Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 979 - You Sure Have Guts

Chapter 979: You Sure Have Guts

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“But, you can’t deny that you’re an impulsive person. If my useless grandson does something else bad to you, you’re going to bring up old matters and make him pay for it all at once, aren’t you?” Grandfather Fan laughed. “Young woman, a senior person like me doesn’t normally make appearances to deal with a young person like you. This is very embarrassing for me.”

“But, as a grandfather that only has one grandson, if I don’t step out to take control of the situation, he will eventually destroy himself.”

“In that case, what do you want?,” Tangning asked. “How do you want me to guarantee you?”

“Haven’t you been filming a sci-fi film lately? How about this, I’ll personally invest in your film and become an investor. I’m sure your post-production will benefit from more money. That way, our interests will be connected; if you benefit, then I benefit, if you make a loss, then I make a loss. I will feel a lot better knowing that,” Grandfather Fan suggested a solution.

But, after Tangning heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Old man, are you trying to tell a joke?”

“I’m being serious.”

“No, you’re definitely joking. Firstly, let’s not talk about whether Superstar Media is lacking this money. Even if I have to give up on the film, I would never let someone that’s connected to the underworld get involved in my film,” Tangning said. “This is my bottom line.”

After hearing this, the old man was a little startled.

He always believed that actors had no integrity, just like how prostitutes had no sincere emotions. But, when it came to Tangning, she seemed to hate and shame people in the underworld more than the former two.

“I run legitimate businesses.”

“But, the foundation is still made up of a pile of bones.”

The two looked into each other’s eyes, neither of them wanting to back down. It was obvious that Grandfather Fan was trying control his temper. After all, the person sitting opposite him was a woman and she was also pregnant. No matter how despicable he was, he would never lay a hand on the weak.

“You sure have guts…Does this mean you want to be destroyed together?” Grandfather Fan asked as he stared at Tangning. “I don’t understand. My investment into your film is not a disadvantageous thing…”

“My film will always remain pure. I don’t want anything dirty to get involved. Otherwise, I won’t do the late Qiao Sen justice,” Tangning replied. “Old man, rather than wasting so much time on me, why don’t you keep an eye on your grandson and stop him from appearing in front of me instead?”

“I can’t guarantee other things, but as long as he doesn’t provoke me, I promise I won’t say a thing.”

This was perhaps Tangning’s biggest compromise.

Actually, Tangning could tell that the old man meant no harm. He was simply here to make a deal.

But, there was no way that she could agree to Grandfather Fan’s suggestion.

Grandfather Fan took a deep breath. He had never met such a stubborn woman. But, he was impressed by her bold and tough attitude. After all, women like her were hard to come by.

So, he decided not to make things difficult for her.

“I hope you can remember what you’ve said today.”

“I always keep my promises…”

But, during this time, President Fan ended up leaving work early after hearing from a staff member that Tangning was meeting with his grandfather and quickly found where they were.

He thought his grandfather was going to show Tangning who’s boss, but he didn’t​expect that the old man would end up being convinced instead.

After Tangning left, President Fan immediately ran over to help his grandfather stand up, “Grandfather, how did your chat go?”

“As long as you leave her alone, she won’t be bothered to deal with your lousy matter. From today onwards, keep your distance from her.”

This was all that the old man said before he boarded his car. It was obvious that he wasn’t mad at Tangning. In fact, the two of them were quite similar in a lot of ways.

Grandfather Fan understood that Tangning didn’t like the methods used by the underworld. Unfortunately, his generation had no choice but to rely on these methods to survive.

After all, he couldn’t choose the lifestyle that he was born into.

Some people were born into tough situations like that.

Moreover, he was used to being flattered by people that wanted to get on his good side, so it was rare to meet someone that he could share an honest conversation with. Hence, he felt that Tangning was quite special!

After Grandfather Fan left the cafe, President Fan turned to his grandfather’s men and asked, “What did my grandfather and Tangning talk about?”

“Tangning, the sl*t, actually tried to insult Elder Fan,” a bodyguard replied.

After hearing this, President Fan did not say anything in response. But, he kept the grudge deep in his heart.

He was too afraid to even raise his voice slightly at his grandfather, yet Tangning actually insulted him?

“I will eventually find a chance to get back at her.”

Even though Tangning told the driver not to let Mo Ting know that she had been ‘taken away’ by Grandfather Fan, Mo Ting still ended up finding out.

So, as soon as Tangning returned home, Mo Ting immediately pulled her into his embrace and scanned her from head to toe to see if anything was missing, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Nothing bad happened to me.”

“If something bad happened, it would have already been too late,” Mo Ting lectured. “You knew you couldn’t keep it from me and that I would worry about you.”

“Or, are you trying to tell me that I haven’t dispatched enough bodyguards for you?”

Tangning breathed in Mo Ting’s unique scent. For some reason, she was completely charmed and intoxicated by it.

“If an enemy wants to target you, it’s impossible to completely guard against them and avoid them. Even if you’re cautious and protect yourself well, as long as they monitor you closely, they are bound to find an opportunity.”

“What did he say to you?”

Tangning explained Grandfather Fan’s suggestion to Mo Ting. After hearing everything, Mo Ting felt that the Fan Family’s existence posed a huge threat to Tangning’s safety.

“Just because you’re not saying anything, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what you’re thinking!” Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting. “The Fan Family may be hateful, but they have a solid foundation. If we want to go against them, it will take a lot of time and effort, I don’t want you to waste your energy on that.”

“Besides, the little one in my stomach is about to come out. I don’t want to stir up more trouble.”

Mo Ting looked at Tangning’s plump belly and gently caressed it with his hands; this was their daughter…

Meanwhile, behind them, the little rascal, Mo Zichen, once again climbed onto the sofa and turned on the television.

Tangning turned around and glanced at her son. This serious little rascal was going to grow up to be trouble.

Although Mo Ting listened to Tangning’s thoughts on the Fan Family, he couldn’t help but remain cautious of them.

In fact, he planned to send Grandfather Fan a serious warning…

But of course, he would do that after Tangning fell asleep.

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