Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 973 - Where Are You?

Chapter 973: Where Are You?

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Lin Qian sat outside the ICU, overcome with complex feelings. If she was a weak woman, Han Xiao’s plan may have actually worked. She may have already believed that Li Jin and Han Xiao were together and that Li Jin planned to sign their divorce papers without notifying her about it.

In this world, it wasn’t easy to maintain one’s belief in something. On the other hand, it was extremely easy to develop suspicions.

However, Han Xiao wasn’t dealing with a normal woman – she was dealing with Lin Qian.

Lin Qian sat outside the ICU for quite some time, but there was no news from inside. The four bodyguards sent by Tangning had already arrived and Mother Li was there as well.

So, Mother Li grabbed onto one of the nurses and questioned her, but the nurse simply replied that it was outside of visiting hours and that it wouldn’t be convenient for them to visit him because he was seriously injured and still unconscious.

“What kind of rubbish hospital wouldn’t let a person’s own mother visit them?!”

“Mom, this is the Han Family’s hospital,” Lin Qian replied. “We need to do as they say for now.”

“But Qian Qian, does that mean we will continue to be restricted like this? How shameless of them to blackmail someone with a life…” Mother Li scoffed. Although she was grateful that the Han Family saved her son, to see them treat him like this, made her feel as though not saving him was better.

“Let’s keep waiting a little longer,” Lin Qian comforted.

Mother Li took a deep breath; she had never felt this hopeless before. If she wanted to see her own son, did she have to go through the Han Family’s approval?

“Karma will eventually come around.”

Like this, the entire family ended up sitting in the VIP waiting lounge for an entire day. Finally, they reached the night time visiting hours. Mother Li grabbed onto an ICU medical staff again, but the staff said impatiently to Mother Li, “I’ve said it before, Mr Li’s current condition is not suitable for visitors. Do you want your son to live?”

“I am his mother. I demand to see his hospital records,” Mother Li shook in anger.

“Looking at the records doesn’t change the fact that Mr Li is seriously injured. Even if you demand to take him away, the hospital won’t approve of it because it involves a life.”

The Li Family could tell that this was all a part of the Han Family’s plan.

“Mom, don’t argue with them,” Lin Qian immediately stopped Mother Li.

The masked doctor thought that Lin Qian was coming to a compromise, so a smile appeared on his face. But, Lin Qian quickly added, “When the time asks for it, we will not hold back.”

“Let’s go, then!”

After hearing their conversation, the doctor was a little scared. Lin Qian was obviously not easy to deal with, plus, she pretty much belonged to the entertainment industry. If she wanted to create drama, it was extremely easy to do.

“Miss Lin, I am Mr. Li’s doctor. I think you should show me a bit of respect. After all, you still need my help to treat your husband.”

“If my husband knew that his wife was being mistreated in this way, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor like you. Let’s leave it here and stop talking nonsense.” After she was done speaking, Lin Qian and Mother Li turned and left.

“Qian Qian, what should we do now? We haven’t even laid our eyes on him once. Will we have to beg Han Xiao?”

Since they were on someone else’s territory, did it mean that they had to come to a compromise?

Lin Qian felt like she couldn’t wait anymore. Hence, she gave Tangning another phone call, “Ning Jie, I was wondering if your sister has the ability to transfer Li Jin out of this hospital.”

After hearing Lin Qian’s request, Tangning contemplated for a few seconds before she replied, “I’ll give Tang Yichen a phone call right away.”

“I’m really out of ideas.”

She had no power or authority.

“You still have me.”

The two women quickly hung up their phones and Tangning immediately called Tang Yichen. As soon as Tang Yichen heard what happened, she was furious, “My God, this hospital sure has the guts. How dare they privately detain a patient and not allow his family to see him? Why hasn’t the family made a complaint to the authorities?”

“It’s not that easy when the Han Family is involved.”

“Fine. I guess I’ll have to personally make a trip over there,” Tang Yichen replied. As a doctor, she understood how the industry worked and knew the best way to resolve this matter.

So, it didn’t take long before Tang Yichen arrived at the Han Family’s hospital. As soon as she saw Lin Qian, she raised her hand angrily, “There’s no need to say anything, Tangning’s already told me everything.”

“Then, I’ll leave it with you, Yichen Jie.”

“I can’t blame you guys for not knowing what to do. After all, the medical industry is like a well of deep water, just like the entertainment industry,” Tang Yichen sighed before she led Lin Qian to the ICU entrance. She then said to the nurse that greeted them, “Call Li Jin’s doctor out here to see me, otherwise, I will make a complaint straight to the authorities.”

As soon as the nurse saw the white military hospital cloak on Tang Yichen’s body, she immediately called for the doctor.

The doctor quickly hurried out. As soon as he saw Tang Yichen, he was a little stunned.

“Are you Li Jin’s doctor?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’ve never heard of a hospital that won’t allow its patient’s family members to know of their relative’s condition. On top of that, you’ve even made them wait outside. Would you believe it if I told you that I’m going to sue you for medical malpractice? I’m sure you know that I’ve already sued other hospitals before,” Tang Yichen faced off with the powerful presence of a skilled doctor.

At this time, she also spotted the other doctor’s name badge, “Also, I would like to ask what a paediatrics doctor is doing in the ICU?”

“I’m pretty sure Li Jin isn’t a child.”

Seeing Tang Yichen’s fierce approach, the doctor realized that she wasn’t easy to fool, so he began to stutter, “That…that…”

“Simply tell me if Li Jin is in the ICU.”

The doctor froze as his eyes widened in fear. By this time, Tang Yichen had already figured out what this doctor was thinking. So, she turned and said to Lin Qian, “It’s highly likely that Li Jin isn’t even in the ICU. The Han Family have created an illusion.”

“But, if he isn’t in the ICU, where could he be?”

“Just call the police, Lin Qian. At this point, only the police can give you an answer. The police and the military are separate from each other, and I just so happen to know a highly righteous constable. You can try to contact him.” After she was done speaking, Tang Yichen picked up her phone, made a phone call to her friend and explained the current situation.

“You guys wait at the hospital. He’ll be right here.”

“Thank you, Yichen Jie.”

Tang Yichen waved her hand and rushed back to the military hospital, feeling disappointed in the Han Family.

She never thought that there would be such thick-skinned and shameless people in this world.

Why would they detain someone else’s husband and not let him go?

Even Lin Qian hadn’t seen something so despicable in her life.

“Li Jin, where are you?” Lin Qian wondered.

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