Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 920 - Go Back To Where You Came From!

Chapter 920: Go Back To Where You Came From!

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Zhou Qing’s current situation was an obvious result of the television station’s games. But, he had no way of retaliating against them. Because, once someone offended Tangning, they would have nowhere to run.

Xia Hanmo wanted to help Zhou Qing. But, when she pulled out her phone, she realized there was no one she could call. Superstar Media had given her everything, so without them, she was simply back to square one.

It turned out, after leaving Superstar Media, she had become nothing.

So, she had no choice but to watch Zhou Qing return to his room as she stood brokenhearted in the living room.

Thinking of this, Xia Hanmo felt it was necessary to do something for Zhou Qing. So, early the next day, she stormed into the Station Manager’s office.

The Station Manager’s secretary couldn’t stop her, so the old man had no choice but to instruct the secretary to leave.

“I want to know why you insist on tormenting Zhou Qing. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Plus, he’s so talented. It’s a waste to make him run around for the news.”

“Xia Hanmo, you will need to face the consequences of storming in here today. I’m sure you know that,” the Station Manager said as he put down the pen in his hand. “Since we’re on this topic, let me be honest with you: both you and Zhou Qing think too highly of yourselves.”

“Not everything in this world is a given. What you think is right for Zhou Qing is what you believe. But, that is purely your own personal opinion.”

“Just because you think he hasn’t done anything wrong, doesn’t mean he is completely innocent.”

“Get out of here. Based on your actions today, Zhou Qing is going to become a joke.”

“Also, since you’re not willing to be a radio host, then we have no place for you.”

“Just go back to where you came from…”

Soon, everyone heard about how Xia Hanmo caused a commotion. And of course, this included Zhou Qing.

After Zhou Qing heard about it, he felt completely humiliated. Why did Xia Hanmo have to be so impulsive?

So, as soon as Xia Hanmo returned home that day, he immediately threw a slap across her face without hesitation, “Look at what you’ve done!”

The television station’s staff group chat was already discussing this matter and questioning how Zhou Qing got to this point.

Xia Hanmo was stunned because she never expected that Zhou Qing would hit her.

In fact, after he hit her, he indifferently walked over to the sofa, sat down, and picked up the television remote.

“You hit me?”

“Yes, I hit you. Can you control yourself and not cause problems for me again? I’ve already got enough to worry about,” Zhou Qing replied coldly. “I’ve already gotten to this point where I’ve become a complete joke. Is our life not exciting enough for you?”

“Xia Hanmo, I’m begging you, staying at home and doing nothing is the best way you can help me.”

Xia Hanmo understood Zhou Qing, so she did not blame him for the slap. She simply felt that she had been too stupid.

But, little did she know that the slap was just the beginning…

“I’ve recently heard a lot of funny things about Xia Hanmo, have you heard them too?” In order to cheer up Lin Qian, Long Jie decided to share the information she had gathered.

“Supposedly, after Zhou Qing and Xia Hanmo returned to their previous television station, one was sent to chase after news, while the other was sent to be a cringeworthy radio host.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian gestured for Long Jie to stop.

“I no longer want to hear about anything related to that woman.”

“You…” Long Jie sighed and shook her head, “Can’t you be like Tangning and I? You should be happy to see your enemy receiving their retribution.”

“I don’t want to waste any more time on a person like that,” Lin Qian replied.

Long Jie nodded her head without forcing anything upon Lin Qian; she was well aware of her personality.

“Other things may not be that important. But, you need to remember one thing: you are still a manager at Superstar Media, you deserve to be arrogant. If one day you come across Xia Hanmo again, you need her to know that you chose to give up on her…”

“Uh huh!” Lin Qian nodded.

Tangning had said that she’d kick Xia Hanmo out of Superstar Media. So, if anyone dared to mention Xia Hanmo and Superstar Media in the same sentence, Superstar Media were ready to send them a warning.

“This woman has nothing to do with Superstar Media!”

As for Zhou Qing, he was indeed smart and good at hiding his true self. But, he unfortunately overestimated himself. When up against Tangning and Mo Ting, Zhou Qing couldn’t even pass the first round.

But, of course, the person that Tangning hated the most, was still not Zhou Qing. It was Xia Hanmo.

How much money and effort had Superstar Media spent on her? And how much had Lin Qian sacrificed for her?

Yet, she injured Lin Qian so badly – all because of a man!

Just the thought of it made Tangning’s blood boil.

Even though Lin Qian didn’t care about what happened, Tangning was still going to make Xia Hanmo understand that she and Lin Qian now lived in two different worlds.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing had no choice but to report on the news, even though he knew he was being treated as a joke.

Of course, this was unless he admitted defeat. But, how was he willing to accept this after getting so far?

At the same time, Xia Hanmo was useless and worth nothing; she had absolutely no value at all. This was what tormented Zhou Qing the most.

So, of course, the relationship between the two was severely affected.

Zhou Qing began to ignore Xia Hanmo. Even when they were at home, they each did their own thing and had no interaction with each other.

And Xia Hanmo endured the way she was being treated because she still felt guilty. However, the current Zhou Qing seemed very foreign.

“If you are annoyed by the sight of me, I can move out.”

“Even if you go and sell your body right now, you are worth nothing…” Zhou Qing laughed. “Hanmo, tell me how you can help me. Didn’t you say that I became like this because of you?”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

“I honestly want to help you.”

Zhou Qing lifted his head and looked at Xia Hanmo. After staring at her for a long time, he finally sneered, “You’re the one that’s offering. Don’t regret later…”

“I won’t regret,” Xia Hanmo replied confidently.

Zhou Qing did not say a word. To be exact, he was currently racking his brain for ideas to make the Station Manager and his son suffer. He had been suppressed in a humiliating manner. Now, whenever people at the television station saw him, they would naturally ridicule him.

It didn’t seem like he’d survive any longer in the entertainment industry.

But, he had no intention to take Xia Hanmo with him; she was too much of a burden. He was smart, if he planned his steps well, he’d be able to start a afresh in another field. But, he would never keep someone as stupid as Xia Hanmo by his side.

So, he was going to first take everything that Xia Hanmo could offer.

Even up until this point, the stupid Xia Hanmo still thought Lin Qian was at fault. When a woman was in love, she lost all trace of logic…

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