the previous model compared to Tangning...was completely overshadowed.

The difference between 'just-a-pretty-face' and a 'real model' was like the difference between the sky and earth.

Afterwards, the photographer asked Tangning to pull off a few more looks. What made him even more surprised was the fact that no matter what he requested from Tangning, she would be able to respond within a second. Flirtatious, sad, innocent, seductive - she could pull it all off with a simple gaze and her detailed approach. He couldn't help but applaud her...

This type of model completely encompassed the true Oriental Trend!

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