Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 922 - A Vengeful Woman Is Frightening

Chapter 922: A Vengeful Woman Is Frightening



"Qian Qian..."

"I will not feel sympathy for those that once hurt me. Besides, Xia Hanmo is not worthy of sympathy. She chose her own path, so she should face the consequences on her own. It has nothing to do with anyone else."

After hearing Lin Qian's response, Li Jin felt relieved. He was worried that she'd pity Xia Hanmo.

But, he was wrong. His Qian Qian was no weakling. So, Li Jin relaxed, "Let's order some food..."

Lin Qian nodded her head and quickly focused her gaze on the menu in her hands.


After leaving the hotel, Xia Hanmo drove over to Zhou Qing's home. Unfortunately, when she arrived, she discovered that her keys no longer worked; Zhou Qing had replaced the locks.

Meanwhile, all her belongings had been thrown out with the trash and was sitting in a pile of rubbish near the apartment block. The man was extremely heartless...

But, she couldn't blame anyone for this result. She brought this upon herself because of her decisions.

Xia Hanmo dropped to the ground. All of a sudden, she had lost everything.

Yet, she was so confident in the past that Lin Qian had schemed against her. Now that she thought about it, she was simply embarrassed. It turned out, she was wrong from the start.


As a result, she didn't blame Lin Qian for treating her like a stranger. It was what she deserved.

After all, Lin Qian had been hurt so badly.

At that moment, the person she hated the most was Zhou Qing.

He had set so many traps to trick her into siding with him. And now that he was done with her, he simply kicked her aside. Yet, all she could do was sit and cry.

Did Zhou Qing really think that he could return to the pinnacle of his career by using her? Xia Hanmo wasn't about to let it happen...

She was going to make him pay back ten-fold...

Once a woman had this amount of hatred inside them, their body would become a frightening weapon. Did Zhou Qing think that the helpless Xia Hanmo would simply self destruct?

He was wrong. Because, Xia Hanmo directly turned around and went to look for President Liu, "I am willing to be your mistress if you can agree to one condition: I want Zhou Qing's life to be a living hell."

President Liu sat on his sofa as he smoked a cigar and laughed, "No problems. I don't lose out with this deal. In fact, if you want to, you could even come to my company and partake in a film."

"I don't want to think about anything else. I just want Zhou Qing to suffer!"

"You're welcome to think about it. I have always been generous towards women."

Everything was beyond Zhou Qing's expectations. He never expected that Mo Ting had spoken to the Station Manager, he never expected that Tangning already had plans in place and he especially didn't expect that Xia Hanmo would willingly become a mistress just to get back at him and make him suffer.

He was currently basking in the joy of becoming the host of a new program.

But, President Liu kept his promise and directly handed the new program to Xia Hanmo. In other words, Xia Hanmo skipped over everyone and became the person in charge of the new program. So, from now on, Zhou Qing was directly under her.

Zhou Qing...

It was time for him to experience how frightening a vengeful woman was.


Meanwhile, Tangning knew everything that was happening with Xia Hanmo. But in the end, she could only sigh. She never imagined that Xia Hanmo would go seek revenge. Perhaps, ending up with President Liu was the best result for her. After all, even though President Liu wasn't a decent person, he was very generous to women. There had long been rumors that he even praised his women after they broke up.

"I would love to see Zhou Qing's expression when he finds out that Xia Hanmo has become his boss. I'm sure he'll feel like he's in hell!" Long Jie humphed. "I hope Xia Hanmo puts extra effort into her revenge and not hold back."

Tangning turned and looked at Long Jie. This woman had already been a mother for so long, yet her personality hadn't changed at all.

"There's a good show for you to watch."

"If that's the case, then doesn't that mean Xia Hanmo has found someone new to rely on?"

"Would you be willing to be a mistress?" Tangning asked.

"Of course not..."

"This is the best form of torture for Xia Hanmo. Of course, if she manages to hold onto President Liu, then good for her. Even if we see her again in future, she will merely be a fellow industry peer. I won't disregard her, " Tangning replied.

A pitiful person was bound to have their hateful points. This sentence summed up Xia Hanmo's life!

"We can move on now and talk about the next person," Tangning said as she opened her laptop and showed Long Jie a recent email that she received.

"Is it a call for help?" Long Jie read through the entire email with curiosity. She then said in shock, "Is this really something that happened in our industry?"

Tangning nodded her head, "I've already asked Mo Ting to confirm it and he said it's true."

The Fei Tian Awards was currently a hot topic. Apart from Tangning, there were a few other nominees for Best Actress. And one of these nominees was the one that sent the email.

"I've decided to hand this artist to Lin Qian. I'm sure, after her experience with Xia Hanmo, she has a new approach to being a manager."

"OK, I'll go organize it," Long Jie nodded her head. She had a feeling that another good show was on its way. Even though this year's Fei Tian Awards didn't have much suspense.

Ever since being pregnant with her daughter, Tangning had begun to reduce her workload. After all, her body was important and Mo Ting didn't want her to push herself too hard.

Meanwhile, filming of 'The Ant Queen' slowly improved with Coco's efforts and ran very smoothly.

Practically every time that Qiao Sen filmed a climactic scene, he would praise Tangning for being smart. Because, if it wasn't for her suggestion to replace Cate with a child actor, 'The Ant Queen' may have been delayed a few years before it could grace the screens.

"President Mo, after Tangning gives birth, tell her to come back and act. She is truly talented."

Mo Ting looked at Qiao Sen without a word.

"Honestly, I think she can still contribute a lot to the film industry."

"We belong to each other, but we also respect each other. If she doesn't want to do something, I won't force her," Mo Ting replied.

"It's rare to see a loving couple like the two of you. Especially within the entertainment industry."

Actually, it wasn't hard to achieve. As long as they loved each other enough.

Later that night, the weather was cold. While Mo Ting was still filming, Tangning prepared some chicken soup and delivered it to him.

"Didn't I tell you to wait for me at home? Huh?"

"All I do is sit around and wait at home. This is something simple that I can do for you," Tangning placed a bowl of boiling hot chicken soup in front of Mo Ting.

Qiao Sen watched the couple from afar. To be exact, the entire crew was watching them with admiration.

Because it was clear to see from their actions whether they loved each other. Everything they did was for the other person and not for a second did they consider themselves.

This was perhaps the best example of love...


The next day, the program that President Liu invested in was ready to commence filming. But of course, he hadn't introduced the person in charge yet.

This was bound to be the biggest surprise on set.

After all, if there was a meeting, then Zhou Qing naturally had to attend

So, the show was going to be spectacular...

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