Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 969 - Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless

Chapter 969: Tangning, You Sure Are Ruthless

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“For the sake of revenge, you’re actually willing to give up on your own wife and daughter. President Fan, you sure are ruthless…” Tangning sneered.

“I want to see how you plan to save Lin Qian!”

President Fan sounded proud, like he had already won, but Tangning was not flustered by it. Instead, she replied calmly, “Don’t overestimate yourself and underestimate others. Do you really think that I’m helpless towards you?”

“What else can you do? All you can do is talk.”

Tangning laughed before she handed her phone to President Fan’s wife.

President Fan’s wife hesitated at first, but after a minute of silence, she finally gathered her courage and spoke, “I never thought that you viewed mine and your daughter’s life so lightly.”

As soon as President Fan heard his wife’s voice, he was slightly flustered, but he did not admit defeat. “This is not the first day we’ve met. I can’t let others grab onto my weaknesses; I can’t have any weaknesses. From the day that you married me, you already knew this. Besides, you’re not my only woman and I don’t just have one daughter…”

“That’s enough…” President Fan’s wife yelled. “At the beginning, you desperately tried to pursue me because of my family background. Now that you are rich and successful, this is how you treat me.”

“Just like you expected, Tangning won’t do anything to me. This is because she’s not like you.”

“Hmmph, I knew it…” After speaking, President Fan tried to hang up the phone, but his wife suddenly said something disappointedly that made President Fan’s heart pound in fear.

“Your daughter and I will be returning to the US. But, before I do that, I will give evidence of your illegal dealings over the years to the police.”

President Fan froze, suddenly unsure of what to do. But, after calming down, he laughed, “How could you have any evidence? I’ve never done anything when you were around…”

“If you don’t believe me? May I ask how your last assistant died?”

As soon as President Fan heard this, he froze in fear.

“Did you think, after all these years, I didn’t prepare a way out for myself? You are a complete a*shole and I’m going to make you feel regretful for the rest of your life.”

After she was done speaking, President Fan’s wife handed the phone back to Tangning.

As she held the phone in her hand, Tangning asked President Fan, “What do you think? Are you planning to tell me Lin Qian’s location now?”

President Fan was so angry that he immediately flipped the table in front of him, “Tangning, if you dare to act recklessly, I definitely won’t let you go.”

“I don’t care about the despicable things you’ve done in the past, I simply want to know where Lin Qian is. As for your wife and daughter, I will help send them directly back to the US.”

“That sl*t has already headed into the gorge. You can go look for her yourself,” President Fan said cruelly. “Tangning…you sure are ruthless.”

After speaking, President Fan hung up the phone.

Tangning put away her phone and turned to look at President Fan’s wife and daughter, “Are you sure you’ll be fine if I send you to the US?”

“As soon as I step foot in the US, I will be in my family’s territory and he won’t be able to hurt me anymore. He won’t be in the mood to cause you trouble either because he’ll be focused on dealing with me from now on.”

“OK,” Tangning looked at the mother and daughter as she thought about all the evil deeds that President Fan had done. Everything he had done would perhaps be enough to send him down to the depths of hell.

Did he actually think that he could continue causing trouble?

From President Fan’s words, Tangning gathered that he had lured Lin Qian to a dangerous location, but hadn’t actually done anything to her yet. Even so, simply placing a pregnant woman in a dangerous location was enough to be fatal.

So, Tangning immediately called Lu Che. By this time, Lu Che had roughly figured out the direction that Lin Qian had gone after an entire night of searching. However, the locals all told him that barely any people had ever walked out of the depths of the gorge alive and that people rarely went in there because it was so dangerous.

Lu Che immediately contacted the local police and began a search in hopes that they weren’t too late.

As Lin Qian and Ningxiang walked together, Ningxiang still had the feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Miss Lin, it’s not that I want to be pessimistic, but there’s something I want to clarify with you.”

Lin Qian looked at Ningxiang and nodded her head, “Go ahead, tell me what it is.”

“The two brothers last night claimed that they were shepherds, but I couldn’t find the smell of sheep on either of them. Plus, their skin was too fine and soft to be farmers. Above all, the older brother claimed that he saw a soldier run into the depths of the gorge, but it didn’t make sense for someone that’s fighting for survival to run deeper into the wild. An average person may have gone the wrong way, but he’s in the military and the air force. He should have a good sense of direction and be familiar with the geography here.”

“Are you saying that they have other intentions?” Lin Qian deciphered. “I actually thought the same thing after a night of thinking, but I wanted to believe that there was still hope before me. I wanted to see if the brothers would chase after us, but I also wanted to lie to myself.”

“At least we stopped in time.”

“Let’s turn back, then.”

“Huh?” Ningxiang thought she was hearing things.

“You heard right. I said to turn back. My husband is a righteous man who is willing to lay his life for the country. If I insist on going ahead and accidentally hurt you, then I would be going against his beliefs. Even if I end up finding him, he won’t forgive me.”

“Besides, you’re right, he’s not the kind of person that would wander deeper into the gorge. Let’s go back and look for other clues.”

“It seems, you’ve still got your logic,” Ningxiang laughed. “I thought…”

“I will not stop my search because I have a feeling he is still alive.”

“In that case, what do you plan to do to the two brothers?”

“Let’s return to the village first and we’ll draft up a new plan,” Lin Qian replied.


The brothers thought they had succeeded, so they quickly reported to President Fan. However, they received nothing as a reward because President Fan was stressing over how to keep his wife and daughter in Beijing instead.

Unable to think of a solution, President Fan ended up calling his grandfather. But, his grandfather simply yelled at him after hearing what had happened, “You idiot! You made a huge loss because you were focused on something little. Let’s see how you pull out of this one!”

“Grandfather! You need to help me! Otherwise, I’m over!”

“How are you supposed to compete against the power of the Mo Family and Tang Family in Beijing? If you continue to blow up this situation, you will be the only one that suffers in the end. It’s time to stop!”

“But, I’m not sure if Tangning knows something. I’m wondering if…”

“Rubbish! Don’t even think about it. Don’t you know Tangning’s level of influence in Beijing? How dare you provoke her? A small argument may have been OK, but don’t create something bigger! Otherwise, Mo Ting is going to skin you alive…”

“Let entertainment matters end within the entertainment industry, don’t let it spread to other places where it can no longer be controlled. Above all, don’t get the police involved. How many incidences do you think you’ll be able to survive?”

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