Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 935 - I Will Always Wait For You

Chapter 935: I Will Always Wait For You

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“I heard that,” Mo Ting said from behind the two women.

Tangning was a little surprised as she turned around to find Mo Ting looking at her with reasonable concern. “I’m just experiencing normal symptoms of pregnancy.”

“Let’s go to the hospital for a check up.”

Tangning looked at her husband helplessly, but she wasn’t annoyed by his suggestion. She knew that if Mo Ting didn’t receive results from a check up, he wouldn’t be able to relax.

Luo Yinghong looked at the couple. Just a moment ago, Tangning was obviously a smart and capable woman in power. But, in front of Mo Ting, she suddenly appeared weak and in need of protection.

“In that case, Hong Jie, we’re going to get going first.”

“Yes, hurry and go,” Luo Yinghong nodded before she reimmersed herself in her training. Even though Tangning had already laid out a path for her, she couldn’t slack off. She knew that if she wanted to survive in the industry for a long time, she needed to show everyone things that would amaze them.

Tangning was a little unhappy. It was already late at night, yet she was at the hospital getting a check up.

Whilst there, the couple unexpectedly came across Zhou Qing. However, Zhou Qing did not see them.

“Judging by the way his shoulders are hunched up, it appears his injuries aren’t light.”

Mo Ting did not reply as he gestured for Tangning to look straight ahead. Following Mo Ting’s gaze, Tangning spotted Xia Hanmo walking towards them dressed in a little black suit and a coat.

Tangning thought that Xia Hanmo and Zhou Qing were still involved with each other. But, Xia Hanmo looked at Tangning and greeted, “Long time no see.”

Now that Tangning thought about it, it had almost been two months since they last saw each other; it was indeed a long time.

“You…and Zhou Qing…”

“We no longer have anything to do with each other. I’m simply following to see how long he has to live. As you guys are aware, the Station Manager’s son hired someone to beat him up. I think this is the only way to decrease the guilt I feel towards Lin Qian,” Xia Hanmo explained. “I’ve noticed Superstar Media’s movements lately and heard about Lin Qian’s situation. I hope she can get through her difficulties.”

“I’m very regretful…”

After hearing this, Tangning did not soften and forgive Xia Hanmo straight away. After all, the person she owed the most was still Lin Qian.

“I won’t bother you then.”

After speaking, Xia Hanmo turned around and left. She knew that even if Tangning stopped hating her, it didn’t mean that she’d forgive her. So, she could only help Lin Qian and Superstar Media do some simple, insignificant things in secret.

“If she was smart enough, she would use President Liu’s influence to climb back up.”

“Let’s go,” Mo Ting never had anything to say about traitors, not even a word.

Besides, their main priority was currently Luo Yinghong and ‘The Ant Queen’.

Luo Yinghong had just won her first battle and her results were within the public’s expectations. So, there was nothing that Feng Jing could do. Even if she wanted to use her fans to slander Luo Yinghong, the two of them weren’t even on the same playing field, how was she to expect her fans to do anything when they weren’t competitors and she had no viable reason.

This was the wisdom of Tangning. She had many ways of bringing value to her artists. Luo Yinghong wasn’t pigeon-holed to acting. This was because Tangning understood one thing: no matter what a person wanted to do, if they didn’t have the fame to back them up, then they had no right to choose.

On the other hand, once they became famous, everything they chose to do would run smoothly.

So, Feng Jing had no choice but to watch as Luo Yinghong rose from the ashes.

Feng Jing was a thief to begin with. So, apart from Luo Yinghong’s disfigured face, she couldn’t find any other flaws to use against her, making it much too easy for Luo Yinghong to bite back.

But, the most frightening thing was, if Feng Jing decided to make a move, Tangning was ready to strike back at any time. Lin Qian couldn’t wait for that to happen as she anticipated Feng Jing’s demise.

Meanwhile, after Feng Jing’s attempt to cancel Lin Qian’s wedding, the Li Family decided to speed up their preparations instead.

So, it didn’t take long before Mother Li made an appointment for Li Jin and Lin Qian to go try some wedding outfits.

But, even as Lin Qian arrived at the bridal shop, everything felt so surreal. It seemed, it would take a while before she’d get into the right mind frame.

Seeing that her mind wasn’t in the right place, Li Jin immediately asked, “You don’t like this shop? We can go to another one…”

Lin Qian shook her head, “I wasn’t prepared for this…”

“Our wedding has already been approved anyway…” Li Jin said as he wrapped his arms around Lin Qian. “If you don’t want to do this, we can go home…”


Li Jin did not say a word as he took Lin Qian straight home, “There were paparazzi following us, so let’s reschedule.”

Lin Qian nodded.

“But, you may have to wait ten days. I need to return to the base for a mission at 5am tomorrow.”

“I’ll wait for you,” Lin Qian replied gently.

But, there were some things that she had to tell him.

“Li Jin, I’m sorry. I’m not made to be a housewife. I’m not like other women, I can’t just stay at home and wait all day for my husband to come home. Nor do I have interest in spending time on planning a wedding. I think…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself. If you don’t want to do it, then my parents can do it.” How could Li Jin not understand?

In Lin Qian’s heart, a ceremony meant nothing. She wanted something that was everlasting. No matter how much thought she put into a wedding and no matter how big the turn-up, it couldn’t compare to Li Jin simply spending a few extra days at home with her.

Lin Qian nodded her head thankfully, but she spent the rest of the night sitting in bed in a daze.

Although she was living with Li Jin, Li Jin was barely at home. And even when he was home, they each slept on their separate sides​ of the bed; making sure to never cross the line.

But, tonight, Lin Qian’s gaze was tense as she stared at the closed bathroom door.

A moment later, she stripped off her night gown and rushed into the bathroom.

As soon as Li Jin saw this, he looked away, “Qian Qian, go out.”

Lin Qian pressed up against Li Jin’s body and hugged him as she said, “I won’t regret this…”

Under the running water of the shower, Li Jin tried to resist, but Lin Qian took the initiative and moved in even closer. Eventually, Li Jin began to lose control and the couple soon found themselves entangled on the soft bed.

“Are you sure that this is what you want?” Li Jin resisted as he spoke in a dull and low voice that contained a trace of passion.

Lin Qian hooked her arms around Li Jin’s neck and nodded her head, “I’m extremely sure…”

As soon as Li Jin received Lin Qian’s response he slowly lowered his body on top of her…

A passionate fire lit up as the bodies twisted and turned. Amongst the gentle intermittent kisses, low moans of pleasure filled the air; sounds that made people blush and their hearts race.

That night, Lin Qian slept peacefully in Li Jin’s arms until she was awoken at 5am as he got up to leave.

“Are you leaving now?”

Li Jin turned around placed a kiss on Lin Qian’s lips, “There’s still a while until the sun rises. It’s early, so keep sleeping. After you wake up, have a warm shower.”

“Stay safe.”

As a soon-to-be military wife, all Lin Qian could say was, “I will always wait for you.”

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