Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 965 - Your Man's Acting Is Honestly Not Bad

Chapter 965: Your Man’s Acting Is Honestly Not Bad

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As soon as everyone heard about President Fan’s matter and the ‘attention’ Mo Ting was giving him, President Fan’s situation suddenly became a little awkward. After all, people in the industry often chased after benefits and avoided losses, so keeping their distance from danger was a normal response.

As a result, President Fan made quite a monetary loss.

Even ‘The Pirate Doctor’ suffered after an investor pulled out without a word of warning.

And all this, was thanks to Tangning.

After all, President Fan knew better than anyone that the show put on at Qiao Sen’s memorial service was organized by Tangning herself. Which meant, Tangning had made him take on the blame for something he didn’t do, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Because of this, President Fan traveled to a remote mountain village to look for his retired grandfather. Every generation of the Fan Family had connections with the underworld, so his grandfather retreated to the mountains to hide from his enemies.

Although President Fan appeared to be simply paying his grandfather a visit, he was actually there to learn a few things about dealing with people.

“After hearing you talk about this woman, she sounds quite daring and resolute. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be helpless around her.”

“Grandfather, she is Mo Ting’s woman. You must have heard that Mo Ting is a ruthless and heartless person. If she didn’t have Mo Ting’s protection, I would have shredded her into a million pieces already,” President Fan said as he tipped the old man some tea. “That’s why I hope to get some advice from you.”

The old man looked at President Fan and scoffed. But, he still loved his grandson, so he replied, “You mentioned that this woman is a loyal and righteous person. People like that often have one weakness and that is the people around her. She may not be easy to deal with and Mo Ting may not be easy to deal with either, but what about everyone else?”

“Don’t tell me you can’t handle the people beside her?”

Luo Sheng had a direct connection with ‘The Pirate Doctor’, therefore President Fan couldn’t touch him or he’d be too obvious. So, out of the remaining people around Tangning, Lin Qian was the weakest link.

Lin Qian was apparently the daughter of the Gu Family, but she had yet to truly reunite with her family. Moreover, she married a general who was barely at home. So, it seemed, making a move on her was probably the easiest.

“Old people are indeed wiser.”

“It’s best you lay low for a while and observe the situation. Everyone is still hyped up because of the recent drama, so your enemy will definitely be cautious of you. If you make a move now, you will be digging your own grave.”

“So, calm down, endure for a while and wait for the right timing.”

President Fan nodded his head. The older generation indeed had a clearer mind.

“It doesn’t matter if you make a small loss, you will eventually find the chance to get it back. Let her enjoy her advantage for now. When she relaxes and lets her guard down, that’s when you strike. When that time comes, she will be completely unprepared to fight back.”

The old man’s words were valuable and everything he said was well thought out. So, President Fan decided to keep a low profile for a while because it wasn’t suitable for him to appear in the public eye.

He was going to see how far Tangning would go.

As a result, no one saw President Fan attempt any PR or try to suck up to Tangning. Instead, he appeared to have given up.

Although everyone was criticizing him, as long as he didn’t look at the news, nothing mattered to him. As for money, he could make a loss today and also earn it back in the future. But, no matter what, one thing was certain, he was not going to let Tangning live a happy life.

“I heard that President Fan was very cooperative with the police. It doesn’t suit him at all. Has he suddenly woken up?” Long Jie was contemptuous towards the jerk. “Luo Sheng simply rejected his drama. Was there any need to go this far?”

“It’s because of everything that happened afterwards and the vented up hatred.”

“Luckily, the public does not have high hopes for ‘The Ant Queen’, so President Fan does not see it as a threat. Otherwise, I’m sure he would have found a way to ruin it by now. This is certainly a blessing in disguise.”

But, Tangning did not let her guard down. Although she made President Fan suffer a huge loss, she wasn’t naive enough to think that President Fan would actually give up after that. Instead, she had to be extra careful.

The public had their attention focused on the incident with President Fan. At the same time, they also took note of the conflict between Tangning and the media.

It was obvious that she now despised seeing the media.

But, if she despised them so much, why was she still in the entertainment industry?

Was her firm and unyielding character all an act?

She looked down upon the media, but she still required them…

Tangning was aware that many people thought this and criticized her for it, but she pretended as though she didn’t see a thing and turned deaf ears towards them.

She had too many things that she cared about and wanted to change. Every level in the industry had its own competition and schemes, and profits was what brought them all together.

Seeing the complex look on Tangning’s face, Long Jie reminded, “You’re currently pregnant, that’s why your mind is overactive. Tangning, it’s already been a long time since you debuted, haven’t you learnt by now that there are some things you can’t change on your own?”

“Just go ahead and do what you want to do. Don’t worry about anything else.”

“Everyone’s gritting their teeth, but the final result will definitely be shocking.”

Tangning nodded and suddenly questioned whether she still loved her career?

The answer was yes. Otherwise, she would not be able to persist with the production of ‘The Ant Queen’.

Why was it that she could ignore what others thought before, but she now cared about their opinions?

With this thought, Tangning looked at Long Jie and smiled, “I understand..You should go home and get some rest.”

However, to her surprise, President Fan did not come looking for trouble again.

Meanwhile, Luo Sheng became known as an actor with a conscience because of his decision to reject ‘The Pirate Doctor’ and everyone praised him as a person with a strong moral foundation. As a result, it helped him a lot when he tried to secure more jobs.

At least, the public was certain that he was an actor that never filmed bad films!

Soon, Tangning arrived on the set of ‘The Ant Queen’ to check if An Zihao needed any help. But, just like Qiao Sen, An Zihao was completely immersed into the world of the sci-fi film.

“I can suddenly understand why Qiao Sen was so excited by this film. It’s spectacular!”

“I currently have a lot of work on my hands, but don’t worry, since you were the one that left this with me, I will definitely put in my best efforts.”

“Thank you, Zihao,” Tangning thanked.

“Your man’s acting is honestly not bad.”

Tangning smiled at the sudden praise. There were only three months left until the completion of filming. Tangning originally thought it would take a while. But, with An Zihao rushing the progress around the clock, filming was completed after two and a half months!

It was during this night, when everyone was celebrating, that Lin Qian received a phone call from Mother Li…

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