Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 959 - When I Leave, I Hope To See You Leave As Well

Chapter 959: When I Leave, I Hope To See You Leave As Well



It had been a long time since Tangning last appeared on an interview because of personal reasons. Apart from making appearances because of her artists, she was even absent from the Fei Tian Awards. So, why would she accept an interview after Qiao Sen's incident?

Had she woken up to reality and realized that she needed to give an explanation?

The program started promoting like crazy because they knew that Tangning's appearance meant that viewership ratings would go through the roof. However, Mo Ting deliberately prevented Tangning from hearing about the program, hence she was still unaware of it.

In everyone's eyes, Tangning was a born rebel: she never did anything that catered to the audience and often made them quite angry.

Why did she always act different than expected?

Soon, it was 7pm. As usual, Tangning was feeding the kids milk and coaxing them to sleep. However, the little brat, Mo Zichen, refused to shut his eyes.

Tangning ignored him as she headed into the kitchen to tidy up some bowls and utensils. But, by the time she came back out, she spotted the little rascal had climbed onto the sofa by himself.

Tangning crossed her arms and leaned against the doorway. Just as she stretched her neck to see what the rascal was doing, she received a phone call from Long Jie.

"Tangning, you have an exclusive interview at 7:30pm."

"What do you mean?" Tangning couldn't understand what Long Jie was talking about.

"What I'm trying to say is, Boss has accepted an interview on your behalf at 7:30pm. It is a live broadcast. However, he never told you about it and has gone to the television channel on his own," Long Jie explained. "I mean, which husband could tolerate their wife being slandered to this extent?"

"Especially when he's someone like Boss."

"That's why you should stop thinking that there's nothing wrong with being scolded. You may not be hurt, but someone else is bound to be hurt because of you."

Tangning looked at the time and realized it was already 7:10pm. Even if she was to rush over now, she wouldn't be able to make it.

No wonder Mo Ting said he was busy today even though he never returned home late.

"Turn on the television and watch President Mo's handsome counterattack. It feels good to tell you about this after keeping it a secret for so many days."

After hearing this, Tangning couldn't help but laugh. It was indeed a challenge for Long Jie.

When it came to important matters, Long Jie always managed to remain calm, but when it came to her own people, it was difficult for her to keep secrets. So, it was a huge improvement for her to actually resist for a few days.

Soon, Tangning put down her phone and turned on the television. At this time, Mo Zichen crawled over to his mother and nestled his head into her armpit with an extremely cute expression...


7:11pm, on the set of a program at a particular television station, the director was furious at his staff.

"Where's Tangning? Why hasn't she arrived when the program's about to start?"

"We've already called Hai Rui to chase Tangning," the staff immediately explained.

"The entire world currently has their eyes on Tangning. You better stay focused. Everyone's already scolding her, so there's no need to be polite."

"Have you already sent the details of the interview to Tangning?"

"Yes," the staff replied quickly.

"Whatever, that's not important. We won't be asking those questions in today's interview anyway." After speaking, the director placed his hands on his hips and looked at the time anxiously, "She's still not here. Why is she putting on a front? If it wasn't because of Hai Rui, I would have told her to get lost already."

"She's obviously undeserving of her reputation..."

The staff listened without saying a word. After all, it was common for the director to be angry. Plus, they were all oppressed by his abuse of power. So, even though they heard him insult Tangning, they did not dare to reveal it to the outside world.


...just as one of the staff lifted his head and looked towards the entrance, his face turned pale in fear. Originally, he wanted to warn the director to watch what he was saying. Unfortunately, the more the director spoke, the more worked up he became.

"This won't do. Give her another call and tell her to hurry., don't worry. If she's not coming, then so be it. Let's see how I criticize her on national television."

"I'm waiting to see how you will do that," a charming and dangerous voice suddenly sounded from behind the director. The director turned around and his heart almost jumped out his chest at the sight of Mo Ting.

"Pr-President Mo..."

"Who did you say was undeserving of their reputation?" Mo Ting asked.

The director's back was immediately covered in sweat as his face turned pale.

"That was my mistake. I didn't watch what I was saying. I hope President Mo doesn't mind."

Mo Ting let out a laugh without saying a word, but his king-like presence almost made the director kneel in defeat. Because, there was a voice in his head that told him, his career as a director may have come to its end...

"Tonight, after the program is over and I leave, I hope to see you leave as well."

After saying this, Mo Ting turned to the other members of staff and said, "Tangning is unwell today so she won't be attending the interview. However, as her manager, I will handle the interview on her behalf."

"You guys are welcome to ask whatever questions you want under one condition, if any of the questions are from the list of questions you sent earlier, I will make you disappear from the industry. I heard that you guys like asking tricky questions. So, bring it on..."

No one expected Mo Ting to personally show up.

While Tangning was nowhere to be seen.

The staff were terrified, especially the host of the program. As she looked at Mo Ting, her script-holding hand began to tremble as sweat soaked her shirt.

7:30pm. The interview officially began.

As soon as everyone saw Mo Ting appear on their television screens, they were shocked. But, a moment later, they quickly accepted it.

They were both disappointed and not disappointed at the same time.

After all, whenever either of the Mo Couple appeared, they were guaranteed a good show because their answers were always brilliant.

And Mo Ting's appearance obviously meant that he was here to protect Tanging.

The host broke out in a sweat even though she tried her best to hide it. Her opening statement did not run smoothly either. This was perhaps the most stressful moment in her career. After all, the man sitting opposite her was none other than the Big Boss of the entertainment industry.

Plus, Mo Ting was famous for being difficult to deal with.

All programs were prepared in advance; even live broadcasts were no different. But, Mo Ting was really seated here and the host was not ready at all...

It was a practically improvised conversation.

But, the host was not allowed to ask any of the previously prepared questions...

After a few minutes of casual conversation, President Mo glared at the host, gesturing for her to get to the point.

Even the audience was getting impatient.

Sensing the taunts from the audience, the host finally let go and went all out...

After all, she wasn't guaranteed to keep her job anyway!

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