Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 972 - Unless You Want To Go To Jail

Chapter 972: Unless You Want To Go To Jail

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As soon as Han Xiao heard this, she stretched out her arm and stopped Father Li, “Let me be honest with you, Uncle. Li Jin and I already agreed that if we walk out of this mission alive, we would be together.”

“The officials already know about this, that’s why they allowed Li Jin to stay here with the Han Family.”

“I know it’s hard for you to accept this, but he told me that he feels sorry towards his wife, Lin Qian, because he can’t give her a stable lifestyle. Rather than continuing on, he thought it would be best to end things with her swiftly.”

“That’s why there’s no reason why Li Jin can’t stay here.”

After Han Xiao was done talking, Father Li didn’t even get a chance to respond before Lin Qian threw a slap straight across the woman’s face, “I’ve never seen someone so proud to be a mistress. Miss Han, you’ve really opened my eyes.”

Han Xiao did not retaliate against the slap, instead she acted innocent, “I know it’s difficult for you to accept, so you can treat me however you want.”

“I know you’ve always wanted to replace me that’s why you created this string of lies. But, until I hear it from Li Jin himself, these words don’t hold any credibility.”

“I know he is still unconscious. Since he hasn’t woken up and told me to let the two of you be together, then it’s only reasonable for you to return him to the Li Family and back to my side.”

“Lin Qian, must you be truly hurt before you accept the truth?”

Lin Qian laughed as she looked at Han Xiao in ridicule, “Whether or not this is the truth, I am still leaving with Li Jin today. Even if you are telling the truth and the two of you want to be together, you won’t be able to do that for at least 8 months.”

“Unless…you want to go to jail.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“What I’m trying to say, is that I’m pregnant,” Lin Qian said as she pointed to her stomach. “That’s why, no matter how much the two of you are in love, Li Jin will have to return to my side. I’m not afraid of blowing the situation up. Let’s see how you recover from it.”

Han Xiao never expected that Lin Qian would be pregnant at a time like this.

“Impossible. You’re lying. This can’t be possible.”

“Li Jin and I are a married couple. Are we supposed to report to you everytime we spend time together? Since we’re married, isn’t it reasonable for me to fall pregnant?” Lin Qian asked as her lips curved upwards. “That’s why I won’t force you if you refuse to hand Li Jin over today. I’m not a part of the military, so I can’t compete against you in that aspect. But, don’t forget that I am in the entertainment industry. If you still want to keep your pride and continue living your life like normal, then it’s best that you hand him over. Otherwise…”

“…the entire Han Family will be humiliated because of you.”

“I don’t believe you’re pregnant. I don’t believe it!”

“It’s an easy thing to prove. I simply need to do an examination and the truth will be revealed,” Lin Qian said confidently. “You’ve tried time and time again to ruin my relationship with Li Jin. I let you off in the past, but I won’t let you off this time.”

“Because, I’ve realized that your character, does not match up to your identity.”

“Qian Qian, stop wasting your time on her. Let’s go do an examination right now and I’ll reveal the results to the officials. I doubt that they can continue turning a blind eye and ignore the fact that you are pregnant,” Father Li obviously wasn’t convinced by Han Xiao. He was happy to thank her for saving his son, but he would never consider replacing his daughter-in-law.

Why would anyone let Han Xiao marry into their family? Did they want to feel disgusted?

After hearing from Lin Qian and Father Li, Han Xiao clenched her fists angrily.

She wanted to continue fighting, but unfortunately, Lin Qian had Li Jin’s child in her stomach.

“Uncle, it’s not that I won’t let you take Li Jin away, but his injuries are so serious that it’s not a good idea to move him at this time. If he stays here, he will receive the best possible care,” Han Xiao tried to use a different excuse. “The two of you wouldn’t want to see him fail his recovery, right?”

This time, Han Xiao wasn’t lying. Li Jin was indeed seriously injured and not suitable for moving.

But, how was Father Li to watch helplessly as his son was left in the hands of someone else?

So, Father Li turned and looked at Lin Qian and Lin Qian replied, “Since Li Jin can’t be moved, then I shall stay here and take care of him. We don’t want people to spread rumors and ruin Miss Han’s image, right?”


“I may not be born into a fancy and rich family, but it doesn’t mean that I am easy to bully. Han Xiao, I’m sure with me around, there’s no way that Li Jin would take a second glance at you.”

There was nothing that Han Xiao could do. Legally, Lin Qian was Li Jin’s wife, and now, she was even pregnant. So, it was even harder for her to reject her.

“Aren’t you going to at least thank me for saving Li Jin?”

“If it wasn’t because you saved Li Jin, I would have already hired people to beat you up,” Lin Qian replied.

Seeing Lin Qian’s powerful response, Father Li praised her in his mind. She was a sharp thorn and not a fragile persimmon that could be easily crushed in one’s hand – this was how his daughter-in-law should be.

“Li Jin is currently in ICU and we are outside of visiting hours. Even though you are here, you can’t see him.”

“Visiting hours will eventually come around. I am currently pregnant, so I have plenty of spare time. I could even sit here and wait if I have to.”

There was nothing that Han Xiao could do. She simply stomped her feet, turned around and left. She was an almighty air force officer, yet she was helpless around a defenseless pregnant woman.

After Han Xiao left, Father Li immediately said to Lin Qian, “I can’t just watch you stay here on your own, so I’m going to stay here with you. I already gave your mother a phone call and she will be rushing over here as well. That way, you can watch over each other in case Han Xiao decides to play another trick.”

“Thank you, Dad,” Lin Qian nodded.

However, she wasn’t actually scared of anything. As long as she could see Li Jin, she had no fears.

Afterwards, Lin Qian gave Tangning a phone call and told her about the situation at the hospital. As soon as Tangning heard about the situation, she groaned, “This Han Xiao is meant to be quite a talent. How dare she risk her identity by trying to steal Li Jin from you?”

“She’s completely shameless.”

Tangning laughed on the other end of the phone, “To ensure your safety, I will be sending over four bodyguards. When up against someone like Han Xiao, you can never be too careful.”

“If she dares to try something on the child in your stomach, you will at least have the ability to fight back.”

“Thank you, Ning Jie.”

“You’ve already thanked me many times.”

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