Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 960 - I'm Used To Spoiling My Artists

Chapter 960: I’m Used To Spoiling My Artists

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“Since President Mo is sitting here in front of me, I’m going to risk being condemned by everyone and ask a few brave questions. Firstly, why are you sitting here instead of Tangning? Is it because Tangning is afraid?”

As soon as the host asked this question, everyone was shocked. Was this host being too brave? How could she ask something like this?

People that were watching from behind their television screens began to feel nervous. The host was obviously asking for trouble.

But, the host felt as though Mo Ting had forced her to do this…

Mo Ting glanced at the host and replied, “It’s because she is my artist and I’m used to spoiling my artists. Actually, I would like to see why the comments online are all directed at my artist and not at me.”

The host was stuck for words. Who would dare to insult the Big Boss?

“In regards to whether she’s afraid, all I can say is, with me as her manager, she could even take a star from the sky if she wanted to…”

This was meant to be a tricky question that made everyone sweat on behalf of Mo Ting, but after hearing his response, it ended up being a public display of affection.

Simply put, Mo Ting was telling everyone that he was the one that spoiled his artist, so he wanted to know why they weren’t targeting him?

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, including the host. She was afraid of Mo Ting because she knew how powerful he was and was afraid that he’d get angry at her. But, her worries were obviously unnecessary.

“The next question is regarding Qiao Sen. Could you please explain the cause of Qiao Sen’s death?”

“Hasn’t the hospital already provided a death certificate? He died because of a brain hemorrhage,” Mo Ting replied with seriousness.

The host was once again stuck for words. Couldn’t the Big Boss not play word games?

“In that case, does it have anything to do with Tangning?”

“Yes,” Mo Ting replied straightforwardly.

“Would you like to explain?”

In other words, why wasn’t he using this opportunity to clear Tangning’s name?

Mo Ting shook his head, “Life and death is something that everyone experiences. Tangning is heartbroken because Qiao Sen was an extremely important friend. But, apart from that, I have nothing else to say.”

“So, you don’t plan to respond to the discussions online?”

“My presence here is already a response. However, I will not be responding with words. If you think you’ve got enough evidence and want to get justice for the dead, Hai Rui welcomes all lawsuits. Otherwise, you can reveal what you know to the public.”

“What about the doubts and complaints regarding Tangning’s sci-fi film? Do you also believe that she’s wasting her time on something pointless?” the host began to push her limits because she no longer felt so scared of Mo Ting.

Although he was ruthless, he knew what was right and wrong.

So, after hearing the host’s question, Mo Ting thought for a moment and replied, “I am always the first person to know what she’s doing, as well as what she’s planning on doing.”

“The fact that I haven’t stopped her means that I approve of her decision and support it.”

“If someone had once told me that turning Hai Rui into a multinational company was a crazy dream and I believed them, then we would not have the Hai Rui that we see today.”

“There are some things that one may be afraid to do, but it doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t have the guts to try.”

“Just because you can’t handle public opinion, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t.”

“I hate people that are too afraid to do certain things, but when someone else does it, they just sit around and complain. I don’t understand what the meaning of their existence is.”

“What my wife is currently doing may not be successful and may not be right, but she will always reach for her dreams and shoulder the consequences of possible failure. So, why should I stop her?”

“Of course, if you insist that what she’s doing is pointless, we are happy to accept that opinion.”

After hearing this response, the host began to cheer for the Big Boss in her heart.

She also began to admire Tangning for meeting a man like this. Because, right off the bat, he threw the responsibilty onto himself by saying that he approved of Tangning’s decision before he then threw in his counterattack.

As the Big Boss of the entertainment industry, he deserved full marks for his ability to redirect attention.

The host felt truly convinced by Mo Ting’s responses. He answered flawlessly and rationally, not leaving anyone with any reason to complain.

He made his standpoint clear; he did not care about responding to those that were slandering Tangning and creating rumors. His reaction showed that Qiao Sen’s death was simple and not as complicated as everyone thought it was.

“There are rumors that Hai Rui put in a lot of effort to control public opinion. Has Hai Rui really done that?”

“If we tried to control public opinion, would Tangning still be criticized to this extent? You guys have underestimated Hai Rui’s abilities.”

“Some people have also said that Tangning could have quietly dealt with Qiao Sen’s death. So, why did she choose to make a public announcement? Is her motive simply to tell everyone that they will never understand her?”

“I’ve already mentioned earlier that Qiao Sen is an important friend to my wife. She is deeply saddened by his passing.”

“Qiao Sen has always loved sci-fi and has dreamed of filling the gap in this genre within the domestic market for many years. But, while he was alive, he never received any attention and respect.”

Mo Ting did not continue explaining further. The hidden meaning to his words was already obvious.

Tangning’s motive was to allow Qiao Sen to enjoy the respect and attention he deserved.

So, the host finally understood Tangning.

She was a smart person and she was willing to sacrifice anything for her friends.

“It’s not because of guilt?” the host followed up. This was perhaps the same question that a lot of people had on their minds.

But, Mo Ting shook his head and replied, “She doesn’t owe anyone anything.”

“But, a lot of people have been questioning Tangning’s existence because she never acts as expected. President Mo, what are your views on Tangning’s value to the industry?”

“Firstly, she is my wife; she is a piece of my soul.”

“Apart from that, she is not some kind of savior sent by God. She doesn’t need to take responsibility for anyone. She is free to do whatever she wants and doesn’t need to respond to any of the public’s opinions.”

“Because it’s not necessary.”

“Even if she was a savior, I would be the only person for her to save.”

The host nodded her head. It seemed, she had already asked all her trickiest questions.

“In that case, President Mo, can I ask something that’s slightly unrelated. As we can see, Tangning did not attend this interview today so you came on her behalf. Last time, she was also absent from the Fei Tian Awards so Lin Qian represented her. Is Tangning really unwell or does she have another reason for not appearing in public?”

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