Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 936 - Brought Trouble Upon Herself

Chapter 936: Brought Trouble Upon Herself

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Soon, it was time for the annual Fei Tian Awards again. The ceremony was scheduled for a few days time.

As one of the favorites, Feng Jing put on a good daughter-searching pity act, but it did not improve her chances at winning an award. After all, when it came to popularity and fame, she couldn’t possibly beat Tangning.

But, even if she received nothing, as a nominee, she was still expected to attend the ceremony. When it came to this, she was nothing like Tangning. She was too afraid to act recklessly.

Meanwhile, the public bet that Tangning wouldn’t show up at the ceremony. After all, she had already confirmed that she wouldn’t act again.

Yet, Hai Rui registered ‘Survivor’ for multiple awards and it ended up receiving quite a few nominations.

Because of this, Mo Ting contacted Lin Qian in private and left her with some instructions.

“President Mo, what’s the matter?” Lin Qian asked curiously. Logically speaking, Mo Ting had plenty of capable people around him. No matter the problem, there would be no reason for him to contact her. So, why did he call her today?

Mo Ting put down the pen in his hand and lifted his head to look at Lin Qian. As ‘The Ant Queen’ was more than halfway​ completed, Mo Ting could manage his time in a way where he could return to Hai Rui for business matters.

“As you know, Tangning’s not likely to attend this year’s Fei Tian Awards. But, you are still her assistant. So, I need you to go on stage and accept the award on her behalf. It only makes sense.”

“Me?” Lin Qian was a little uncomfortable with Mo Ting’s request.

“I thought you’d like that,” Mo Ting said with an extra layer of meaning. “Don’t forget, Feng Jing is also amongst the nominees.”

Lin Qian suddenly understood Mo Ting’s intention. Previously, Feng Jing tried to use her to put on a pity act but she ignored her. This time, Feng Jing was hopeful for a Fei Tian Award. If her daughter was to take the award away from her on behalf of someone else, it would not be a good feeling.

“Thank you, President Mo. I do like that idea.”

After being with Tangning for a while, she was bound to learn a bit of black-bellyness. But, Mo Ting’s arrangement showed that he was even more frightening.


The Fei Tian Award was a top nationally acclaimed award. If Tangning publicly ignored it, it would leave her open to criticism. So, as Tangning’s manager and the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting naturally had to make both parties happy. Tangning didn’t want to attend the ceremony, so she naturally didn’t want her subordinates to attend on her behalf either. But, if Lin Qian attended, the intention would be very different.

At the same time, Tangning could use her pregnancy as an excuse for her absence.

Afterwards, Mo Ting shared his idea with Tangning, and as expected, Tangning did not reject it, “You’re so smart. You knew that I wouldn’t disagree to Lin Qian going. In fact, you knew I’d be extremely open to that idea.”

“Are you satisfied?” Mo Ting hugged Tangning as he placed his palms against her stomach.

“In which aspect?” Tangning winked.

Mo Ting’s gaze darkened. It was too late for Tangning to run away as Mo Ting lifted her in his arms and headed into the bedroom. “The risky stage is over. It’s time you make up for it.”

Tangning realized she may have brought trouble upon herself.

Meanwhile, Feng Jing watched helplessly as Luo Yinghong was revived. In the end, all she could do was encourage Luo Yinghong’s son to badmouth his mother.

She promised that if he managed to make his mother give up, then she would consider marrying him.

As a result, this obsessed young man actually went to look for his mother at her new home.

Because pictures of the home were posted online, it wasn’t hard to track her down.

Unfortunately, Luo Yinghong’s attitude towards her son had now turned very cold because of Tangning’s previous instructions.


“I already told you the last time we met that we are no longer mother and son. You take your path and I’ll take mine,” Luo Yinghong responded.

“Just think of it as helping me. I must admit that you are quite popular at the moment, but compared to Feng Jing, you are still miles apart. Help your son out. She’s agreed to marry me if you stop causing trouble,” the tall young man said as he snooped around. Every now and then, he would damage one of his mother’s handmade creations.

Luo Yinghong looked at her son, but she did not reply. After a short pause, she directly called for the security guards, “There’s someone causing trouble here​, please send the security over.”

As soon as her son saw this, he immediately glared at her with hatred, “You gave birth to me. How could you treat me like this?”

“So, you remember that I gave birth to you, yet you still choose to be with my enemy,” Luo Yinghong rebutted. “Don’t waste your time here anymore. You and Feng Jing have nothing to do with me. Show me a bit of respect before I reveal your embarrassing actions to the world. Otherwise, there will be no place for you in Beijing.”

The tall young man turned pale. He never expected Luo Yinghong to be so tough.

He thought she did everything for the sake of winning him back. But, as it seemed, she truly did it for herself.

All of a sudden, his mind went blank.

Soon, the security guards arrived. Luo Yinghong immediately pointed to her son and said, “Next time you see this man, please don’t let him in.”

“Yes, Ms. Luo,” the security guards replied as they carried the young man out.

“Also, get him to pay for these damages before he leaves,” Luo Yinghong said before she returned to her room without taking a single glance at her son.

Tangning had told her not to be soft around her son and to not give him any eye contact. If their eyes met, her true emotions would be easily exposed and her efforts would go to waste.

As expected, Luo Yinghong’s son was angry, but he now saw his mother in a new light.

At least, in his heart, the mother that tolerated everything had now disappeared.

Afterwards, Luo Yinghong told Lin Qian about the incident. But, this made Lin Qian feel even more guilty towards her.

“Hong Jie, don’t worry, I will get revenge for you very soon.”

Luo Yinghong smiled and shook her head, “I didn’t tell you this because I wanted you to make up for it. I told you because I know you are also a victim.”

“I simply wanted you to know what disgusting tricks she’s been getting up to.”

“Don’t worry. Her days are limited.”

As a result, Lin Qian felt that her attendance at the Fei Tian Awards was even more important. She was representing Tangning – the legendary Tangning.

Not only was she setting a good example for Luo Sheng, she was also teaching Feng Jing a lesson and helping Luo Yinghong get revenge.

More importantly, she was drawing a fine line between herself and Feng Jing…

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