Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 924 - Has Tangning Overdone Herself This Time?

Chapter 924: Has Tangning Overdone Herself This Time?

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“Hai Rui has actually been involved with this matter for a long time. Zhou Qing will gradually be tormented by the entire industry, a little bit at a time.”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo understood that Hai Rui’s involvement was due to Tangning and Lin Qian.

“You were doing well following Tangning, yet you decided to sacrifice yourself because of a man like this. I, Liu Chengfeng, may not be a good person, but I’ve always been generous with women. If you want, I can make you famous.”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo felt an even more complex mix of emotions. For some reason, she suddenly felt safe and protected.

But, a moment later, she quickly snapped out of it. After all, how long would this last? Either way, President Liu was still better than the b*stard, Zhou Qing. Zhou Qing simply lied to her and betrayed her; he had never done anything for her.

After making the phone call, Zhou Qing did not learn to take precautions. Even though he knew that the Station Manager’s son already knew the truth, he wasn’t wary at all.

A little while later, his doorbell rang. Zhou Qing immediately stood up and walked over to open the door. But, before he could even see the person in his doorway, a punch flew directly at him.

Of course, the man was a professional. He knew he couldn’t leave any obvious wounds on Zhou Qing’s body, so he aimed for Zhou Qing’s abdomen and threw a flurry of punches.

“You piece of trash! Let me warn you, from now on, I will appear in front of you every couple of days to give you a good beating. I’ve been paid to torment you for the rest of your life. I guess you’re​ down on your luck.”

Zhou Qing lay on the ground, unable to move. His abdomen was throbbing in so much pain that he eventually fell unconscious.

Tangning had said it before, this world worked on karma.

What goes around, comes around.

Zhou Qing’s fate did not deserve sympathy. After all, to most people, he still appeared perfect on the surface. But, it was because of this that he suffered.

All he had left was this outer shell for everyone to slowly play with.

No one realized that Zhou Qing had been hurt. So, when he didn’t show up at work the next day, Xia Hanmo asked the staff, “Why isn’t Zhou Qing here today?”

“I just made a phone call to him. It appears, Zhou Ge has been injured and is currently at the hospital,” a staff member replied.

“What happened?”

“Apparently, he was attacked at home.”

Xia Hanmo did not ask any further. She could already guess what this was all about. This was Zhou Qing’s retribution – retribution that he had brought upon himself!

Meanwhile, after Superstar Media kicked Xia Hanmo out of the agency, the public doubted their decision for a while. But, they knew that if even Tangning couldn’t tolerate her, then Xia Hanmo definitely did something overboard this time. The only good outcome from the entire incident was the fact that Xia Hanmo did not complain nor argue back; just like when her manager betrayed her.

This, at least, helped Superstar Media maintain what was left of their reputation.

During this time, Luo Sheng’s acting career continued to improve and Xing Lan’s status continued to rise. So, the public had high hopes for Tangning and many artists still dreamed of working under her. But, they were aware that Tangning only took in truly talented people that had been treated unfairly.

As for everyone else, she did not take a single glance at them.

Tangning handed Lin Qian her new mission: the artist that had sent her an email asking for help. This artist was no longer flourishing in her youth.

She was a three-time Best Actress recipient who had unfortunately been disfigured. And the person that disfigured her was trying to take the best things from her and bask in everyone’s love. So, she couldn’t accept this outcome.

Lin Qian met with Tangning. After looking at the artist’s details, she glanced at her confusedly, “Ning Jie, she’s 40 and disfigured, does she still want to act and return to the industry? I’m afraid this is too difficult of a challenge.”

Luo Sheng and Xing Lan were young, good-looking and capable; they had a lot to offer. Their fame was easy to boost because they had a good fan base. But…

…this actress…

“Why do you think I’m giving this job to you. The reason is simple: I don’t think a person’s spirit ever dies. I think she matches you well. I don’t think an actor’s value is determined by the amount of films they’ve been in or how much they’ve achieved, but by their willingness to contribute to the industry no matter how old they are.”

“Look through all the information in your hands before you give me your opinion.”

Lin Qian was doubtful but she still opened the portfolio.

According to the information provided, this actress’ career was smooth sailing during her early years, but because she was too kind-hearted, she trusted her assistant without realizing that the assistant wanted to replace her. At first, she represented her at events, then she acted as her substitute, and finally, she took away her awards and status. She even spiked her food and almost caused her to never walk again. It was at this time that she was left with a scar on her face.

“Who was her assistant?”

“Feng Jing.”

“Isn’t she one of the nominees for the Fei Tian Awards?” Lin Qian asked.

Tangning nodded, “Yes, that’s her.”

Lin Qian was aware that Tangning despised those that advanced by stepping on others. So, there was no wonder that the email from this woman named, Luo Yinghong, was able to move her.

“So, what do you want me to do, Ning Jie?”

“Sign her!”

As soon as Tangning said this, she immediately jumped into action. When the public heard about this, they were shocked.

Because Tangning wasn’t helping a young singer or a handsome idol, she was helping a disfigured and outdated 40-year-old actress.

“Has Tangning overdone herself this time?”

“Not only is she old, she’s also disfigured. Why would Tangning support someone that’s been out of trend for so many years? What is she trying to do?”

“If Tangning is able to make this woman famous again, I’m going to chop off my head and let her kick it around like a soccer ball.”

Of course, for Tangning to take interest in someone, it meant that this someone was mistreated in a very abnormal way. So, it was natural for the person that mistreated Luo Yinghong to feel nervous, and this person was Feng Jing.

Her film was also taking part in this year’s Fei Tian Awards. Unfortunately for her, she was completely suppressed by Tangning’s ‘Survivor’. And now, Tangning even took in her enemy. How was she to accept it?

So, it was only a matter of time before Feng Jing contacted Tangning through her agency. On the other end of the phone, this roughly 40-year-old woman sounded confident and experienced, “Tangning, as a junior, you should respect your seniors. Do you think you’re in control of which direction the industry is headed? Stop being a busybody.”

After hearing this, Tangning burst out laughing, “Feng Jie, I hope you can keep calm, as calm as when you stole from others and moved up through the industry.”

“From the looks of it, you’re determined to be my enemy.”

“Hong Jie simply wants to be an actress again.”

“Her? She’s old and ugly, haha! Even you’re barely any match for me.”

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