Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 940 - Definitely Feng Jing's Trap

Chapter 940: Definitely Feng Jing’s Trap

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As soon as Luo Yinghong heard this phone call, she jumped out of her seat anxiously and immediately asked for her son’s location.

The young man mumbled an address and hung up the phone.

Luo Yinghong quickly looked up the address and discovered that her son was at a famous nightclub.

It was easy to be tricked by others at a place where the good and bad mixed.

With this thought, Luo Yinghong immediately headed for the door. But, she was quickly stopped by Tangning, “Hong Jie, what happened? Why are you in such a rush?”

“Tangning, I don’t have time to explain things to you. I’m going to pop out really quickly.”

“Wait,” Tangning said as she grabbed onto Luo Yinghong. “Hong Jie, you are currently at a critical point in your comeback. I’m sure you know that Feng Jing may play tricks on you at any time. Just give me a quick explanation about what’s going on. It won’t take up much of your time.”

After hearing Tangning’s words, Luo Yinghong suddenly calmed down and held onto Tangning’s hands, “I just received a phone call from my son. He is currently at ‘Sound of Night’.”

Tangning immediately instructed her secretary to look up the name and her secretary quickly returned with an answer, “President Tang, that is the name of a famous nightclub in Beijing.”

“My son is calling for help.”

“If your son is calling for help, there’s no point showing up on your own. Besides, Hong Jie, have you thought of the consequences of going there? Whether or not your son is actually there, your reputation is bound to be destroyed. Especially if Feng Jing’s abandoned your son. What do you think the rumors would say?”

After hearing this, Luo Yinghong froze. Tangning was right.

Feng Jing!

Everything could well be Feng Jing’s trap!

“Don’t be nervous. I’ll get my secretary to contact the police and tell them to handle this matter.”

Luo Yinghong nodded her head. At this point, she was pretty much certain that Feng Jing planted this trap.

Luo Yinghong slowly calmed down. However, this incident allowed Tangning to see that Luo Yinghong’s son was still the most important thing to her. No matter how many promises she made and how badly she wanted to move forward, Feng Jing simply threw in a small test and Luo Yinghong immediately lost control. It seemed, helping her win back her son was something they had to do soon.

Soon, the police notified them that Luo Yinghong’s son was fine and that he was simply drunk and talking nonsense.

After asking him a few questions, they left him to continue drinking.

Luo Yinghong sighed. She was a little frightened by what could have happened. If Feng Jing got her way and actually lured her to the nightclub, what would have happened?

With the same thought, Tangning suddenly turned around and said to her secretary, “Go to the nightclub right now and find a reliable bartender to take the phone off Luo Yinghong’s son and give Feng Jing a phone call. Tell him to warn that Hong Jie’s son is in trouble and tell her to hurry over and pick him up. Otherwise, the photos in his phone might get leaked…”

“I understand, President Tang.”

If this was the game that Feng Jing wanted to play, then fine.

“Don’t be anxious. As soon as Feng Jing arrives we will take photos of her. We won’t expose them. I will have another use for them.”

“Yes,” the secretary quickly left the office.

Meanwhile, Luo Yinghong had no idea what Tangning had planned. She simply needed to know that her son was safe. So, she sat back down and returned to work.

Tangning looked at Luo Yinghong and suddenly felt that, as a mother, she was very pitiful. She had been bullied by Feng Jing for so many years, yet, she had no way of retaliating. Worst of all, Feng Jing had her hands on the sharpest weapon and could pierce it straight through her heart at any time.

So, for Luo Yinghong to truly be free from Feng Jing, it was necessary to strip her of her weapon.

Feng Jing had no idea that Tangning had shuffled the cards.

Nor did she have any idea that Tangning decided to play along. So, when she received a phone call from the bartender, she initially had no intention of turning up at the nightclub. But, when the bartender mentioned that the idiot had photos of them on his phone, that was a different story.

If the photos were to be exposed, her reputation and image would be completely destroyed.

It wasn’t unreasonable for the bartender to ask for some money to keep his mouth shut; Feng Jing could accept it. However, she had one condition: she had to go pick him up herself. After all, the nightclub was a busy and complex place. She didn’t trust other people and her manager was currently busy discussing a job.

Soon, Feng Jing arrived at the nightclub as promised. After putting on a careful disguise, it was hard for people to recognize her.

Originally, her plan was to lure Luo Yinghong here and slander her. Who would have thought that she’d be lured here instead and be forced to make an exchange.

After she picked up Luo Yinghong’s son, Feng Jing suddenly felt like something wasn’t right. Especially because of the smile on the bartender’s face. She knew that something was obviously wrong. So, Feng Jing immediately rushed out of the nightclub with the young man. If she had known that he’d cause so much trouble, she wouldn’t have asked people to make him drunk.

Afterwards, Tangning’s secretary returned to Superstar Media with photos and evidence.

“President Tang, everything ran smoothly. Feng Jing was so worried about her photos that she didn’t have time to suspect anything. Even if she realizes now, it’s already too late.”

Tangning looked at the photos that her secretary took. Although Feng Jing wrapped herself up tightly, they still managed to get a close up shot of her.

In particular, they got a clear shot of her leaving the nightclub with Hong Jie’s son.

“With this…Feng Jing will have no choice but to hand the young man back over.”

“Send a couple of photos to Feng Jing.”

“OK,” the secretary was smart and understood what was going on, so she quickly did as told.

Feng Jing would have never imagined, after scheming against others her entire life, she’d end up the victim of someone else’s scheme so easily. When it came to strategizing, she wasn’t even 1/10th as good as Tangning.

It’s just, Tangning would never use her schemes against the innocent.

She believed and stuck by the idea of giving an eye for an eye. She never initiated attacks, but she wasn’t afraid of them either.

Soon, Feng Jing received Tangning’s ‘gift’. After opening the envelope, she looked at the photos in shock.

“Who was it? Who took these photos?”

The first person she could think of was Luo Yinghong. Although Luo Yinghong wasn’t smart, she now had Tangning by her side.

Who in Beijing didn’t know how scary Tangning was?

So, she immediately made a phone call to Luo Yinghong, “Sl*t, are you disregarding your son just so you can get back at me?”

Luo Yinghong looked at her phone confusedly and continued to listen.

“Speak. Be straightforward and tell me what you want.”

Luo Yinghong didn’t understand a word that Feng Jing was saying, but she could roughly guess what she meant.

So, she hung up the phone and went to look for Tangning. After telling Tangning about the phone call she received, Tangning let out a laugh.

“Hong Jie, control yourself. Feng Jing is about to lose the most important trump card in her hand.”

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