Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 974 - Demand For Them To Return Him

Chapter 974: Demand For Them To Return Him

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Meanwhile, Grandfather Fan was secretly keeping an eye on Tangning. As she was occupied with finding Li Jin, he assumed that she’d temporarily have her guard down towards President Fan. However, it didn’t mean that she didn’t know what his grandson was getting up to. So, he had to be careful in case she decided to chase him down after Li Jin’s matter was over.

After careful consideration, Grandfather Fan still decided that he should find a chance to invite Tangning to the Fan Family Home for a chat.

As Lin Qian couldn’t focus on what was happening in the entertainment industry, Tangning decided to hand Luo Yinghong to Long Jie temporarily.

Soon, the constable that Tang Yichen was familiar with, arrived at the hospital. He was a muscly man in his early 40’s that immediately looked upright at first glance. Most notably, his beautiful brown eyes emitted rays of righteousness.

“On the way here, Yichen already told me about your situation. The Han Family have your respective son and husband detained and are unwilling to let him go.”


“My surname is also Han, but a different Han (written differently in Chinese).”

Lin Qian nodded her head in understanding, “Constable Han, what should we do now?”

“Let’s go to the Han Family Home and demand for them to return him,” Constable Han said as he adjusted his hat. “But, I need you to put on an act.”

This man was called Han Yu, he was courageous, he despised evil and he hated people that used their background to bully people.

So, he was obviously getting involved with Li Jin’s matter.

“I haven’t been oblivious to the entertainment industry. From what I’ve seen, Superstar Media has created quite a stir and made a name for itself. I admire Tangning; she’s fierce and confident.”

Lin Qian never expected the officer to joke around about something like this.

“Constable Han, I simply want to know, if I head straight to the Han Family Home, what are my chances of getting back my husband?”

“If I ask for him, they will have to hand him over!”

A piercingly cold glare, similar to that of a cheetah’s, appeared in Han Yu’s eyes.

Late night. Han Family Home.

Han Xiao watched in a daze as Li Jin lay peacefully in his bed. Deep down, she knew she wasn’t dealing with the average person.

Not only was Lin Qian a determined person, the entire Superstar Media wasn’t easy to handle. Moreover, Superstar Media had a complex network of connections; an expert could be sent to attack the Han Family at anytime.

But, she really couldn’t hand Li Jin over to them.

She couldn’t allow him to wake up…

Even if it was a short moment of tenderness, she wanted to keep him all to herself.

Behind her, Father Han was furious, “His wife has almost flipped the hospital upside down, yet you’re still keeping him here in our house. Are you trying to embarrass me?”

“Dad, Li Jin is already here and news of our relationship has already started circulating. Are you willing to lose to someone that has nothing?”

“What’s the point of circulating this news? You will simply be called a pair of adulterers. Besides, Li Jin has been unconscious the entire time. Even if others believe the lie you’ve created, do you think I’d believe you?”

“Dad, I have no other choice. I’m not handing him over,” Han Xiao held onto Li Jin’s hand like she was possessed.

“Don’t assume that Lin Qian is helpless around you; she simply hasn’t used her contacts yet. Don’t forget that she was born into the Gu Family. Even if we put her family background aside, she still has Tangning backing her up. How much longer do you think you’d be able keep him hidden here?”

“Dad, I only have this one chance. If I miss it, I will never get the opportunity again,” Han Xiao turned around, knelt on the ground and grabbed onto her father’s hand.


Father Han brushed Han Xiao away. Deep down, he was angry that he had given birth to a daughter.

“You just wait for Lin Qian to appear at our front door.”

Father Han predicted that Lin Qian would show up soon, but he had no idea how she was going to show up.

Lin Qian had no evidence that Li Jin was at the Han Family Home, so she needed a plan to justify herself.

The next morning, Lin Qian was admitted to hospital and the doctor told her that she almost lost the child in her stomach.

Because of this, Lin Qian began to cry hysterically and called the police with the Li Family.

So, Han Yu ended up arriving at the Han Family Home with a team of police.

The group of people stood outside the front door with the weak Lin Qian and hospital records in hand.

Father Han may have been able to stop Lin Qian, but it was impossible for him to stop the police. Even though he was powerful, there was nothing he could do around someone like Han Yu.

“Constable Han, I’ve heard so much about you. May I ask what you are here for?”

Father Han amused the police with small talk, but he hated what his daughter was doing. Because of her, he had to force himself to smile at everyone.

“Old Han, you’ve been a man of military merit, so I won’t go around in circles with you. I am here because of this pregnant woman,” Han Yu pointed to Lin Qian. “I’ve already looked into the matter and plenty of people at the air force base have confirmed that Lin Qian’s husband, Li Jin, is being kept in your home.”


“Old Han, let me be honest with you, don’t lie to me, this young pregnant woman almost had a miscarriage because she couldn’t see her husband.”

“If the public hear of this matter, the Han Family’s going to be too ashamed to stay alive.”

“Is there anything worse than bullying a pregnant woman? Besides, you can’t continue lying to yourself in the long term. Since the police are already involved, it’s best you cooperate.”

Han Yu’s words placed a heavy load on Father Han’s shoulders. After all, he was claiming that he was bullying a pregnant woman.

Father Han’s face turned pale; he was embarrassed beyond words.

“Constable Han, please go easy on us. I will order someone to immediately carry Li Jin out.” Father Han knew that if they kept Li Jin at their home for any longer, he would bring disaster to them, sooner or later. “But, can you take into account that we saved Li Jin’s life and not pursue this matter any further?”

Han Yu looked at Lin Qian and Lin Qian nodded her head even though she didn’t want to. Because, right now, the most important thing was for her to see her husband.

“Of course.”

“Great, in that case, please wait a moment.”

After speaking, Father Han turned around and headed for Han Xiao’s bedroom. As soon as he stepped inside, he grabbed his daughter by the hair, “What a great daughter I have. Because of you, the police are here at my house. You’ve completely humiliated me!”

“Dad, please don’t hand Li Jin to them.”

“Li Jin is someone else’s husband and son, is he some kind of toy to you?” Father Han said before he turned to the maids and helpers, “Lock her up and carry Li Jin out. Let’s go!”

“Dad…don’t do this to me. This is my only hope. Please!”

“Doesn’t Lin Qian and her child need hope? I’ve honestly wasted my efforts on you. This humiliation will serve as a lesson for me. If you continue to resist, you can leave the Han Family! I’ll pretend that I never gave birth to you!”

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