Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 921 - Who Could Xia Hanmo Blame?

Chapter 921: Who Could Xia Hanmo Blame?



"The person I'm taking you to see today is President Liu from Dongsheng Film Studios. He has recently been working on a new program. It may be of help to us. If you can secure President Liu's support, we may be able to make a comeback. Understand?"

After hearing from Zhou Qing, Xia Hanmo nodded her head. To put up a good battle, Xia Hanmo was dressed to her nines and appeared in her best state.

Soon, the couple arrived at a hotel. As soon as they stepped into the private room, they were met with a short and plump man sitting at a round dining table. Xia Hanmo immediately felt a little uncomfortable, but Zhou Qing, on the other hand, walked straight up to the man.

For some reason, Xia Hanmo felt the Zhou Qing at this moment was very foreign...

After all, President Liu's eyes were lustful and he had an extremely greasy vibe. One glance and one could tell that he wasn't a good person.

In particular, when he looked at Xia Hanmo, his eyes seemed to contain a desire to possess her. Because of this, Xia Hanmo felt even more uncomfortable with the meeting they were having.

"Come, Miss Xia, take a seat."

Xia Hanmo sat down between Zhou Qing and President Liu and tried to wrap her arm around Zhou Qing's arm for reassurance. But, Zhou Qing quickly shrugged her off before President Liu noticed.

Xia Hanmo immediately froze.

"President Liu likes to drink wine. Hanmo, why don't you have a few drinks with President Liu?"

Xia Hanmo looked at Zhou Qing in surprise. What type of person did he think she was?

"Didn't you say that you'd help me? I need your help right now. You're not planning to go back on your words, right?"

Xia Hanmo clenched her fists, but eventually loosened it again.

"That's more like it. Who doesn't drink when they come out to play? Miss Xia needs to have three drinks as punishment..."

President Liu directly poured three glasses of red wine for Xia Hanmo. After he watched her down all three glasses, he took advantage of the moment to touch her thigh. But, Xia Hanmo immediately stood up and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Xiao Xia, why are you giving such a big reaction?" President Liu laughed. "We're all out here to have fun, so why act annoyed?"

Xia Hanmo's face turned red, but she still sat back down. However, President Liu pushed his limits even further and almost ran his hand right up her skirt.

Xia Hanmo immediately picked up her wine glass and poured the contents all over the man, "I dare you to try touching me again!"

In response, President Liu stood up and yelled, "You sl*t! With your current status, you should be honored to sleep with me. How dare you pour wine all over me?"

Hearing the words, 'sleep with me', Xia Hanmo froze. She then turned and looked at the indifferent Zhou Qing in disbelief.

"Don't tell me that you thought you'd get what you want without making any sacrifices. If you were still at Superstar Media, I would perhaps give you some face, but they have already disowned you. How dare you try to act innocent?"

"Liu Ge, don't be angry. Hanmo simply hasn't thought things over properly. Give us a moment..."

After speaking, Zhou Qing grabbed onto Xia Hanmo and dragged her to the bathroom. He then threw her against the wall and trapped her between his arms, "All you have to do is have a few drinks. Can't you handle something so simple?""

"His hand almost went up my skirt!" Xia Hanmo complained.

"Then let him do it..."

Xia Hanmo's eyes grew big, suddenly realizing what Zhou Qing was suggesting. It turned out, his intention was to sell her out.

"Why are you so different to the Zhou Qing I used to know?" Xia Hanmo asked.

"I don't care. You need to secure this job for me."

After their argument, the couple returned to the room. By this time, President Liu had calmed down. So, when he saw Xia Hanmo, he simply said to her, "I actually admire your character. If you drink another three glasses as punishment, I'll pretend nothing happened today."

Xia Hanmo did not say a word as she held back her tears and emptied another three glasses straight into her stomach. However, she wasn't so lucky this time and ended up falling unconscious on the table.

Xia Hanmo never imagined that she'd fall into such a deep trap. Especially when she woke up the next morning in a hotel room to the sight of President Liu getting dressed.

Xia Hanmo was stunned for a second, but she quickly threw a punch towards the man like she had lost her mind, "You're worse than a monster!"

Even though President Liu received a punch, he was in a good mood, "This is an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry. What? Don't tell me you didn't know about it. Zhou Qing handed you directly into my hands."

"That can't be possible..." Xia Hanmo refused to accept the truth.

"That rascal has always been like that. By the way, he was also the one that ordered someone to break the Station Manager's son's arm." After he was done talking, the man smirked and left.

Xia Hanmo wanted to chase after him, but she was completely naked at that moment...

She couldn't accept what had happened, but she could only return to the bed. However, the bed reminded her of how dirty she had become.

"No...this can't be..."

Xia Hanmo never imagined that she'd learn the truth from President Liu's mouth.

"Ahhh..." Xia Hanmo cried in hysterics.


"You've been in the hospital for so long and haven't eaten anything good. Let me take you to eat something tasty," Li Jin said as he brought Lin Qian to a hotel. She had been very quiet lately, so he decided to keep her company and cheer her up.

"I'm fine," Li Jin's thoughtfulness worked on Lin Qian.

Li Jin wrapped his arm around Lin Qian and the couple headed into the hotel. However, at this time, they ran into a familiar figure at the entrance.

Lin Qian looked at Xia Hanmo and Xia Hanmo looked at Lin Qian.

Tears welled up in Xia Hanmo's eyes, but Lin Qian ignored her and turned away.

"Lin Qian..." Xia Hanmo cried.

Lin Qian was not moved by this person from her past. But, Xia Hanmo chased after her and grabbed onto her hands, "Regarding the incident with Zhou Qing, I misunderstood you and I wronged you. It was my mistake."

However, Lin Qian simply said with no emotions, "Let go."

Xia Hanmo was dumbfounded, but she did not move until Lin Qian added, "What? Do you regret what you've done? It's only been a few days."

"Do you remember what Ning Jie said to you?"

Xia Hanmo took a step back as tears streamed from her eyes, "Yes, I only have myself to blame. I did all this for a man; for a complete scoundrel!"

"Xia Hanmo, we all choose our own paths. Don't blame yourself for meeting bad people, blame yourself for not analyzing people properly."

"Although I don't know what you've experienced, I don't like to strike someone while their down. We no longer have anything to do with each other, I wish you all the best."

After speaking, Lin Qian and Li Jin left to eat somewhere else, leaving Xia Hanmo all on her own.

"Did you arrange this?" Lin Qian didn't believe in coincidences.

How did they end up at the same hotel at the same time?

"Zhou Qing betrayed Xia Hanmo. My people found out about it and contacted me. Last night..."

Lin Qian understood what happened without Li Jin explaining any further. But, who could Xia Hanmo blame?

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