Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 929 - Put Up A Good Act

Chapter 929: Put Up A Good Act

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Soon, Feng Jing arranged to meet Lin Qian for the second time.

This time, she wanted to tell Lin Qian about her father.

Lin Qian wanted to know what game she was trying to play, so she once again showed up to the meeting. But, this time, Feng Jing didn’t just invite Lin Qian. She also invited Luo Yinghong.

As soon as Lin Qian saw the two women sitting inside the VIP room, she wanted to turn around and leave. But, Feng Jing had already seen her, so she quickly called out her name and stopped her, “Qian Qian, where are you going?”

Lin Qian did not expect this. She did not expect Feng Jing to be so ruthless.

“Feng Jing, aren’t you calling my manager’s name too affectionately?” Luo Yinghong questioned.

Feng Jing smirked and pulled Lin Qian towards them. She then said, “I’m allowed to call Qian Qian in whatever way I want. Hong Jie mustn’t know that Lin Qian is my long lost daughter. It wasn’t easy for me to find her. I never imagined that she’d be your manager. What a coincidence!”

After hearing Feng Jing’s provoking words, Luo Yinghong was stunned for a few seconds before she asked Lin Qian angrily, “Is Feng Jing telling the truth?”

Feng Jing probably thought it was easy to get Lin Qian on her side .

But, Lin Qian was like a sharp thorn, “Hong Jie, let me be honest with you, I’m not sure if this woman’s words are true because she suddenly appeared in front of me one day crying about reuniting.”

“But, even if she is my mother, I don’t think Ms. Feng should naturally assume that I’d help her or return to her side.”

“I hate people that steal from others. Since I’m Hong Jie’s manager, I will definitely help her ’til the end.”

“Whether Hong Jie believes me or not, I’ve already said what I wanted to say.” After speaking, Lin Qian turned to leave. But, Feng Jing once again held her back.

“Qian Qian, I’m your mother…You can’t treat me like this.”

“You obviously knew that Hong Jie would resent me if she found out about this, yet you specifically met both of us at the same time. Your motive is clear,” Lin Qian freed herself from Feng Jing’s grip. “Your methods disgust me.”

“Qian Qian…”

Feng Jing never imagined that Lin Qian would completely strip her of her pride. So, when Luo Yinghong saw it, she couldn’t help but clap and cheer, “Perfect! You needed to pay for stealing my son. So, now that your daughter is my manager, we’re even.”

Feng Jing held back her anger and said to Luo Yinghong in a cold tone, “You ugly monster, even the Gods can’t help you regain your fame.”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Luo Yinghong was taken completely by surprise; Lin Qian was actually Feng Jing’s daughter. For a short second, she actually thought that Lin Qian was tricking her.

But, when she thought carefully about the type of person that Lin Qian was and what she had said, she had reason to believe that Lin Qian would never acknowledge Feng Jing as her mother.

Drama fell upon them like one wave after another.

After returning to the agency, Luo Yinghong decided to meet Lin Qian for a chat. That’s when she found out that the entire incident was out of Lin Qian’s control and Feng Jing had acted shamelessly on her own.

“Hong Jie, I hope you can trust me.”

“Since you’re my manager, then I of course trust you. Even if I don’t trust you, I will trust Tangning,” Luo Yinghong reassured. “Since this is the situation, then we should always be open with each other. Feng Jing loves to play dirty tricks. I don’t want us to be hurt again.”

“Thank you, Hong Jie,” Lin Qian thanked.

Luo Yinghong shook her head as she smiled at Lin Qian, “With you by my side, I’m sure that woman will feel anxious. She’ll definitely attempt to drive a wedge between us again…”

“Actually, as someone that’s been a mother before, I am certain that you were either abandoned or had gone missing.”

“The public is unaware of this part of her past. So, it must mean that she didn’t want people to know of your existence. If she handled the matter in an honest and legal manner, it wouldn’t have been kept as such a tight secret.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian nodded her head. She wasn’t forgiving like a saint nor was she deeply affected by this possibility because she already expected something like this.

If a mother lost her child, she would definitely look for them. According to Feng Jing’s abilities, if she truly had the intention, she would have found Lin Qian a long time ago. The situation would be very different to what it was now.

“Hong Jie, after you’re done with your training, go get some rest.”

Luo Yinghong looked at Lin Qian and responded with a gentle smile.

But, Luo Yinghong had underestimated Feng Jing.

Since she was brave enough to expose her relationship with Lin Qian in front of Luo Yinghong, she was definitely prepared for the possibility of things going the opposite way.

So, the media received some explosive news the next day: the famous actress, Feng Jing had a daughter in secret and this daughter was the adoptive daughter of the Quan Family, Lin Qian.

As soon as this information was released, Feng Jing created quite a commotion as netizens tried to chase her for answers.

But, Feng Jing ignored them. She simply tried to give Lin Qian a phone call. However, Lin Qian didn’t pick up because this woman meant nothing to her.

She was simply worried that the Li Elders would have an opinion about her.

So, she opened up her heart to Mother Li and explained the entire situation. After hearing what happened, Mother Li felt a little emotional as she pulled Lin Qian into her arms.

“Silly girl, you must be so hurt, yet you’re worried about how we’d feel…”

“To be honest, we really don’t care about your background. You’re a good child and we’ve already acknowledged you as our daughter-in-law, so that crazy b*tch should stop adding to her act. No matter what she does, we will always be on your side. The Li Family will shelter you from the storm, don’t worry.”

Lin Qian was truly moved by these words.

“Thank you, auntie.”

“We’re almost family. There’s no need to say thank you.”

A little while later, Lin Qian received a phone call from Luo Yinghong, “That woman wants to blame me for the entire incident…”

“I know,” Lin Qian replied calmly. “Since she’s brave enough to do that, she’s definitely well prepared. Don’t get involved in this matter. Let her add to her act as much as she wants.”

“OK, as long as you know that I didn’t do anything, that’s all that matters,” Luo Yinghong replied.

Lin Qian continued to ignore Feng Jing. But the rumors became more and more strange. Seeing that she couldn’t drive a wedge between Lin Qian and Luo Yinghong, Feng Jing eventually stepped out and admitted that she had a daughter. She even told the public that she had been looking for this daughter for many years. This claim was verified by the police who confirmed that she had never given up on the search and had remained persistent.

“As an actress, I hoped to keep my private life a secret. I didn’t want to create a bad image because of my past, so I decided not to reveal this matter while I asked the police to continue the search over the years.”

“But now I’ve found her, I can finally step out and take full responsibility. I simply hope that my daughter will forgive me for my clumsiness and for all the pain that she has experienced over the years.”

Feng Jing put up a good act, but Lin Qian still did not respond.

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