Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 919 - He Was Simply Being Played!

Chapter 919: He Was Simply Being Played!

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The meeting was about the recent incidents and changes that were to take place.

Of course, this included ‘The Big Adventure’ and Zhou Qing was prepared for it. He had already thought about how he would explain himself after returning to the program. He had a beautiful explanation for why he had changed television stations.

Perhaps, everyone else in the meeting room also thought that ‘The Big Adventure’ would end up back in his hands. But, when it came time to discuss the host of the program, the Station Manager did not take a single glance at Zhou Qing and instead turned to another host, “You’ve had experience with hosting ‘The Big Adventure’ before. From now on, we will depend on you…”

After hearing this, everyone was surprised.

Practically all eyes turned to Zhou Qing. Why was this different to what they had expected?

More importantly, the Station Manager did not even mention Zhou Qing or Xia Hanmo throughout the entire meeting. It was almost like they didn’t exist.

Zhou Qing did not react, but he knew deep down that the old man was doing this deliberately. That’s why he humiliated this one-time ‘top host’ in front of everyone.

“Errr…I don’t think it’s good to do this in front of Zhou Ge,” the host said as he looked at the Station Manager.

“I have other plans for Zhou Qing,” the old man replied with a slight smile.

“Since that’s the case, then I’m happy to take on this responsibility.”

Everyone assumed that the Station Manager had something better than ‘The Big Adventure’ planned for Zhou Qing. But, after they were done discussing ‘The Big Adventure’, the old man turned to Zhou Qing and said, “After the meeting’s over, stay back for a bit. I have something to discuss with you in private.”

Soon, the meeting ended and everyone left, leaving Zhou Qing and Xia Hanmo to wait for the Station Manager to reveal his plan.

“Zhou Qing, I’ve noticed recently that Xiao Ying is lacking some assistance. I think Xia Hanmo could be of help, so I’ll send her over,” the Station Manager said.

Zhou Qing did not say a word. Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo had no idea what would be required of her.

“As for you, you’ve gone to a competing station and come back, so it’s not right for you to return to ‘The Big Adventure’. As a result, I’ve arranged for you to do other things for now. Once the time is right and the current issue has blown over, I’ll give ‘The Big Adventure’ back to you.”

“How about this? Taotao is currently on maternity leave. Why don’t you temporarily take over her job?”

“Are you asking me to be a news journalist?” Zhou Qing reconfirmed.

“The news is currently a mess. The two of you will need to suffer temporarily.”

Zhou Qing did not nod, nor did he shake his head. Although he looked like he normally did, Xia Hanmo could sense a strange vibe.

“I still have other matters to deal with. Once you’ve thought it over, you can directly report to your jobs.” After speaking, the old man turned and left.

After he left, Xia Hanmo finally grabbed onto Zhou Qing’s arm and asked, “Who’s Xiao Ying?”

“A radio host that does a midnight program about love.” It was practically the most embarrassing program at the station, yet the Station Manager sent Xia Hanmo there.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing wasn’t any better. He was a top level host, yet he was sent to run around for news stories.

“Zhou Ge…”

“Let’s endure it for a few days and see how things turn out,” Zhou Qing suggested.

They originally thought that if they returned to the station, they would experience more glory than before. But, they never imagined this to be the result.

As Zhou Qing and Xia Hanmo left the meeting room, everyone pointed and gossiped about them, “These two originally left with so much confidence, yet look what happened now.”

“In my opinion, Zhou Ge deserves to be number one in the variety industry. He simply made the wrong decision to challenge the Station Manager’s authority and overestimated himself.”

“I never thought he’d be sent to chase after news. Life is certainly full of ups and downs.”

Zhou Qing did not respond to these discussions.

But, Xia Hanmo couldn’t stand it. At first, she wanted to stick up for Zhou Qing, but Zhou Qing pressed down on her shoulder and said, “Let’s discuss it at home.”

“Zhou Ge, you’ve been dragged down because of me,” Xia Hanmo still thought that Zhou Qing was in his current situation because of her disagreement with Superstar Media.

Zhou Qing had fallen too far, so he needed some time to accept what had happened. As a result, he gave the Station Manager’s son a phone call.

As soon as the young man received his phone call, he laughed, “Haha, Zhou Qing, you’re too naive. Did you think that by going to the enemy camp and coming back, the staff would accept you? You should feel grateful that you can still do some news reporting. How could you still dream about working on ‘The Big Adventure’?”

After hearing this, Zhou Qing clenched his fists.

“It’s because of you that I agreed to come back.”

“Zhou Qing, I think you’ve made a mistake. You were the one that was wagging your tail and pleading me to save your woman, that’s why I let you come back. Are you not happy with your current position?”

“You need to look at the situation properly. You’ve offended Tangning. Did you think that you’d actually have a way out?”

Zhou Qing boiled in anger as he threw his phone on the floor.

Xia Hanmo jumped in fright. She had never seen Zhou Qing like this; she had never seen him this angry. After all, he always maintained a composed and gentle exterior. Because of this, Xia Hanmo felt her heart pound in fear.

“What did the Station Manager’s son say?”

“Go report to the radio program tomorrow. Don’t worry, leave everything with me,” Zhou Qing hid his anger without comforting Xia Hanmo.

It turned out, he was simply being played!

So, later that night, after Xia Hanmo fell asleep, Zhou Qing went to the hospital to look for the Station Manager’s son, “I’ve already told you the truth. Why won’t you give me a way out?”

“What do you mean? Just because I didn’t give ‘The Big Adventure’ back to you, doesn’t mean your life is over.”

“You obviously know how important ‘The Big Adventure’ is to me! Tangning broke your arm, yet you didn’t chase her for responsibilty, instead you released your anger on me. What is the meaning of this?”

“The meaning? It’s because you’re nothing!” the young man replied. “It’s my choice whether I go look for Tangning or not. It’s none of your business.”

Zhou Qing looked at the Station Manager’s son with extreme hatred.

“Do you hate me? Then hit me…I only have one arm anyway.”

Zhou Qing clenched his fists. Although he felt hatred towards the young man’s arrogance, there was nothing he could do. In the end, he simply returned home defeated.

As soon as Xia Hanmo saw him, she immediately ran over, “Zhou Ge…”

But, she was quickly brushed aside by Zhou Qing.

He originally thought he had picked up a gem, but to his surprise, she was no use whatsoever.

Xia Hanmo was shocked by Zhou Qing’s reaction as she remained frozen in place.

“I’m exhausted today. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

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