Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 978 - If You Want To Die, Then Go Ahead

Chapter 978: If You Want To Die, Then Go Ahead



"Li Jin, my father isn't someone you can handle. You need to think it over."

Li Jin looked coldly at Han Xiao who was knelt on the floor, "Even if I can't, I will still do it. If you want to get revenge, then come and get it. However, you may need to wait until you come out of jail."

"Li Jin!" Han Xiao roared. "I've been by your side for so many years. Even if I haven't reaped any rewards, I've still put in the hard work. Why can't you let me go based on our years of friendship?"

"Before saying these words, have you thought about what you've done in the past? Have you ever considered letting me go? Or letting Qian Qian go? If you can't do it yourself, how could you ask someone else to do it?" After asking these questions, Li Jin lowered his head and thought for a few seconds. When he lifted his head again, his gaze was icy cold, "I've always treated you the same way that I treat everyone else: as normal colleagues."

"So, what kind of hard work have you put in?"

"Look at the way you said that you saved me. Even when Qian Qian exposed you, you still managed to maintain your composure. So, do you think your tricks would still work on me?"

Han Xiao lay on the floor and cried hysterically.

"It's because I like you. Everything I've done is because I like you. I was so jealous of Lin Qian that it was driving me crazy."

"Forget it. If liking me means that you want to see my entire family get destroyed, then I don't deserve your admiration. I hope that the next time we meet will be in the military court. Otherwise, I don't want to see you ever again!" After he was done speaking, Li Jin kept his arm around Lin Qian as he turned around to leave.

Meanwhile, Han Yu had already forced Father Han into a police car and was ready to drive away.

However, Han Xiao suddenly yelled at this time, "If you don't let my father go, I will die right in front of you."

"If you want to die, then go ahead. You're in the military so you should be familiar with what to do. At least it won't be as painful," Li Jin said before he helped Lin Qian into a police car. He wasn't afraid that Han Xiao would actually do something.

Li Jin knew that Han Xiao was extremely selfish, so there was no way that she'd hurt herself.


If she had the courage to do that, she wouldn't be in the situation that she was in today.

Lin Qian watched as Li Jin retaliated against Han Xiao. Although Han Xiao looked quite pitiable, she wasn't deserving of sympathy.

"Qian Qian, I've already requested for a transfer..." Li Jin said to Lin Qian on the way home. "I don't think I'm suitable for the air force anymore."


"Don't feel responsible. It's because I've gone through too much and can't possibly dedicate myself wholly to the air force like I have in the past," Li Jin said as he wrapped his arm around Lin Qian and looked at her lovingly. "I will work in the office from now on and spend as much time with you as possible."

Lin Qian did not think that this was necessary, but she did not object to Li Jin's decision either. After all, this was his career and he had the right to think for himself.

"OK, you can rest at home in the meantime, while I return to work."

Over these past few days, both Superstar Media and Tangning had been stressed because of her. So now, it was time for her to invest her heart into the agency.


It didn't take long before Tangning heard about Han Xiao's fate; she was relatively satisfied with the way that Li Jin handled the matter.

Lin Qian had suffered so much because of him. If he let Han Xiao get away with what she had done, Tangning would have stepped in and taken responsibilty.

After all, Superstar Media weren't easy to bully.

After Lin Qian's matter settled, Tangning's life returned to normal.

As she was so focused on Lin Qian's matter, she had completely forgotten that there was a deep grudge between herself and President Fan.

Grandfather Fan had been monitoring Tangning for quite some time and knew the time that she was most likely to leave the house. So, he ended up stopping Tangning just outside Hyatt Regency.

Afterwards, a few black-clothed men stepped out of his Lincoln Limousine and approached Tangning's car, "Miss Tang, please come this way."

"I'm sure you know whether your intentions are good or bad. Don't forget that there are plenty of surveillance cameras around here," Tangning said.

"Miss Tang, you will understand what is going on after you see our boss." At this moment, Grandfather Fan stepped out of his car. Even though his back was a little slouched, he still had the aura of a big boss.

As soon as Tangning saw the man, she could tell that he wasn't someone she should offend, so she patiently opened her car door and stepped outside.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

As Tangning listened to the man, she could see a judgmental look in his eyes.

"You don't need to be curious about my identity. My surname is Fan and I have a useless grandson that recently caused a misunderstanding with you," Grandfather Fan said. "Would Miss Tang give me the honor of sharing a meal together?"

"I'm sorry, but I'll have to give it a miss, Elder Fan..."

"Are you worried about your safety? I can guarantee that my people won't touch a hair on your body," Grandfather Fan promised. "If you prefer, we can chat in the car. Or you can choose whatever location you want."

Tangning sighed; the car wasn't a good place for a chat. So, she suggested to go to a nearby cafe.

Grandfather Fan did not object as he followed Tangning to a nearby cafe.

"Elder Fan, please go ahead and say what you want to say."

"I heard that you are already aware of what my hopeless grandson has done," Grandfather Fan sat up straight, finally feeling a little more relaxed. But, the intimidating look between his eyes was still terrifying.

"I'm not sure!" Tangning denied. "I've only heard things here and there."

"To be honest, I don't believe you. That's why I want to know how you plan to deal with this matter. Will you be making everything known to the public?"

"Elder Fan, this is my business."

Grandfather Fan tried his best to test how Tangning was feeling, unfortunately, Tangning kept her emotions well hidden.

It was impossible for outsiders to tell what she was thinking.

"Young woman, you are certainly difficult to reason with," Grandfather Fan smiled helplessly. "Although it's good to maintain your unique personality, it will put you at a disadvantage."

"You promised that you weren't going to hurt me."

"I may not hurt you, but it doesn't mean that I can't take you away with me."

As soon as Grandfather Fan said this, Tangning immediately stood up, "I am a public figure. My every move is under careful observation. If anything happens to me, do you think the Fan Family will escape unscathed?"

"Old man, let me be honest with you. If you and your grandson stopped coming to look for me, I would have already forgotten about your his lousy matter."

"Do you think I have a lot of free time?"

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