Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 933 - The Smell Of Trash Is Making Me Sick

Chapter 933: The Smell Of Trash Is Making Me Sick

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As Feng Jing looked at Mother Li’s expression, her lips secretly curved upwards. She believed that no parent would knowingly push their child into a fire pit.

Now that they knew how Lin Qian was really like, would they still allow their son to marry her?

As she looked at Lin Qian’s tormented expression, Feng Jing felt a sense of success. She wanted to tell her that this was the result of not listening to her mother; that she was about to lose everything.

Meanwhile, the Li Family stared at Feng Jing without a word. Feng Jing simply thought that they were so angry that they were rendered speechless.

And, she was right, they were angry. But, the reason for their anger was very different to what Feng Jing thought.

“Qian Qian, now that things have gotten to this point, I think you should come home with me,” Feng Jing said as she stood up. However, Mother Li pressed down on Lin Qian’s thighs to keep her seated and glared coldly at Feng Jing.

“Ms. Feng, you’ve sure opened my eyes today.”

“Even a tiger wouldn’t eat its own child, yet you’ve well and truly betrayed your daughter.”

Feng Jing turned around and looked at Mother Li, not quite understanding her standpoint.

Mother Li laughed and replayed the voice recording she made on her phone of the conversation they just had, “You are unbelievably disgusting!”

After speaking, Mother Li stood up and nudged Lin Qian towards Li Jin, “Stand to the side, I can’t express myself to the fullest with you around.”

As soon as Li Jin heard this, he immediately led Lin Qian and Father Li over to the sofa in the rest area, leaving Mother Li to deal with Feng Jing on her own.

“Firstly, you said you’re here to cancel Qian Qian’s wedding on her behalf, but I would like to ask what right you have to do that, Ms. Feng? Don’t say it’s because you’re blood related. I’ll take Lin Qian overseas tomorrow and get her genetics completely altered. You say you’re her mother? We refuse to acknowledge it…”

“It was bad enough that you were dumped by a rich heir and couldn’t hold onto your own man – I mean, at least you snatched away someone else’s crown of best actress and didn’t lose too badly – but I can’t understand why you would go around telling people that you were raped. Is that something to be proud of? When these words left your mouth, didn’t you feel ashamed. I really need to bow down to you.”

“Why don’t the organizers of The Fei Tian Awards give you an award for being the most shameless?”

“By the way, when I talked about seniority, I wasn’t referring to Qian Qian. I was talking about you, the multi-talented Best Actress; the cradle snatcher that stole someone’s son to warm her bed. You are much too ruthless!”

“Lastly, you’re right. You’re not good enough for the Li Family. Someone cheap like you shouldn’t come looking for me a second time. Otherwise, the recording in my hands will become a joke to others.”

Mother Li released her anger like a firecracker, humiliating Feng Jing until her face turned red.

Even when she admitted to being shameless, she still felt embarrassed to hear these words…

But Mother Li wasn’t done yet as she directly walked up to her and peered down at her, showing off the benefits of her height.

“If you don’t want Qian Qian. I’ll have her.”

“I don’t want to hear you bad mouth her again.”

“She’s here to be my daughter-in-law. If someone dares to ruin her image and spread false rumors, I’ll show them my abilities as a government official’s wife.”

“If you’re smart, you will leave as far as possible. If I find out about you threatening Lin Qian again, I will reveal everything about your past to the public.”

After speaking, Mother Li directly pushed Feng Jing away.

“What a piece of trash. You’re only making my hands dirty.”

Afterwards, Mother Li said to the three sitting on the side, “Let’s go. The smell of trash is making me sick.”

Father Li glanced at Li Jin and Lin Qian and the three of them stood up from the sofa.

Mother Li pushed away Feng Jing and went to grab Lin Qian. The two women looked exactly like mother and daughter, completely unaffected by Feng Jing’s attempts to drive them apart.

Feng Jing was humiliated. On top of that, Mother Li even got a recording of her. As she watched the family leave, she was so angry that she almost tore the table in front of her apart.

“How dare you trick me! You just wait and see what I can do!”

After the four people boarded the car, Lin Qian’s tears began to pour out. For some reason, her heart hurt.

As soon as Li Jin saw this, he immediately helped her dry her tears, “Things were going well. Why are you suddenly crying?”

“I don’t feel like I’m worth it…” Lin Qian sobbed.

“Dear child, don’t overthink things. I’ve already experienced everything over the years. Do you really think that I can’t beat a piece of trash? Don’t worry, your auntie isn’t easy to bully,” Mother Li comforted.

“My mother used to be a part of the girl scouts. So, relax and let her protect you. Otherwise, she is going to be very bored!”

Lin Qian was originally crying, but when she heard these words, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Thank you for protecting me.”

She would always remember how good the Li Family treated her. At the same time, she wasn’t going to hold back against Feng Jing.

More importantly, everything that happened today made her suddenly understand one thing: there were some things that she had to end on her own. Otherwise, there would be no end to Feng Jing because she was too shameless.

This meeting allowed Lin Qian to understand how the Li Family protected her and made her determined to help Luo Yinghong even more.

After hearing the way that Mother Li tore Feng Jing apart, Tangning almost clapped and cheered in excitement. This was the kind of power and courage that she wanted to see.

“Ning Jie…I think it’s time for Feng Jing to pay for what she’s done.”

Tangning looked at Lin Qian with a piercing glare.

“Let’s slowly make it so she can no longer be redeemed.”

As Tangning said this, she had already laid out the path for Luo Yinghong. Of course, this went hand-in-hand​ with destroying Feng Jing because Luo Yinghong’s success would mean Feng Jing’s failure.

“Have you planned everything out already?”

Tangning waved at Lin Qian and began to explain her plan.

After hearing what Tangning had to say, Lin Qian nodded her head. The reason why she was convinced by Tangning and was willing to work by her side was because she was extremely detailed in everything she did and had a lot of foresight. It was hard not believe in her.

“I understand…”

After 45 days of intense training, Tangning arranged for Luo Yinghong to show up at gyms, bookstores, golf courses, tennis courts and high-class skincare clinics.

And everytime she appeared, she would naturally attract the attention of the public. Because the changes she went through and the healthy lifestyle she led was inspiring.

Before signing with Superstar Media, Luo Yinghong was just a bitter old woman. In fact, due to the test of time, she had already become an old haggard housewife.

She was nothing like an actress.

However, after signing with Superstar Media, she escaped her previous constraints, left her inherent life and started a new lifestyle.

She strived to live a healthy lifestyle, attended plenty of high-class events and practically lived her life like it was some kind of art form…

Seeing this, others couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. Even if she stopped being an actress, Luo Yinghong could still become an artist because of her previous talent.

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