Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 967 - If You Want Something, Then Tell Me

Chapter 967: If You Want Something, Then Tell Me

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Tangning told Lu Che that Lin Qian was missing and instructed him to locate her. But, Lin Qian didn’t want to be found because she knew her friends and family would only hold her back.

The only thing she wanted to do was to find Li Jin. Without Li Jin, her life meant nothing, even though she was pregnant.

So, Lu Che may have been well informed, but even he struggled to find the deliberately hiding Lin Qian.

“Madam, I don’t think we will find Lin Qian in the short term. What should we do now?”

“In that case, let’s find out the location of Li Jin’s plane crash. I’m sure she will be headed there,” Tangning instructed.

“OK, I’ll go do that right now, Madam.”

Lin Qian did not want to be found, so she disguised as a backpacker and headed up the trail to where Li Jin’s plane crashed.

It had crashed inside a gorge, just outside a quiet sightseeing town, but the gorge had been practically overrun with soldiers, yet there was still no sign of Li Jin.

It’s not that Lin Qian didn’t trust in the search efforts of the military, but no one understood Li Jin better than she did. Because of this understanding, she knew that even if he left the smallest hint of where he was, she would be able to find him.

But, she had no idea that President Fan had sent some people to follow her and these people were staying in the same hostel as she was.

“What is that woman planning to do here on her own?”

“Who knows? She’s even cut all contact with the outside world…”

“In that case, when should we make a move?”

The two men were staying in a room opposite Lin Qian. As they discussed their next move, they were confused by Lin Qian’s decision to come to such a small village.

“Let’s just wait and see what this pregnant lady plans to do. If we’re lucky, we might not be required to do a thing.”

“OK, let’s follow her tomorrow and see…”

Lin Qian planned to enter the gorge early the next morning. So, she decided to discuss the route with the owner of the hostel.

“Miss, you’re here because of the recent plane crash, aren’t you?” the owner had heard about what happened and noticed that 80-90% of those flocking into the gorge lately were somehow related to the accident.

“The person in the plane crash…was my husband,” Lin Qian sobbed as she looked at the owner. “So, if you know anything, please let me know.”

“Oh, you poor thing…” the owner said as he shook his head. “Miss, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but when it comes to the military, everything we know are just rumors. No one has actually seen anything with their own eyes.”

Lin Qian lowered her head with disappointment.

“If you really want to head into the gorge, I can tell my daughter to take you,” the owner said as he pointed to a young woman behind the reception desk. “She may be a woman, but she’s attended martial arts school in the past to protect this hostel. After you enter the gorge, you will at least have each other.”

“OK, thank you.”

As a result, Lin Qian and the hostel owner’s daughter headed into the gorge the next morning. Meanwhile, the men sent by President Fan asked around and were finally 80% certain that Lin Qian was here to look for her husband.

They quickly passed on the information to President Fan and President Fan laughed as soon as he heard it.

“If Lin Qian is there because of her husband, you guys should disguise as villagers and lure her to a dangerous spot in the gorge by telling her that you heard her husband might be there.”

“Afterwards, contact Tangning and tell her about it.”

“But, she’s pregnant…”

“Are you showing sympathy to the pregnant? Why haven’t you shown any sympathy to my losses? Stop wasting my time. Go do as you’re told.”

As they were President Fan’s subordinates, the men could not disobey his orders. So, even though they didn’t want to do it, they still did as told.

Therefore, the two men quickly headed into the gorge and tried to get ahead of Lin Qian. After researching the most dangerous spot in the gorge, they dressed as villagers and waited for Lin Qian to take their bait.

Meanwhile, Lu Che did a thorough search of the village and located the hostel where Lin Qian stayed. Unfortunately, Lin Qian had already headed into the gorge.

As soon as the hostel owner met Lu Che and heard that he was looking for Lin Qian, he immediately asked, “Are you also here​ to protect that young woman?”

“What do you mean? Wasn’t she here on her own?”

“No, there were two men following her. They stayed in the room opposite her, so I thought they were here to protect her. But, from the looks of it, that may not be the case. It seems they may have been stalking her.”

“Where did they go?”

“As soon as the young woman left, the two men followed her into the gorge,” the owner replied.

As Lin Qian was already far ahead, Lu Che couldn’t possibly confirm her safety. Hence, he gave Tangning a phone call to determine what he should do.

As soon as Tangning heard from Lu Che, she fell into deep thought. She couldn’t figure out who the men trailing Lin Qian were and what their motive would be.

“Look at the hostel’s surveillance footage and identify the two men first.”

Lu Che spent some time investigating the two men and finally confirmed who they worked for. So, he immediately called Tangning.

“Madam, those two men belong to President Fan.”

“President Fan?” Tangning was a little surprised. She couldn’t believe that after so many months, President Fan had still not given up. “What else is he trying to do?’

“I never thought that President Fan would hold such deep grudges…”

“Lu Che, take some people with you to go after Lin Qian. I will contact President Fan and see what he wants.” Lin Qian was already in a tough situation, if President Fan added to her troubles, would Lin Qian end up like Li Jin…and not return as well?

With this thought, Tangning immediately called President Fan.

On the other end of the phone, President Fan answered lazily, “Oh, Hai Rui doesn’t slack off at all. You found out about this so quickly…”

“If you want something, then tell me,” Tangning said straightforwardly. “Don’t try to hurt Lin Qian. If she loses even a hair on her body, I will send your entire family to the grave.”

“Pfft…listen to yourself, do you think I’d be afraid of you?”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I simply want you to suffer…As we’re speaking, my men have already lured Lin Qian to the most dangerous part of the gorge. How about this, Tangning, if you’re willing to rush over there on your own, I can tell you where she is,” President Fan teased with the assumption that he had grabbed onto Tangning’s weakness. “What do you think?”

“It doesn’t seem like you can even if you want to. After all, President Mo would never allow it.”

“But…if you don’t go, Lin Qian will…”

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