Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 952 - Tangning Wasn't Easy To Fool!

Chapter 952: Tangning Wasn’t Easy To Fool!

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This particular shareholder directed his sharp questioning towards Mo Ting and supported his thoughts with evidence and reasoning that triggered the other shareholders emotions.

“President Mo, Superstar Media simply exists because you dote on Tangning. However, she is your wife and not ours. Please consider the interests of your shareholders.”

Mo Ting did not say a word as he sat at the head of the table and glared at the speaking shareholder.

On his body, he wore a dull colored stripey vintage suit and carried with him an air of nobleness like a king.

“Who’s interests has she threatened?” Mo Ting asked coldly. “All of you went home with bonuses this year. So, how could you tell me that Superstar Media has affected your interests? That is an insult to the money you are holding in your hands.”

“Secondly, do you really think that Hai Rui would have less enemies if Tangning wasn’t around? Right now, the entire industry has their eyes​ on Superstar Media and is ready to jump on them at any moment. Because of this, Hai Rui has been able to relax and not use their PR in a long time. Yet, you’re telling me that she’s been creating enemies for us? She’s stepped in front and shielded us from 80% of our potential enemies. Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

“Thirdly, we’ve just discussed our market research last week. Whether it’s our reputation, influence, the scale of our business or our artists, Hai Rui has seen an improvement from previous years and has maintained our top position in the industry. So, Superstar Media’s existence does not affect us, it is merely a subsidiary. In what way does it pose a threat?”

“Fourthly, if you don’t control your brother-in-law, you’re going to be kicked out of Hai Rui soon.”

After speaking, Mo Ting looked at the other shareholders, “I don’t remember Hai Rui’s shareholders ever being this easy to manipulate. Have you all lost your ability to judge as you grew older?”

“As for the issue with contracts, they are already in my hands. I’m just better than you at determining the right timing and making appropriate arrangements. So, Director Lin, I think the thing you should focus on now, is how to avoid being brainwashed by your brother-in-law…” Mo Ting said as he pointed to his head.

“As a decision maker, I think I know what I’m doing better than anyone. You can come look for me again when Hai Rui struggles to continue operating. From now on, don’t waste my time with pointless meetings like this.”

“Especially when personal grudges are involved!”

Mo Ting’s words were ruthless, without an ounce of mercy..

He was truly angered. These people should be more far-sighted than the average person, otherwise, how could they be shareholders of Hai Rui? Yet, they were so easily manipulated. So, how could he not be angry?

“When President Mo allowed an artist to start their own company, it was already an exception. If he doesn’t apply more control, won’t other artists end up following fit?”

Mo Ting was already standing up when the shareholder added this. So, when he heard these words, he lifted his head and looked piercingly at the man.

Apparently, the meeting wasn’t over.

“What do the rest of you think?” Mo Ting asked the other shareholders.

Of course, the other shareholders knew that, with Mo Ting around, nothing could possibly go wrong. If they offended him now and Hai Rui didn’t encounter any problems, it was completely possible for him to give a portion of the shares to Tangning and allow her into the board of directors.

Mo Ting obviously had his limits; he did not mix business with pleasure. So, there was no reason for them to seek trouble with Mo Ting.

After all, a good portion of the shareholders felt that the meeting was pointless from the start.

“Hai Rui’s​ operations have been in the hands of the Mo Family for many years without any problems. So, I choose to continue placing my trust in President Mo.”

“Me too. I don’t think Superstar Media poses a threat towards Hai Rui.”

“I agree. I understand what President Mo has said and am aware that someone is complaining with personal grudges. I think it’s best if this person doesn’t interrupt everyone from their work.”

“I think Tangning has done really well by standardizing some of the ugliness seen in the industry. Hai Rui has never done anything illegal, so what Tangning’s done is actually good for Hai Rui.”

After hearing what the shareholders had to say, Mo Ting immediately stood up from his seat. However, before he left, he looked threateningly at the trouble-causing shareholder.

Seeing this, the shareholder immediately ran over to stand in Mo Ting’s way, “President Mo, don’t blame me for doing this, I was simply protecting the interests of the shareholders.”

“I don’t think you’re very smart,” Mo Ting replied. “By causing trouble for my wife, right in front of me, you are inadvertently digging my heart out!”

“You watch yourself…”

After speaking, Mo Ting left the meeting room and returned to his office.

Meanwhile, Lu Che followed behind. His instincts told him that Mo Ting was truly angered.

“President, we need to resolve this matter as soon as possible. If the shareholders have bad intentions and decide to cause trouble, it’s going to be annoying and hateful.”

“You don’t need to tell me that,” Mo Ting replied calmly.

“What about the Madam…?”

“Keep your mouth shut,” Mo Ting ordered.

Even though Mo Ting told Lu Che not to reveal a thing, Tangning still ended up hearing about the meeting. This was because President Fan ended up giving her a phone call.

“President Tang, have you heard that Superstar Media is about to topple over?”

“I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about.”

“Haha, I heard that Hai Rui has just held a board meeting and Superstar Media was their main topic of discussion.”

“Did you think that Mo Ting wouldn’t receive any complaints towards the exception he made for you to open your own business? The more famous Superstar Media becomes, the more doubt he will receive. Shouldn’t you stop being so selfish?”

After hearing this, Tangning’s heart paused for a second, not knowing what to do.

But, there was no way that she’d allow the man to notice this.

“If President Fan stops acting so sneaky, I’m sure the world would be a much more peaceful place.”

“Hmmph, let’s see who topples over first.”

After hanging up the phone, Tangning immediately contacted Lu Che. Of course, she already guessed that Mo Ting told Lu Che not to say a thing, so she was straightforward with him.

“Lu Che, President Fan told me that Hai Rui held a sudden board meeting, is that right?”

Lu Che suddenly felt a sense of guilt…

Tangning wasn’t easy to fool…

“President Fan has already told me everything, there’s no point lying to me.”

“Madam, this is just a small matter. It has no affect on the President. Don’t be provoked by that sneaky man,” Lu Che quickly comforted.

“So, you’re saying that it’s true,” Tangning’s eyes darkened, “Someone actually tried to cause trouble for him?”

“Yes and it was quite an intense showdown,” Lu Che could no longer resist against Tangning’s worried tone, so he could only speak the truth, “But, the President has already got it under control, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Is he angry?” Tangning asked.

“Of course. The shareholders were targeting you, after all.”

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