Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 938 - I Bet That Woman Is Going Mad

Chapter 938: I Bet That Woman Is Going Mad

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Soon came the climax of the ceremony: the best actor/actress award… This time, because Tangning wasn’t around, the remaining four nominees actually felt like they stood a chance…

Especially Feng Jing!

The host introduced the guest presenter as Lin Qian turned to look at Feng Jing. Lin Qian noticed that her hands were clenched tightly together. From the looks of it, she was extremely anxious.

However, Lin Qian peacefully turned around and sneered.

Soon, samples of the nominees’ works appeared on the big screen. When footage of Tangning in ‘Survivor’ started playing, everyone erupted in a loud applause.

Because, everyone understood that even if Tangning was no longer acting, her creations still lasted forever and no one would be able to replace her.

It was clear to see that ‘Survivor’ was impressive and Tangning’s character was full of life.

So, even though the spotlight alternated between the nominees, the winner of the award was eventually the absent Tangning.

As soon as her photo appeared on the big screen, everyone screamed excitedly before the guest presenter asked for the recipient to come to the stage.

Everyone was confused. Was Tangning present at the ceremony? But when Lin Qian stood up from her seat, everyone immediately understood what was happening: she had sent her assistant to represent her.

How reckless to not appear at such an important event…

Feng Jing watched as Lin Qian approached the stage to accept the award she wanted on behalf of someone else.

Lin Qian knew that Feng Jing would be upset, but this was exactly what she wanted.

Of course, as a mere representative, Lin Qian wasn’t there to replace Tangning. She simply took the trophy from the host, walked over to the microphone and bowed before she explained, “I am Tangning’s assistant and I am here to receive this award on behalf of Tangning. The reason she is absent today is because she is currently expecting and it is a little inconvenient for her to attend. That’s right, she’s pregnant!”

“Tangning announced a while ago that she’d be retreating from acting indefinitely, but she is still very thankful that the committee has given her this award. At the moment, she has no intention to return to acting, but she is thankful for everyone’s support and concern.

“Lastly, I would like to borrow this stage to express a few thoughts of my own. Initially, I never considered myself as someone within the inner circles of the industry, but a recent piece of news has pulled me into the spotlight and messed up my peaceful life.”

“I am referring to news about my relationship with Ms. Feng Jing. Since she’s also present here today, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify everything.”

“We have nothing to do with each other. Whether we are blood related or come from the same strand of genetics, in my heart, I am an orphan and will always be an orphan.”

“Besides, I am simply someone that works behind-the-scenes. I have no intention to create hype nor debut myself as an artist. I am a part of Superstar Media and Hai Rui and will forever follow Tangning. So, I hope that all the rumors can now come to an end. Thank you.”

Lin Qian’s words were clearly telling everyone that she would never acknowledge her mother-daughter relationship with Feng Jing.

If she had simply said these words to Feng Jing one-on-one, she wouldn’t have taken it to heart, but the fact that Lin Qian announced it in front of everyone meant that there was no chance that she would return to her side.

So, Feng Jing was furious.

Not only had Lin Qian taken away the award that she wanted, she even announced in front of everyone that she wouldn’t acknowledge her as her mother.

This humiliation felt like a thousand arrows to the heart!

After speaking, Lin Qian held onto the trophy and stepped off the stage, leaving everyone else in an air of awkwardness. After all, Feng Jing was right there.

Did Lin Qian just slap her own mother in the face?

However, there were also a lot of people that understood Lin Qian. After all, plenty of people knew the disgusting things that Feng Jing had done to get to where she was today, so as a part of Superstar Media, it was only normal for Lin Qian to not acknowledge her because the people at Superstar Media had strong moral principles.

“Actually, everyone has the right to make their own decisions as long as they are willing to take the responsibility. So, we would like to wish Miss Lin all the best,” the host summarized before he continued to present the next award. But, this meant nothing to Lin Qian and Feng Jing anymore.

After returning to her seat, Luo Sheng tilted his head and said, “You were really cool on stage just a moment ago.”

After speaking, Luo Sheng raised a thumb at her.

“I bet that woman is going mad.”

Lin Qian turned her head slightly and looked into the near distance. She was extremely pleased with the current situation because this was exactly what she wanted: she didn’t want Feng Jing to feel good.

In the end, the ultimate climax of the ceremony turned out to be Lin Qian’s appearance on the stage on behalf of Tangning. Because her seemingly simple words, contained too much meaning.

At least, it could be concluded that Lin Qian and Feng Jing’s relationship was full of drama.

After two whole hours, the ceremony finally came to an end. Of course, the cast and crew of ‘Survivor’ were the biggest winners, going home with Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and many other big awards.

As for Tangning, her award this time meant that she held onto her position from last year.

This was proof of her capabilities! There was no doubt about it!

Afterwards, Luo Sheng and Lin Qian left the venue together. However, they were stopped by Feng Jing half way.

“Miss Lin, don’t you think your actions tonight were a bit harsh?” Feng Jing asked as she glanced the trophy in Lin Qian’s hands. “Even if you don’t acknowledge me, I still gave birth to you. You can’t get rid of the fact that we are blood related, so did you have to be so heartless?”

After hearing Feng Jing’s emotional words, Lin Qian remained calm and looked at Luo Sheng, “Let’s go…”

Feng Jing grabbed onto her hand to stop her, but Luo Sheng quickly pushed her away, “Show some respect and keep your hands off of her. You have no right to lay a hand on anyone at Superstar Media.”

Feng Jing regained her footing and tried to maintain her image, “Young man, control your temper…”

Lin Qian and Luo Sheng completely ignored her as they turned and left like she didn’t exist.

Only Feng Jing knew how badly Lin Qian’s words on stage had hurt her.

After all, the public were bound to speculate the reason behind Lin Qian’s determination to not acknowledge her mother. If Feng Jing was actually as pitiful as she tried to make herself out to be, then Lin Qian couldn’t possibly hate her to this extent.

“Jing Jie, let’s leave first and think of another plan at home,” Feng Jing’s manager suggested.

“Superstar Media’s making things difficult for me…”

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