Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 963 - Support Tangning!

Chapter 963: Support Tangning!

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“There are currently more important things waiting for you to do,” Mo Ting hinted.

Tangning also knew that if she didn’t take this opportunity to put an end to President Fan, he would continue to cause trouble.

So, after bidding farewell to Qiao Sen, she stepped out of the mourning hall with the rest of Superstar Media. As she had said before, she was only giving the culprit one hour.

As soon as the reporters saw her step out, they immediately rushed over to interview her. The fans that previously threw eggs at her, were practically all gone and the remaining few were forced to cooperate with the police.

“Miss Tang, I’m afraid you will also need to go to the police station to record a report,” the police officers said as they approached Tangning.

Tangning glanced at the officers and nodded her head, “I will try my best to cooperate, but before I head to the station, there’s one thing I would like to clarify. Can you give me ten minutes?”

The officers looked at each other and nodded helplessly, “OK, but hurry.”

Superstar Media’s people hurried over to the ‘fans’ that were now under control. Tangning, in particular, glared at them coldly.

“So, you’re not willing to reveal the instigator behind this entire incident? If you guys don’t say anything, you will only end up at the police station. I will also sue each and every one of you. But, if you tell me the truth right now, I can guarantee that I won’t pursue this matter further.”

The fans that were under control were a few young women in their early 20’s.

At first, they did not plan to respond to Tangning. But, unfortunately, Tangning knew their weaknesses​.

“I know who it is…” a short-haired girl suddenly raised her hand and said. “I can tell you who it is, but can you guarantee that you won’t sue me?”

Tangning looked past the women in front of her and gazed at a woman at the back that had a mole on her nose and nodded her head, “I always do as I say.”

“Good. In that case, I admit that we accepted money from someone. But, there’s no point asking these women about the instigator because they don’t know anything. They were simply being used by someone.”

“How much do you know, then?” Tangning asked, “You know I don’t have much time.”

“You recently offended someone because of the incident with Luo Sheng. You had a few encounters, but this person received the shorter end of the stick, every single time. That’s why he wanted to get revenge on you. On top of that, he was also responsible for the negative comments online.” The young woman was skinny, but her eyes were lively.

“Are you talking about President Fan?” Luo Sheng suddenly stepped forward and asked. “Is this all because I refused to act in ‘The Pirate Doctor’?”

“Not just that. President Fan’s brother-in-law is supposed to be a director at Hai Rui, but I bet the public aren’t aware that he was recently kicked off the board. President Fan blames Tangning for this, so he has decided to get back at Tangning every chance he gets. This time, he wanted to use public opinion during Qiao Sen’s memorial service to attack her.”

“How do you know all this?” Tangning asked as the surrounding reporters began to grow interested.

The short-haired girl laughed and replied, “Because President Fan’s secretary, Brother Wei, knew that I was poor, so he asked me to partake in this scheme. He also promised to give me a good reward.”

“But, I need to clarify that I didn’t throw any eggs nor stones at you. I was, at most, only responsible for stirring up the crowd.”

“That’s all I know. What do you plan to do to me?”

“I will of course stick to what I’ve promised and not sue you,” Tangning replied. “But, I need to warn you that there are some people that you can’t afford to offend and that things don’t always go as planned.”

“To be honest, I was ‘tricked’ into coming here. If I had known that this was what I had to do to get money, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten involved.”

After speaking, the short-haired woman walked over to the police and offered to reveal everything honestly.

The group of fans were quickly taken away by the police as the reporters gathered around Tangning and stuck their microphones into her face.

“Tangning, can you express your thoughts regarding today’s violent incident?”

“Is President Fan the person that’s producing ‘The Pirate Doctor’?”

“Regarding President Fan’s attacks, how are you planning to strike back?”

As she looked into the sea of cameras, Tangning remained calm. Standing straight, she said to the reporters, “I never knew that President Fan was such a vengeful person. Just because Luo Sheng wouldn’t act in ‘The Pirate Doctor’, he actually got this angry?”

“I will definitely pursue this matter until the end. Otherwise, others will follow fit and think that I am easy to pick on.”

“Superstar Media will be officially filing a case against President Fan. If someone had gotten hurt because of him today, that would have been an unpardonable evil.”

“Competition in the industry has always been fierce, so why must he make everyone even more tired?”

“Please pay attention to Superstar Media’s follow up to this matter.” After Tangning was done speaking, Mo Ting protected her out of the memorial service and headed to the police station with the rest of Superstar Media.

Did Tangning mean that she would be fighting President Fan until the end?!

Soon, a video of Tangning’s experience outside the mourning hall, was quickly posted online. A violent act like this immediately triggered the anger of those that saw it.

“How could he attack someone when they’re in the middle of paying their last respects? That’s so despicable and shameless!”

“Eggs were bad enough. How could he include stones as well? Did he want to kill someone?”

“To be honest, President Fan may appear to be the boss of a film company, but he actually started off as a gangster. He’s the most shameless person in the industry because he holds the deepest personal grudges. So, his attack on Tangning came as no surprise. But, he was much too brave to have hired people to act as violent fans.”

“This is the work of a thug. I am determined to boycott ‘The Pirate Doctor’ and support Tangning!”

As President Fan sat in his office and looked at the comments online, a smile with deep meaning appeared on his face. This smile was because the short-haired woman wasn’t actually sent by him. His secretary had only met this woman not long ago. This meant, not only did he not hurt Tangning, it seemed, she had schemed against him instead.

He was exposed in public, the reporters spread the news, and the police were witnesses. Everything happened in broad daylight. He was in big trouble this time.

Why was Tangning so hard to deal with?

President Fan was at a disadvantage, but his crime was evident. Although he still had the option of denying everything, his reputation was already destroyed. It seemed, his only option was to invite an expert out from the shadows to deal with her.

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