Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 932 - Help Cancel The Wedding

Chapter 932: Help Cancel The Wedding

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Mother Li pretended not to know about Lin Qian’s matter and pretended to fall into Feng Jing’s trap.

The two parties agreed to meet as soon as possible so they could give Lin Qian and Li Jin an answer.

As Lin Qian left the house in the morning, Mother Li notified her of her upcoming meeting with Feng Jing so she could be prepared, “Qian Qian, although you don’t acknowledge Feng Jing as your mother, she’s invited your uncle and I to a meeting. Since she made the offer, then it’s only normal for us to meet with her. We will be seeing her at 7pm at the hotel nearby. Come by after you finish work, don’t be late.”

“Auntie…” Lin Qian cried.

“Leave everything to me. You don’t need to do anything.”

Lin Qian nodded her head. Although she trusted Mother Li, she did not trust Feng Jing at all.

In order to achieve her motive, how many tricks did this woman have up her sleeves?

Lin Qian was worried, but she didn’t know what else she could do. So, she went to Superstar Media as normal and supervised Luo Yinghong as she did her training.

While working, she was meticulous in organizing Luo Yinghong’s training regime. She did this so Luo Yinghong could one day return to the position that belonged to her. But, during her break time, she would stand by the window in a daze.

“Feng Jing must have thought of multiple ways to torment you.”

After hearing Luo Yinghong’s words, Lin Qian turned around and gave a bitter smile.

“No one understands her better than I do,” Luo Yinghong said as she wiped her sweat. “To achieve her motives, she would sacrifice anything. It doesn’t matter even if you’re her daughter. If you don’t get rid of her, you will continue to suffer for the rest of your life!”

Lin Qian did not say a word. She was worried about the dinner later that night. If Feng Jing could actually tell the Li Elders that she had been raped, then Lin Qian would have to well and truly give up on her.

Tangning could tell that Lin Qian’s mind was elsewhere, so she put in her best efforts to dig up secrets about Feng Jing. She had a feeling that Feng Jing had a lot more skeletons hiding in her closet.

Lin Qian told Tangning about the meeting later that night and Tangning laughed in response, “Are you afraid of something? Afraid that you would get hurt? Or afraid that the Li Family would abandon you?”

Lin Qian shook her head, “I’m afraid that I’ll lose control one day and kill her.”

Tangning placed her hand on Lin Qian’s shoulder and shook her head, “When dealing with someone despicable, you will need to beat them at their own game. There’s​ bound to be a spectacular show tonight.”

“Perhaps,” Lin Qian smiled. Later that evening, she left work at 6pm and arrived at the hotel at 7. As she stared at the entrance, she did not want to walk in. She didn’t want to acknowledge Feng Jing as her mother.

But, after much hesitation, she finally entered. As soon as she stepped in, Mother Li approached and pulled her to the side.

“Auntie? Why are you still down here?”

“I had to wait for you, of course…” Mother Li replied. “Come, hook your arm around mine.”

Lin Qian did as told. In comparison to Feng Jing, Mother Li and Lin Qian looked more like mother and daughter. As the two women arrived at the meeting spot, they saw Feng Jing and her assistant waiting impatiently for them. Mother Li had deliberately arrived half an hour late with Lin Qian.

“I’m sorry that we’re late…” Mother Li sat down with Lin Qian.

As soon as Feng Jing saw this, she tried to drag Lin Qian to her side, but Mother Li quickly stopped her, “No need. It’s fine for Qian Qian to sit next to me.”

“I’m relieved to see that Mrs. Li treats my daughter as her own,” Feng Jing acted. “I was afraid that Qian Qian would suffer after getting married. From the looks of it, she’s very respectful towards you. I guess, I’m the only one she hates.”

Just as they were chatting, Li Jin and Father Li also arrived. They were both military men, so they didn’t have much to say.

Li Jin placed a seat next to Lin Qian and his long arms naturally wrapped around her body, pulling her into his area of influence as he sent Feng Jing a warning with his eyes.

Seeing this, Feng Jing smiled, “My future son-in-law doesn’t seem to like me.”

“Qian Qian has never acknowledged you as her mother,” Li Jin replied.

“But she can’t deny it either,” Feng Jing shrugged.

“I know that the Li Family is a big socialite family that needs to care about their pride. So, there’s something I want to clarify with all of you in case you claim that Qian Qian tricked you into marrying her in the future.”

“It seems Ms. Feng has something important to tell us,” Mother Li said as she looked meaningfully at Feng Jing.

“Yes I do. It’s concerning a sad past. To be honest, I don’t actually know who Qian Qian’s father is. I did many bad things when I was young and reckless. Qian Qian’s birth was one of them. If big news results from this, I won’t take responsibility.”

“Ms. Feng is sure straightforward. Aren’t you afraid of ruining your daughter’s marriage?” Mother Li asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“If we don’t clarify things now, won’t things be worse when it gets exposed later? Besides, Qian Qian was brought up by the Quan Family and once dated her brother. I’m sure she’s already told you about that, right?” Feng Jing said in a provoking manner.

Lin Qian glared coldly at Feng Jing.

“She hasn’t mentioned that…” Mother Li replied.

Feng Jing glanced at Lin Qian and then turned back to look at Mother Li and Father Li.

“She must be too embarrassed to speak about it: her mother was bullied while her adoptive family treated her with bad intent. If I was her, I wouldn’t talk about it either…”

“Ms. Feng, did you know that these words could completely destroy our image of Lin Qian?”

“The Li Family is strict, so it’s impossible for us to tolerate despicable people, not to mention those that ignore seniority and do what they want,” Mother Li said angrily.

“Exactly, that’s why I don’t understand why you’d let Qian Qian be your daughter-in-law. She seems like a very dishonest person,” Feng Jing continued to fan the fire.

Mother Li turned and looked at her husband before she looked at Li Jin and nodded her head, “Indeed…”

Lin Qian lowered her head, suddenly feeling anxious. Her mother was betraying her, leaving her speechless.

“Although Lin Qian is my daughter, we haven’t really interacted with each other, so I did an investigation on her. Her relationship with the Quan Family’s son wasn’t normal and she works in the entertainment industry. I have a feeling she may cheat on your son one day.”

“In summary, I don’t think Lin Qian should marry your son. It’s too humiliating for the Li Family. I admit that we’re not good enough for you…”

To play along, Mother Li nodded her head, “Your words are reasonable. After all…it’s quite worrying to have a mother in the entertainment industry…”

“That’s why I’m here today to help Qian Qian cancel her wedding!”

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