Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 975 - I Heard You Nearly Had A Miscarriage

Chapter 975: I Heard You Nearly Had A Miscarriage

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“Dad, I beg of you, you can’t let Lin Qian take Li Jin away…” Han Xiao kneeled on the floor and begged her father.

“The matter is already beyond your control.”

“Dad, if you return Li Jin to the Li Family and he wakes up, I am going to be sent to the military court…because…I created Li Jin’s accident,” Han Xiao had no choice but to reveal the truth. It turned out, she hadn’t actually saved him – she was the one that hurt him to begin with.

Father Han was shocked.

He never expected this to be the truth.

“Dad, if I had another choice, do you think I would have done this?” Han Xiao sat on the floor.

Father Han stared helplessly at the ceiling. In the end, he gave in to Han Xiao’s pressures. After all, he only had this one daughter.

“I won’t hand Li Jin over, but you can’t let him appear in front of the Li Family ever again. He either dies…or he forgets everything that happened.”

Han Xiao froze in surprise. She never thought that she’d ruin things for Li Jin to this extent…

Meanwhile, Lin Qian and Han Yu realized that they had been waiting a while and still hadn’t seen Father Han return. So, they looked at each other and understood roughly what was happening.

Something must have gone wrong. Otherwise, carrying a person out shouldn’t take that long.

However, just as Han Yu was about to question the housekeeper, Father Han suddenly rushed back out and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Constable Han and Miss Lin, Li Jin was originally in my house, but he must have woken up and left without saying a word. I can’t find him anywhere in the house…”

“How did a seriously injured person manage to leave without you knowing?” Han Yu obviously didn’t believe him.

“Constable Han, I know you don’t believe me. You’re welcome to search the house if you want to,” Father Han offered. “I’m telling the truth. Li Jin’s injuries weren’t light, I don’t want him to get hurt either. Let’s go outside and search for him. Maybe we’ll find a clue.”

“Even if I have to perform a search, I’ll first do a thorough search of this house…”

“OK, the housekeeper will help you. The rest of us will start searching outside,” Father Han acted like he didn’t know a thing.

If Han Yu wasn’t experienced with people and their lies, he may have actually been fooled by the Han Family.

So, after Father Han stepped out of the house, Han Yu applied a thorough search to the house. In fact, the police searched through every single nook and cranny.


“That old fox must have made arrangements to hide him in a different place,” Han Yu said to Lin Qian. “Sometimes, people may not necessarily have to leave through the front door. Even a ladder next to a window could be sufficient to carry a person out.”

After hearing this, tears began to roll out from Lin Qian’s eyes.

“Just because Han Xiao wants Li Jin, why must she torment him in this way?”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to ask the Han Family that,” Han Yu said as he patted Lin Qian on the shoulder. “Let’s do a search nearby. There’s still hope.”

As predicted, Li Jin was indeed carried out via the third floor bedroom window. At this moment, two tall strong man were carrying him deep into the suburbs.

However, while they were running, Li Jin was awoken by a painful tug on his injuries.

He opened his eyes to find two men placing him down on a grassy field like he was a dead corpse before they began to dig a hole in the ground. It seemed, they were planning to bury him alive. Li Jin tried his best to stay conscious, but he had no strength to move. He wanted to escape while the two men were occupied with digging, but he ended up being discovered.

The two men forcefully dragged him back. In his dizzy state, he thought that he would be saying goodbye to Lin Qian forever. However, at this moment, a loud cry echoed from the distance.

“What are you doing? Stop!”

The men were so frightened that they immediately ran away. Too ashamed to return to the Han Family, they quickly jumped into their car and decided to drive it straight off the cliff.

Meanwhile, over at the Han Family Home, Lin Qian and Han Yu ended up finding nothing. At this moment, Han Xiao stepped out into the living room from her bedroom.

Even at a time like this, she refused to admit defeat.

“Lin Qian, I already told you that Li Jin doesn’t want to see you. If he truly cared about you and knew that you had come looking for him, why would he run away?”

“Let me be honest with you. Li Jin already woke up a few hours ago and he had a long chat with me. He said that he was determined to divorce you.”

Lin Qian simply listened and did not reply.

“I heard you nearly had a miscarriage, it’s a shame that it didn’t happen.”

As soon as Han Yu heard this, he grabbed onto Han Xiao’s chin and​ warned, “You will eventually end up in my hands. When that time comes, I won’t show you any mercy.”

Lin Qian’s face turned pale. Just as she was about to argue back, she suddenly received a phone call from an anonymous number.

“Hello, is this Mrs. Li? This is the military hospital. A kind-hearted person brought your husband here a moment ago. We are currently giving him emergency treatment. His vitals seem normal at this point. If it’s convenient for you, can you please come here right away.”

As soon as Lin Qian was done with the phone call, she hung up and said to Han Yu, “Constable Han, my mother has fainted. I need to go see her…”

“Since we haven’t found who we were looking for, I guess we will retreat for now,” Constable Han nodded.

However, just before she left, Lin Qian glared menacingly at Han Xiao like she was going to swallow her alive.

“If anything happens to Li Jin, I’m going to make your life a living hell.”

After speaking, Lin Qian and Han Yu left the Han Family Home together.

Only after they had gotten a fair distance away did Lin Qian say to Han Yu, “Constable Han, the phone call I just received was to notify me that Li Jin is at the military hospital.”

Han Yu smiled after hearing the news, “No wonder you were in a rush to leave. Li Jin, the rascal, sure has luck on his side.”

Afterwards, Lin Qian rushed over to the hospital like an arrow. After finding out that Li Jin’s condition was stable, tears suddenly rolled from her eyes…

As Tang Yichen notified Tangning about Li Jin at the same time that the doctor notified Lin Qian, Tangning also arrived at the hospital.

“How is he right now?” Tangning asked Tang Yichen on behalf of Lin Qian.

“He suffered some serious external injuries, but luckily, nothing vital was damaged. He should recover with some rest. He is currently conscious.”

As soon as Lin Qian heard this, she immediately rushed into the hospital room and pounced onto Li Jin’s body.

Li Jin was awoken by the sudden movement. But, when he saw that it was Lin Qian, he immediately lifted his arm and gently caressed her on the back, “Qian Qian…”

As it had been a while since he talked, his voice was a little raspy.

However, Lin Qian didn’t care about this as she buried herself in his arms and cried.

“I’m sorry for scaring you again.”

“You didn’t just scare me. Do you know how difficult it was for me to take a single glance at you? Do you know that I almost went crazy trying to look for you?” Lin Qian sobbed as she tugged on Li Jin’s shirt before she fainted from the rush of emotions.

Li Jin immediately called the doctor in fear.

At this moment, Tangning and the others stepped inside. As soon as they saw the scene before them, Tangning said to Li Jin, “She’s pregnant. Don’t apply pressure to her stomach. Do you want to die?”

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