Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 44: Playing Her Cards in an Unexpected Way

Chapter 44: Playing Her Cards in an Unexpected Way

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[Mo Yurou Vs Tangning], [Trendy Goddess Battles It Out With Outdated Model], [Tangning and Mo Yurou Fight in the Same Frame]; these were all the hottest headlines Long Jie found online on the morning of the shoot. They of course knew, this was all Han Ruoxue's effort to boost Mo Yurou. The Internet Age had always been like this: only yesterday, Mo Yurou was still the mistress on everyone's lips, but today, the tramp had become a goddess - she was the perfect model in their eyes. This was the Entertainment Industry where no one could predict what would happen to them the next day.

However, there was no doubt, Tianyi was completely invested in Mo Yurou...

Before the magazine started their shoot, Mo Yurou's team had already arrived at the entrance of Secret's headquarters.

"For the sake of Mo Yurou, the jerk has given all he's got. I heard there will be an interview between the two of you before the shoot," Long Jie looked at the photos online unhappily. At the same time, she expressed her concerns, "Tangning, are you really not going to do anything? Look at Mo Yurou, she has 3 appearances a day, she interacts with her fans and she has a team to help her - she is being treated like an international superstar."

"She's out-shining some of the most famous international supermodels, it's normal for her to be treated like a superstar," Tangning sat in the car flipping through a previous edition of Secret's magazines. "Today, the two of you must learn how to compliment others and improve your manners."

"There's nothing to compliment about!" Long Jie didn't understand what Tangning had in mind. Meanwhile, Lin Wei had already caught on as she turned her head towards Long Jie and reminded her, "Have you forgotten what Tangning said last night?"

Long Jie thought for a moment before finally remembering, "Oh yes, let her overconfidence kill her."

This was a common trick used in the industry. Many management agencies used this method to teach their artists a lesson, especially the ones that were arrogant after gaining a little bit of fame. They would boost them to the top, make them and others believe they were on top of the world, then they would pull them down from their perch and let them realize, they were but a tiny speck in the world - small like an ant.

Since Mo Yurou wanted to be on top of the world so badly, they would let her be. Han Ruoxue had already made enough enemies for her...

Of course, everything Han Ruoxue did was to convince Mo Yurou she had no choice but to rely on Tianyi; it was a warning that once she became famous, she better not think about finding another company.

"For Mo Yurou, Han Ruoxue has really put in her all. Too bad Mo Yurou's ability can't support her ambitions."

"Whether she can continue to support her, we will have to see after the shoot," Tangning was calm as usual, this was her normal expression whenever she wasn't around Mo Ting - no one could ever tell what she was thinking. Her smile was a mask she wore to fight back against all the fakeness in the world.

Not long after, they arrived at the Secret Headquarters. Tangning was escorted to the waiting room that was prepared by the magazine - of course, this room was to be shared with Mo Yurou.

Secret's fashion stylist quickly measured Tangning's body whilst praising her pair of stunning legs. Afterwards, she handed Tangning a traditional Chinese dress, "With your personality, I feel like you suit clothing with lighter colours."

Tangning smiled, towards the stylist's suggestion, she had no comment.

Probably because they were from different professions they didn't think the same way, but Long Jie still couldn't help but cut in, "Our Tangning can handle any clothing you give her, she's not picky."

At this time, Mo Yurou entered the room accompanied by her assistant. Upon seeing Tangning sitting in front of the mirror, she stormed over to her fiercely. She had a proud expression on her face as she grabbed the lipstick in Tangning's hand and said, "Must be because you are too used to being a substitute with no choice in clothing, that's why you've forgotten how to be picky."

After speaking, Mo Yurou sauntered over to the clothing rack. Pointing to a few pieces of clothing, she faced the designer and said, "I want to try all these."

Mo Yurou was indeed good at picking clothes because she understood what complemented her body.

Whereas, Tangning indeed did not know how to pick clothes, because..she felt, she should be able to handle any clothing - it was what she was here to present. The fashion shows in the world weren't designed to suit one particular model and it was normal to not have time to check whether clothes suited a model before doing a show...

So, whatever one wears, they matter if it suits them or not.

Because of this understanding, Tangning had her own unique way of presenting all different kinds of clothing.

"Our Yurou isn't some outdated model. In this profession, wearing clothes is a serious matter, how can you be so casual about it?" Mo Yurou's assistant added.

"No matter what a mistress wears, isn't it just 'The Emperor's New Clothes*'? In the eyes of men, no matter what you wear, you are naked...what's the point of picking something nice to wear?"


"Yurou, don't be angry, it's not beneficial to your body" her assistant comforted. "The interview is about to start, let's go out and get ready..."

Tangning turned to face Lin Wei and Long Jie as she whispered, "We should go too."

The interview was scheduled for 9am, the current time was 8:40am. As it was going to be streamed live online, Han Yufan pulled the two aside to remind them, "In this kind of situation, you better think before you speak. I'm sure you both know what you should and shouldn't say. Especially you Tangning, control yourself, this is going to be streamed live. If you start up any negative discussions, we won't be able to handle the implications and I don't see how that could be beneficial to you."

"Regarding the topic of sharing a stage, you both better prepare an answer and place the focus on the magazine's front cover."

"No worries Yufan. I'm just not sure if someone has bad motives," Mo Yurou said as she hooked her arm around Han Yufan's.

"I will do my best," Tangning responded calmly. But, after the recent incidents, Han Yufan was a little scared to see Tangning's calmness...the more she hid her emotions, the more schemes she had hidden up her sleeve. He really wanted to know, at this moment, what Tangning was actually thinking.

"Yufan, let's go in..." Mo Yurou shook his arm, she couldn't stand watching Han Yufan stare at Tangning.

Han Yufan gave a look of warning to Tangning. If Tangning behaved today, in the future...when Mo Yurou made a comeback, he would consider giving her a chance.

The three of them entered the interview room, but only Tangning and Mo Yurou sat on the seats inside. Han Yufan stood quietly amongst the reporters. If Tangning made any flaws, from where he was standing, he could quickly jump in and control the situation...

But today, Tangning wasn't going to play her cards the way they expected.

Translators Notes:

*The Emperor's New Clothes (皇帝的新装) - A short story by Hans Christian Andersen about an emperor that was tricked by weavers into believing his new clothes were invisible to those that were unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent. In reality, he was actually naked and everyone was just too afraid to tell him. In the novel, Mo Yurou is pretty much being teased as appearing naked no matter what she wears.

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