Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 953 - My Authority Will Not Be Challenged

Chapter 953: My Authority Will Not Be Challenged

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After hearing Lu Che’s explanation, Tangning understood that the shareholders complaints had no affect on Mo Ting, but she still felt guilty and heartbroken that it had to happen.

Sometimes when one advanced to quickly, they would be so far ahead that they forget to look back at the person behind them.

So, Hai Rui’s board meeting was a huge wake-up call for Tangning.

Mo Ting spoiled her, so he gave Xing Lan’s contract back to her, but she couldn’t allow Mo Ting to get into an argument because of his love for her.

The shareholder today did not succeed, but he could still continue to hassle other shareholders. The human heart was hard to control. So, she needed to understand her boundaries.

Hence, after returning home, Tangning hid in the study room and contemplated quietly for two hours, until Mo Ting also returned.

“What’s wrong? How come you’re already sitting in the study room so early?”

Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting’s waist. A moment later, she pulled out Xing Lan and Luo Sheng’s contracts and placed them in front of him, “Since it’s clearly written in the contract, we should strictly abide by it. President Mo, this is only fair.”

After seeing the two contracts, Mo Ting finally understood what Tangning was doing.

“Did Lu Che tell you what happened?”

“No, it was President Fan that called to boast. He made me realize my bottom line,” Tangning replied honestly. But, as soon as she finished talking, Mo Ting unexpectedly pulled her into his arms.

“Those shareholders are just a bunch of clowns, don’t take it to heart.”

Tangning sighed and leaned into Mo Ting’s embrace, “I’ve thought about it carefully. When I hold high expectations for other people, I should be holding high expectations for myself as well. Only a mature approach like this is deserving of others’ respect. So, I’m not retreating because I’m afraid, but because it upsets me to see you being put in a difficult position.”

“I don’t want you to worry about dealing with these people. It’s not necessary.”

“Moreover, it is the truth that Superstar Media can’t protect its artists. Only Hai Rui can do that.”

Tangning had a high level of awareness and was extremely clear-headed. After all, she never formed Superstar Media for the sake of fame and fortune.

So, in the end, Mo Ting nodded his head, “There’s no need for explanations between us.”

Tangning never felt that there was anything wrong with being protected by Mo Ting. Whether it was due to submission or respect, everything she did was out of her own willingness.

She was willing to sacrifice and give.

However, this compromise, in President Fan’s eyes, made him assume that his brother-in-law’s influence was an effective weapon.

When in fact, external threats like this, never actually posed a threat against her. Her only weakness was Mo Ting.

Only Mo Ting, no other.

The shareholders were all pleased with Tangning’s decision to hand over her two contracts and allow Luo Sheng and Xing Lan to join Hai Rui. It clearly showed that Tangning was understanding and had no intention to rebel. So, the shareholders were initially quite impressed by Tangning’s approach. But, of course, ‘someone’ complained that she was putting on an act and was merely loosening the reins so she could tighten them again later.

Mo Ting did not say a word, but his gaze was deadly.

“If there was nothing wrong, why would she suddenly abide by the rules of the contract after we held a meeting?”

“Let’s put that aside for now. I think you are the biggest issue we should be addressing today,” Mo Ting’s voice resounded across the room. “What exactly are you trying to do?”

“President Mo, let me be honest. My motive is to shut down Superstar Media.”

This time, Mo Ting did not allow the man to continue talking as he turned and instructed Lu Che, “Go fetch the Madam from Superstar Media.”

“Right now?”

“Yes…” Mo Ting replied firmly. “Superstar Media is a proper company, so they should be present if we are talking about them.”

“Otherwise, will I have to put up with criticism like this at every single board meeting?”

The shareholders all fell quiet.

Mo Ting scanned his eyes across the room and glared at Director Lin, “As the CEO and newly appointed chairman of Hai Rui, my authority has been continually challenged. So, it will all end today.”

“Hai Rui is not welcome to those with ulterior motives.”

“After Tangning verifies everything that’s going on at Superstar Media, the board can decide whether Superstar Media stays out goes.”

After hearing this, Director Lin assumed that Mo Ting was surrendering, but he didn’t expect that Mo Ting had more to say.

“At the same time, we will also discuss whether Director Lin should be kicked out of the board of directors.”

Everyone was stunned as they glanced at Director Lin.

“President Mo, I am a shareholder. You have no right to do that.”

“Would you like to go home and check your contract to see if I have the right or not? Huh?” Mo Ting closed the documents in his hands as he questioned Director Lin coldly. “I’m sure you all understand how I am. I never hold back against those that have crossed my bottom line. Especially those that have continuously triggered my competitive side. If I was you, I would shut up and behave.”

Director Lin’s expression changed, unable to say a word.

“President Mo, considering all the years we’ve been working together, I’ll let this issue go.”

“It’s too late,” Mo Ting replied. “As long as I am still the CEO of Hai Rui, my authority will not be challenged.”

“Let’s wait for Tangning to arrive!” Mo Ting said before he leaned back in his chair.

Mo Ting couldn’t be blamed for getting angry.

Mo Ting had already said what he needed to say about Superstar Media during their last meeting and Tangning had already made a compromise. But, Director Lin saw it as an opportunity to test his limits further.

Director Lin broke out in a cold sweat. But, there was no turning back. Mo Ting’s words already meant that he could not redeem himself.

But, he didn’t believe that the shareholders would actually agree to kicking him out.

The following 40 minutes was spent in complete silence; not a single person dared to provoke Mo Ting while he was already angry.

Soon, Tangning arrived outside the meeting room at Hai Rui. On the way there, she had already asked Lu Che about the details of the current situation.

How dare Director Lin challenge Mo Ting again in front of everyone?

Did he really think that Mo Ting had softened after becoming a father and would be easy to bully?

“Madam, this way,” Lu Che said. Even though he knew the people in the room were ready to eat Tangning up alive, he knew that Tangning was not an ordinary person. Pressures like this were no problem for her.

Tangning nodded, pushed open the meeting room door and stepped inside.

The shareholders all turned to look at Tangning. They knew her appearance meant that a big battle was about to ensue, so they felt both excited and scared at the same time.

“Come here…” Mo Ting said as he turned to look at Tangning.

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