Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 925 - You're Already Living In My Room

Chapter 925: You're Already Living In My Room



"Don't tell me about righteousness or fairness. In this industry, all I know is, the winner takes all!"

"Tangning, if you have a move to make, then throw it at me."

After she was done talking, Feng Jing hung up the phone.

Just behind Tangning, Mo Ting had heard her conversation with Feng Jing. As he carried one of the kids in his arms, his expression remained calm, "Did someone try to threaten you again? Why do you keep getting threatened?"

"I can't help it. Whenever I'm persistent about something, I always end up offending someone. Is President Mo tired of protecting me?" Tangning turned around and smiled.

Mo Ting shook his head as he placed their son on the floor and pulled Tangning into his embrace, "No, you don't know how special you are to me."

There weren't many people in this world that were brave enough to go against convention. But, Tangning was definitely someone that was up for the challenge and didn't easily admit defeat.

"No matter what, I'll first meet with Hong Jie."

"Always bring your bodyguards with you and take note of your safety," this was Mo Ting's most basic request for Tangning.

Tangning nodded her head and wrapped her arms tightly around him. Probably because so much had happened lately, Tangning only felt safe and at ease when she was in Mo Ting's arms.

"That's enough, Zichen is still outside, let me bring him in." After speaking, Mo Ting turned around to open the door. But, the little rascal, Tang Zichen, ended up crawling in from the living room on his own and stared cheekily at his father with his big round eyes.

He wasn't like Mo Zixi, he didn't ask to be carried as soon as he saw Mo Ting come home. In fact, it wasn't something that he cared for; he was just like a little adult.

"When this rascal grows up, he's going to be trouble!" Tangning couldn't help but laugh.

"Hmmph," Mo Ting humphed, "Developing an early understanding means he'll learn quickly."

"But he's still so young..."

"He's Mo Ting and Tangning's son."

The little rascal didn't understand what his parents were saying yet as he wiggled his butt and shuffled towards his bed. Of course, he couldn't climb up on his own. So, in the end, Mo Ting sweeped him up and placed him on top of the bed.

Mo Zichen sat on the bed and stared straight at his father. After staring at each other for a while, he turned and picked up a toy next to him and completely ignored Mo Ting; he could happily play on his own.

Tangning was surprised by the way the father and son interacted.

For some reason, Mo Zichen's actions were nothing like a one to two-year-old child.

"This kid is so smart. I wonder who he inherited it from."

"Of course he got it from you," Mo Ting said as he patted Tangning on the head.

"You sure know how to make me happy."

Mo Ting smiled. After coaxing the kids to sleep, he returned to the bedroom. No matter how much conflict there was in the outside world, he was always Tangning's warmth and happiness.


Meanwhile, Lin Qian was about to start on her new project. But, before that was to happen, Mother Li had been hounding her for a while about making things official with Li Jin. She wanted her to be Li Jin's rightful wife.

"Qian Qian, I don't mean to offend you, but I would like to ask if you have any other family members at home? Why were you adopted by the Quan Family?"

After hearing Mother Li's questions, Lin Qian felt a little uncomfortable. But, she understood that she shouldn't hide anything from the Li Family since she was living in their home and they treated her so well.

"If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to..."

Lin Qian shook her head and said while sitting at the dining table, "Auntie, I don't actually know about my background or family history. From the time I began to understand things, I was already with the Quan Family. After that, I spent most of my youth studying abroad. So, I honestly don't know if I have any relatives."

As soon as Mother Li heard this, she immediately wrapped Lin Qian in her arms, "If you can't remember anything, then don't think about it. From now on, we will be your parents, dear child. You are a loyal and righteous person, the old man and I truly like you."

"Jin Er also likes you too. That's why we hope to see the two of you settle down soon."

" work..."

"Your work doesn't change anything. Keep working if you want to. I'm not a close-minded person that needs to be waited upon by her daughter-in-law. I also want to see women being strong and independent. So, go ahead and do what you need to do."

Lin Qian felt like she had exhausted an entire lifetime of luck on meeting Li Jin and the Li Family.

When she thought about the way that Mother Li treated her, she couldn't help but feel a little emotional.

Tangning was a great friend and boss; Li Jin was a good lover and soul mate. On top of that, Mother Li doted on her. At that moment, Lin Qian felt like her life was perfect.

So, as soon as Li Jin returned home, she couldn't help but say to him, "I agree to getting married."

"Huh?" Li Jin froze while undressing from his military uniform.

"I said, I agree to getting married."

As he looked at her blushing cheeks, Li Jin picked Lin Qian up in his arms and placed her on top of the dressing table, "Of course you agree, did you think you could still escape? You're already living in my room..."

"Let's be serious. I want you to investigate my background. I heard that it's possible to check one's fingerprint and find family records in the database."

"What if your birth parents are bad people?" Li Jin asked. "Are you sure that you're ready to accept all outcomes?"

"I want to marry you and do it with a clean background. I don't want something messy to appear out of nowhere and embarrass your family. After all, your family has been so good to me."

Li Jin hugged Lin Qian and nodded his head, "Ok."


Meanwhile, over at the new television program, the host finally appeared after three days of preparation without him.

Xia Hanmo could tell that Zhou Qing's injuries weren't light, but he was desperately enduring the pain to the point where his face had turned white. Even so, it didn't matter. Just because a jerk was unwell, it didn't mean that he wasn't a jerk anymore.

"Zhou Ge, you're not looking to well. Are you sure that you're OK?" The staff immediately ran over to support him.

"I'm fine. Let's continue."

"Zhou Ge, you are such a professional..."

As soon as Xia Hanmo heard this, she couldn't help but sneer, "Zhou Ge's good at playing the pity game. Should I tell everyone why you got hurt?"

"Xia Hanmo, there's no need to push me into a dead end," Zhou Qing warned.

"The fun's not over yet. I love watching you answer to me. After all, don't you need to follow President Liu's orders? I love the feeling of stepping all over you, so I would never let things end so easily."

Zhou Qing looked at Xia Hanmo and glared at her. However, Xia Hanmo simply laughed, "I know what you're thinking. You want to destroy me, don't you? Let me warn you, Zhou Qing, it's best you don't compete with me in ruthlessness. I would put my life on the line just to make you suffer. Even if I'm to die, I'll drag you down with me."

"You're a psycho!" Zhou Qing scoffed before he left.

But, he was indeed suffering.

After all, he was too afraid to return home. All he could do for now was stay at the hospital because he was afraid of being caught and beaten again.

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