Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 939 - He Doesn't Know My Measurements

Chapter 939: He Doesn’t Know My Measurements

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After the Fei Tian Awards was over, Lin Qian’s wedding date was officially set. Afraid that another problem would pop up if they delayed it any longer, Mother Li set the date for three weeks time. She sincerely supported the way that Lin Qian treated Feng Jing. Considering the way that she drew a fine line with Feng Jing on national television, it was clear to see that she’d never forgive and acknowledge her.

After being notified of the date, Lin Qian simply had one question, “I haven’t confirmed if Li Jin will be home that day…”

“Silly girl, of course I spoke to Jin Er before I made this arrangement. When the time comes, just focus on being a beautiful bride.”

“But, we haven’t even selected our outfits yet…”

After hearing this, Mother Li laughed and held onto Lin Qian’s hands, “Jin Er has already arranged for someone to make your outfit. He asked a weapons engineer from the military base to design it for you from scratch and he personally took part in the design process.”

“But, he doesn’t know my measurements…”

At this point, Mother Li scanned her eyes across Lin Qian’s body and chuckled, “Which part of your body do you think he’s not familiar with?”

Lin Qian’s face turned red.

“Qian Qian, we can’t possibly understand the pain that you have gone through, so, this wedding is my biggest form of support.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian wrapped her arms around Mother Li, “Auntie, thank you. Thank you to both you and Uncle for treating me like your own daughter and being so nice to me.”

“You will be my daughter-in-law​ soon. So, protecting you on behalf of Jin Er is the only thing we can do…”

After she was done talking, Mother Li stroked Lin Qian’s back comfortingly and sighed. This child was indeed kind-hearted and strong.

Lin Qian leaned into Mother Li’s arms as though she was in Li Jin’s arms. At that moment, she reminded herself to stay strong no matter what problems she faced.

Lin Qian quickly notified Tangning of her wedding arrangements so she could get some time off work.

More importantly, Tangning was pregnant and Long Jie was managing Luo Sheng, so she had to check who was to take care of Luo Yinghong while she wasn’t around.

“Don’t worry, go ahead and get married. Also, take the opportunity to enjoy your honeymoon. I will make arrangements for Hong Jie,” Tangning assured before she handed a document to Lin Qian, “You have no family, so Superstar Media is your family. We can’t let you marry empty-handed.”

Lin Qian opened up the documents questioningly and realized that it was an agreement for the transfer of Superstar Media’s shares.

“Ning Jie, this gift is too expensive…I…”

“You will forever be a part of Superstar Media. With this document, you will be working for Superstar Media for the rest of your life. I actually think I’m the biggest benefactor in all of this. Take it…”

Lin Qian held onto the agreement and nodded her head. She knew that there was no point being corny in front of Tangning.

“I will keep this gratitude in my heart forever,” Lin Qian said as she pointed to her heart as though she was making an oath.

Tangning shook her head, gesturing that it wasn’t necessary. After all, the two of them were already like family.

And she was simply treating her the way that family should!

Soon, Saints Jewelry officially announced their collaboration with Luo Yinghong to the public and confirmed that she’d be their new spokesperson.

As soon as this news was released, everyone was shocked. No one imagined that Luo Yinghong, who was striving to lead a positive lifestyle, would secure an endorsement so quickly, let alone become the spokesperson for the infamous Saints Jewelry.

Originally, this was a collaboration that people had no reason to believe in. But, Tangning was prepared. She knew that Luo Yinghong was good at handicrafts and deliberately showcased them to the public, so now that the announcement was made, everyone was actually very accepting of it. They all felt that Luo Yinghong was well suited to the idea of originality and creativity.

In particular, when Saints Jewelry decided to place Luo Yinghong’s sketches on their website, everyone was certain that she suited the role of spokesperson. They felt that the way she created her new elegant image was similar to the way that Saints Jewelry progressed over time.

Luo Yinghong was in disbelief, how was this possible?

Every single comment left under Saints Jewelry’s announcement were words of anticipation. No one insulted her or attacked her.

Luo Yinghong thought back on the training that Tangning arranged for her and the path that she was instructed to take and discovered that every single step was carefully planned by Tangning. Everything had its purpose because Tangning never did pointless things.

At this moment, Luo Yinghong finally understood the meaning of powerful.

Luo Yinghong couldn’t believe that she secured such a top grade endorsement. Only after the official announcement from Saints Jewelry did she finally feel that everything was real.

More importantly, this step that she took was in no way crossing paths with Feng Jing. Feng Jing had no reason to scheme against someone that was completely unrelated to her.

Soon thereafter, Tangning also secured an important interview for her.

To prevent anything unexpected from happening, Tangning allowed for the reporter to hold the interview inside Superstar Media’s office.

The public were curious about Superstar Media, so they were naturally interested in Luo Yinghong’s interview.

Meanwhile, Feng Jing saw everything that was happening, but there was nothing she could do because she couldn’t find a single flaw related to Luo Yinghong. After all, she was dealing with the flawless Tangning.

“What should I do? Think of something. Do you expect me to sit here and watch as that b*tch becomes more and more famous?”

As she watched Feng Jing throw a tantrum, Feng Jing’s manager approached and tried to comfort her, “Even if she succeeds in making a comeback, she’s nothing compared to you. You don’t need to worry about her.”

“How can I possibly not worry? What if she becomes more famous than me some day? Am I supposed to let her step all over me? No, I can’t let this happen!”

“But, what can we possibly do?” her manager sighed helplessly.

Feng Jing lowered her head and thought for a few seconds before she replied, “There’s nothing I can do. All I have is that bitch’s son.”

“Are you saying?”

Feng Jing’s gaze turned piercingly sharp.

So far in her battle with Tangning, all she had been doing was retreating. She was already left with no choice.

So, she pulled her manager over and said, “I have some instructions for you. Immediately find someone to handle it…”

The manager quickly nodded her head, “Yes, I know what to do.”

Feng Jing refused to believe that Luo Yinghong could completely disregard her son. She simply spoke in a carefree manner because she wanted to act tough, right?

So, they would have to see if she could hold on to the act.

At this time, Luo Yinghong was looking through the details of her interview at the office when she suddenly received a phone call from her son…

“Mom, save me.”

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