Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 918 - Is Zhou Qing About To Suffer?

Chapter 918: Is Zhou Qing About To Suffer?

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“Of course, if someone tries to bully me, I will do whatever I can to make them understand the consequences…”

“Aren’t you afraid that you’ll have to face consequences too?”

“If he wants to die, he can die first.”

“I understand. Here’s to a happy cooperation,” the Station Manager’s son stretched his hand out towards Tangning.

The entire conversation didn’t even mention the truth or the young man’s arm. So, as Long Jie watched from the side, she was quite surprised. It turned out, this form of negotiation existed.

In reality, through their interaction, the two developed an understanding for each other’s motives.

Tangning expressed clearly that she would never initiate a fight and this was consistent with the way she had been handling matters up to this point. So, compared to Zhou Qing, the Station Manager’s son, of course, trusted Tangning more. He definitely appeared brainless, but he was born with prestige, unlike Zhou Qing. So, if he was going to mess with anyone, his pride told him to target Zhou Qing.

“So, what is the Station Manager’s son planning to do? I didn’t understand a word that you guys said,” Long Jie asked on the way home. “Who does he trust?”

“Just sit back and wait for a good show,” Tangning replied. “No matter who he trusts, he will still torment Zhou Qing. He won’t treat me like an enemy or he’d be making things difficult for himself.”

“So, are you saying that Zhou Qing is about to suffer?”

“Yes, it seems that way.”

In reality, Zhou Qing didn’t have much confidence in the Station Manager’s son, but he believed that his scheming would be able to gain the young man’s trust. In the end, as he expected, the Station Manager’s son returned with complaints that Tangning was too fake.

“That woman threw all the blame on you as expected. She wanted me to go against you. But, I’m not easy to fool,” the young man said to Zhou Qing. “Bring your woman to the television station with you. I’m going to make Tangning suffer.”

Zhou Qing’s lips curved upwards in secret, thinking that his scheme had worked, “Don’t worry, with Xia Hanmo around, I have confidence that ‘The Big Adventure’ will rise to a new high.”

“Handle it well,” the young man said without agreeing to anything. He simply smiled and patted Zhou Qing on the shoulder. It seemed a smile could diffuse all hatred between these two men.

But, while Zhou Qing wasn’t looking, the Station Manager’s son sneered, “Does he still think he is bound for success?”

“Zhou Ge, is the Station Manager’s son honestly asking us to return to the television station? I’m not going to be blacklisted?”

Xia Hanmo thought that no one would dare offend Tangning with her level of influence. But, to Xia Hanmo’s surprise, she was still given a way out.

“Silly, of course you can return,” Zhou Qing said as he hugged Xia Hanmo. “I’ve said before that I won’t let anything happen to you. From now on, we are going to be even more famous than before…”

Xia Hanmo trusted Zhou Qing. She had trusted him from the start.

Even though Lin Qian was injured in the process, Xia Hanmo thought it was a worthy sacrifice. To be exact, she still hated Lin Qian up until this point because she thought Lin Qian planned everything.

“Our new life is about to start.”

He schemed against Tangning, he schemed against the Station Manager’s son, he snatched away Xia Hanmo and he hurt Lin Qian; did he still think that he could start a new life?

Zhou Qing was being to idealistic.

Soon, Tangning released a statement on behalf of Superstar Media that due to differences in values, Xia Hanmo and Superstar Media were going separate ways. Even if the public’s speculation got out of hand, Tangning had no intention of giving them a proper explanation. After all, Xia Hanmo was no longer worth her time and effort.

From today onwards, Xia Hanmo was going to disappear from the blueprint of Superstar Media.

Without Superstar Media, Xia Hanmo was about to experience the full force of the storm. She thought she had made a magnanimous decision, but she was simply walking down the path to regret.

A few days later, Lin Qian was dismissed from the hospital.

Tangning personally went to pick her up. But, due to Li Jin’s protection, Tangning couldn’t help but tease, “From the looks of it, I won’t be able to hold onto you in the end. You are going to get married sooner or later.”

“I won’t leave you. I will always be a part of Superstar Media,” Lin Qian expressed her determination.

“OK. Go home and get some rest. You have a much more important mission to handle in a few days,” Tangning patted Lin Qian on the shoulder as she gestured for Li Jin to take good care of her.

So, Li Jin escorted Lin Qian out of the hospital. But, this time, he directly drove her back to his parents’ home. When Lin Qian realized this, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Meanwhile, Mother Li was ecstatic. After all, Lin Qian was going to be her daughter-in-law sooner or later. After hearing that Lin Qian was bitten by dogs because she tried to save someone, she liked her even more because she was a righteous young woman that was hard to come by. As long as Lin Qian was willing, Mother Li was ready to prepare a room for her at anytime.

“Qian Qian, Li Jin is barely at home. Why don’t you stay here and think of it as keeping us company?” Mother Li said to the hesitant Lin Qian.


“I understand that you are concerned that you and Li Jin aren’t officially anything to each other, but he has already received approval from his superiors and is simply waiting for you to agree. As soon as you nod your head, you can become our daughter-in-law…”

“But…I work in the entertainment industry.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Mother Li said as she patted Lin Qian on the back of her hand. “You are an honest person that hasn’t done anything wrong, right? Besides, I’m waiting for you to get some autographs for me.”

Lin Qian: “…”

Perhaps, God was testing her in the past so she’d learn that the best was always left for last.

After all the pain she had suffered in the past, Lin Qian felt that she was extremely lucky to have met Li Jin and the Li Family.

“Come. Let me show you to your room.”

The main reason why Li Jin brought Lin Qian back to his parents’ house was because he never wanted to see her hurt again…

As for Xia Hanmo, he was going to make her pay back for everything she’d done.

Soon, news spread around the industry that Zhou Qing and Xia Hanmo had returned to their previous employer because no one would take Xia Hanmo after she had a falling out with Superstar Media.

As their previous employer was loyal and righteous, fans quickly showed their support. Zhou Qing acted like he had come back from the dead, so when he returned to the television station, he looked refreshed and was full of hope.

He thought that since the Station Manager’s son was injured, ‘The Big Adventure’ would definitely fall back into his hands. No matter what considerations the television station had to make, there was no reason why they wouldn’t give him back his position.

So, when the television station called for a meeting, Zhou Qing thought his chance had come. After tidying up a little, he arrived at the television station with Xia Hanmo.

“Don’t worry, this used to be my territory. And from now on, it will be my territory again. As long as it’s on my territory, no one will bully you.”

But, contrary to his expectations, when Zhou Qing met with the staff he used to work with, they weren’t as welcoming as he expected.

In the past, everyone would greet him ‘Zhou Ge’ when they saw him. Had they lost their respect for him now?

But, this wasn’t all, because the show had just started…

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