Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 955 - Why Don't You Repay Me With Your Body?

Chapter 955: Why Don’t You Repay Me With Your Body?

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“When it comes to people that bully you and insult you, I will not show them an ounce of mercy,” Mo Ting replied. “I don’t think there is a reason to.”

“What if another shareholder does the same thing?”

Mo Ting gently patted Tangning on the head and transferred her strength through the warmth of his palms, “The matter has already passed, so there’s no point talking about it. You simply need to remember that I will protect you no matter what. That’s all you need to know.”

Ever since marrying this guy, Tangning had never doubted this point.

He even kicked a shareholder out of the board of directors this time…

“If you truly feel guilty, why don’t you…repay me with your body tonight?”

As soon as Tangning heard Mo Ting’s cheeky comment, she couldn’t help but laugh, “In future, if you come across an incident like this again, you can discuss it with me first. For you, I can endure anything, but I am also ready for battle at anytime. Don’t let something like today happen again, it’s not good for Hai Rui’s stability, OK?”

Tangning always took Mo Ting into consideration and was willing to compromise, no matter the situation. So, he couldn’t let her worry about him.

“I’ll do as you say.”

However, Mo Ting may have kicked Director Lin out of Hai Rui, but it didn’t mean that President Fan would give up. To be exact, he had found an excuse to act even more out of line. Especially since he felt that his brother-in-law’s dismissal from the board of directors was directly Tangning’s fault.

So, he gathered his resources and decided to attack Luo Sheng as a way of getting revenge on Tangning.

As a result, a large number of fake commenters began to appear online, criticizing Luo Sheng for snubbing ‘The Pirate Doctor’ and triggering a conflict between fans and the production. Especially fans of the novel.

Anyone that had ever been in the industry would know how complex these people were; they followed trends and were easy to manipulate.

By rejecting ‘The Pirate Doctor’, fans saw it as Luo Sheng denying the influence of the novel.

But, this was a famous piece of writing!

Furthermore, Luo Sheng was the first choice for male lead, so the actor that ended up getting the role was viewed as someone that simply took leftovers and this odd relationship naturally triggered a conflict between fans.

Luo Sheng was on his own, yet he had to tackle attacks and insults from all sides. This made Luo Sheng extremely helpless, even though it wasn’t the first time he had been thrown into a situation like this.

Tangning did not try to suppress this situation, she simply told Luo Sheng not to respond, “The problem with this book’s copyright is already a confirmed issue . The crew of ‘The Pirate Doctor’ are simply ignoring it and testing the law, you don’t need to be scared. Just do your own thing.”

“I heard from Long Jie that President Fan even implicated President Mo and caused them to hold a board meeting, is that right?” Luo Sheng asked Tangning. He was in a difficult position, but the person he cared about the most was not himself. After all, he had heard that President Fan’s family possessed some of Hai Rui’s shares.

“Mo Ting and I will handle this matter, all you need to do is prepare yourself for joining Hai Rui.”

As soon as he heard Tangning mention Hai Rui, Luo Sheng opened his mouth to respond, but he quickly swallowed back his words. Because, deep down, he knew that going to Hai Rui was the best way he could help Tangning.


“After you join Hai Rui, your manager will help you fight for the best resources. You won’t be required to negotiate on your own, like what you’ve been doing with me,” Tangning explained. “Trust me, Hai Rui is like heaven for an artist.”

Luo Sheng nodded his head submissively. He had long treated Tangning like an older sister, so he was more than willing to protect this family member.

But, he wasn’t strong enough yet. He had to become a top grade artist to have the right to voice his opinion and protect the people that he wanted to protect.

“I will never forget that Superstar Media gave me a second chance at life.”

Tangning smiled and patted Luo Sheng on the head.

He was a loyal and righteous young man.

Of course, even though Luo Sheng was transferred to Hai Rui, Hai Rui still did not ask him to clarify anything to the public. They simply let the public continue with their complaints while they planned out a similar path to what Tangning originally had in mind. After all, they were practically the same company.

“Luo Sheng, I know you miss Superstar Media and Tangning. But, you simply need to keep the gratefulness in your heart,” Luo Sheng’s new manager told Luo Sheng. “The board meeting this time caused quite a stir and the shareholders criticized Tangning for not following the conditions set out in her artists’ contracts by transferring them to Hai Rui. Although President Mo controlled the situation in the end, Hai Rui is still an international company, so they need to follow the rules. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” Luo Sheng nodded.

“Good. You’re currently being slandered, so don’t make a response. Take this opportunity to select a good script for yourself, instead.”

Because of his manager’s understanding, Luo Sheng let go of his worries and original thoughts.

“You mustn’t know the status that Tangning holds in Hai Rui. She is highly respected because she is brave enough to do things that others are too afraid to do and to offend those that others are too afraid to offend,” the manager smiled.

Soon, the filming of ‘The Pirate Doctor’ was to begin. All those that had high hopes for the IP hoped that Luo Sheng would feel regret after seeing the results.

But, Luo Sheng did not provide any response.

The next time that Luo Sheng ran into President Fan was at a cocktail party. At first, Luo Sheng had no intention of giving him any attention, but President Fan ended up stopping him in his track.

“I gave you face, but you didn’t take it. Now you know how it feels to be slandered.”

Luo Sheng held onto a glass of wine as he glared coldly at President Fan. He was so tempted to roll his eyes at the man.

“You don’t even have the courage to talk to me. What a f*cken animal! Your courage is as small as what you have downstairs.”

After hearing this insult, Luo Sheng finally looked into President Fan’s eyes. But, his manager suddenly approached and said, “Why are you talking to random people? Hurry over, Director Li has been asking about you.”

These words carried a huge sense of disdain towards President Fan, making him extremely unhappy.

“Oh, look, Tangning finally hired an assistant to warm your bed.”

“Open your eyes, you fat pig! I am a manager from Hai Rui,” the manager responded. “By the way, I heard that ‘The Pirate Doctor’ is about to start filming, but the original writer has already prepared evidence to sue you. I wish you the best of luck.”

After speaking, the manager dragged Luo Sheng away.

Of course, President Fan was merely all talk and no action, because he had to acknowledge that Luo Sheng was already a part of Hai Rui…

As for ‘The Pirate Doctor’, it was famous, but it obviously wasn’t written by one writer. It was likely that the author hired multiple writers to stitch together a story. Because of the huge profits, the writers felt their share of the money was too small and were already prepared to send the author to court…

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