Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 962 - Responding​ In An Equally Cruel Manner

Chapter 962: Responding​ In An Equally Cruel Manner

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The entire Superstar Media was to attend Qiao Sen’s memorial service.

While Lin Qian was preparing her outfit, Mother Li happened to pass by, so she walked into her daughter-in-law’s room and said, “The entire Superstar Media are a bunch of loyal and righteous people.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian smiled.

“Get some rest, Qian Qian.”

Lin Qian nodded her head. Afterwards, she gave Li Jin a phone call.

“I will wait for you in front of the house at 8am tomorrow. Let’s go together.”

Lin Qian had no objections towards Li Jin’s suggestion. Although he was at the military base and was unable to come home that night, he at least used every opportunity he could to stay by his wife’s side.

The next morning, as Lin Qian stepped out of the house, she saw her husband’s military car and immediately ran up to it.

“Let’s go. I’ll go send Qiao Sen off with you.”

Although Qiao Sen didn’t make much of a name for himself in the industry, any good friends that could make it to the memorial service, all turned up nice and early.

Plenty of reporters and fans waited at the entrance. Whenever a guest arrived, they simply followed procedures and greeted them, but their eyes were peeled for Superstar Media – for Tangning.

At this time, some actors hired by a particular person, snuck into the crowd with raw eggs and stones and awaited for Tangning’s arrival.

9am. The team from Superstar Media arrived, all dressed in black. As soon as the reporters saw Tangning, they began to snap photos like crazy.

The security immediately jumped into full alert, but they did not expect that some fans standing behind the reporters would suddenly pull out eggs and stones from their backpacks and throw it towards Tangning.

Of course, the security quickly blocked them and they all fell to the floor beside Tangning’s feet.


As soon as Tangning heard this, she stopped in her track and looked angrily towards the crowd of fans.

Mo Ting immediately shielded her. Initially, he wanted to take her straight into the mourning hall, but Tangning nudged him aside, gesturing that she wanted to resolve the matter on her own.

Mo Ting was a little worried, but he gave up in the end and supported Tangning by her side as everyone in Superstar Media walked towards the egg-throwing fans.

No one had ever seen a scene like this. Nor had they ever experienced the power of Superstar Media.

The reporters quickly cleared a path in fear so Tangning could approach the fans behind them.

Without hesitation, Tangning stepped forward and grabbed onto the hand of a woman that was buried deep inside a backpack and asked, “Who told you I’m a murderer?”

The fan froze in fear as she looked at Tangning.

“I think you need to pay for what you’ve said. What do you think?”

“I think you killed Qiao Sen…and Xu Xin…”

“Do you have any evidence?” Tangning asked. “What makes you so certain of this? Did you see it with your own eyes? And did you hear it with your own ears?”

“I saw it online…”

“Online?” Tangning emphasized as she glared coldly into the woman’s eyes. “You appear like an adult, but has all your studies gone down the drain? Why would you trust wrongly informed news like that? Are you mentally retarded? If not, I don’t understand why someone at your age can’t differentiate between right and wrong?”

“Did you know that if one of your stones hit someone here, you may have become what you hate the most – a murderer!”

“You…and all of you. Let me warn everyone present that if anyone dares to throw any eggs or stones my way, I will check the surveillance cameras and hunt you down. It seems, I can’t leave my house without using the law as a weapon.”

“I’m sure you can handle being sued for intentional infliction of bodily harm, right? If not, then too bad. According to the law, a crime like this is subject to up to two years imprisonment, criminal detention or police observation. Let’s see who’s retribution will come first.”

After speaking, Tangning turned around in a domineering manner. At this time, the frightened fan rushed out of the crowd and grabbed onto Tangning’s arm, “Don’t call the police on me, I did this because someone paid me to do it. I don’t know anything about your news, someone simply told me that I’d receive $1000 for throwing stones at you.”

After hearing this, everyone was shocked. Especially the reporters.

Tangning freed herself from the woman’s grip and asked, “Who was this person?”

“I’m not sure. All I know is, everyone calls him Brother Wei. I also heard him talking on the phone to a President Fan and saying that he will use today’s event to seek revenge on you.”

After hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh and said to the reporters, “Today is an important day for Qiao Sen. I will go pay my last respects and give the culprit one hour to turn himself in…If he doesn’t surrender himself within an hour, then don’t blame me for being heartless…”

No one expected that someone would use a method like this to go against Tangning.

In fact, the reporters were so distracted that they forgot to interview Tangning.

Remembering that they were at a memorial service, the reporters did not follow Tangning inside. Since she would be back out in an hour, the reporters waited patiently to watch a good show in an hour’s time.

But, before Tangning entered the mourning hall to see Qiao Sen’s body, she turned and said to Lu Che, “There’s something I need you to immediately help me with. We only have one hour.”

“Please tell me what I need to do.”

Since President Fan wanted to hurt her, she had no choice but to respond in an equally cruel manner, like a reciprocating gift.

So, after giving her instructions, Tangning entered the mourning hall.

As she looked at Qiao Sen’s​ body lying peacefully in his coffin, Tangning’s eyes immediately turned red.

“Qiao Sen, I will never forget everything you’ve done for ‘The Ant Queen’. Nor will I forget the days we fought together hand-in-hand. Don’t worry, even if I have to exhaust all my strength, I will make sure that ‘The Ant Queen’ gets released. I simply hope that I’ll do your passion justice.”

“Superstar Media will take care of your family on your behalf.”

“Goodbye, my friend. I hope you will be free from suffering now that you are in heaven.”

Tangning stood beside the coffin as she bid Qiao Sen farewell. The man that had dedicated his entire life to his passion for sci-fi had left this world, but he looked at peace.

Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning’s shoulder and helped her wipe away her tears As he tucked a loose hair behind her ear, he comforted, “Goodbye is inevitable. I’m sure Qiao Sen can sense your determination.”

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