Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 917 - He Can't Beat Anyone

Chapter 917: He Can’t Beat Anyone

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“Can Xia Hanmo still be saved? It wasn’t easy to clear her name. Now that I look at it, she deserved to be slandered in the past.”

Long Jie was never going to forget that Lin Qian had done so much for Xia Hanmo, only to be misunderstood by her for slandering her man! Thinking of this, Long Jie felt herself boil up inside. She was so tempted to pull Xia Hanmo over and throw a few slaps across her face.

“Ning has said before that the amount of confidence Xia Hanmo has now, will be the same amount of regret she’ll feel later.”

“Boss, I’ve already made an appointment with the Station Manager’s son. The appointment will be at 7pm tomorrow night.”

“Tell Lu Che that I want to see the Station Manager and tell him not to tell anyone. It’s a secret,” Mo Ting said quietly as he patted Tangning on the head.

No matter how good at playing games Zhou Qing was, he was merely a prancing locust: causing a commotion, but easily squished.

Did he really think that treading carefully would work?

He was only made for shallow waters and would never be able to cope in the deep.

After hearing that Mo Ting would make a move, Long Jie couldn’t help but smile. Because, this meant that Zhou Qing couldn’t escape the palm of Mo Ting’s hand even if he tried to gain the Station Manager’s son’s trust or stir up trouble. He really wasn’t as important as he thought he was. At least, in the entertainment industry, he was just a small potato.

Of course, the Station Manager’s son wasn’t going to keep his meeting with Tangning a secret from Zhou Qing. But, he still wanted to see what excuse Tangning had come up with.

“Since Tangning is meeting with you, she must have no intention to let Hanmo and I off. She’s​ practically pushing us off the cliff.”

“Now that Xia Hanmo is no longer her employee and the two of you are returning to my station, she will need to get my permission before she does anything to you, right?” Actually, the Station Manager’s son wanted to see Tangning and Zhou Qing fight amongst each other. But, even if that was to happen, it still wouldn’t make up for the suffering of losing his arm.

Zhou Qing did not say a word as he looked at the young man.

“How about this. Tomorrow, when I meet with Tangning, you and Xia Hanmo can hide in the waiting room. If Tangning dares to slander you, you can immediately jump out and expose her.”

Zhou Qing looked at the young man. He could actually tell why the Station Manager’s son chose to do this: it was because he didn’t have full trust in him yet.

So, he shook his head and replied, “Since you’ve already said this, I’ll trust you and wait for your update at home.”

The young man bit his lip and sneered. After seeing Zhou Qing’s expression, he anticipated the meeting with Tangning even more.

Meanwhile, Tangning had no idea that Mo Ting was meeting with the Station Manager as well.

In fact, before Tangning met with the Station Manager’s son, Lu Che had already arranged Mo Ting’s meeting. However, the old man had no idea why Mo Ting wanted to see him. He was extremely confused by it.

“I wonder why President Mo wanted to see me.”

“Because of a matter that can’t be discussed in the open,” Mo Ting sat down opposite the Station Manager while a cup of hot tea sat in front of each of them. “Does the Station Manager know who caused your son to lose his arm?”

The Station Manager shook his head, “The rascal is too arrogant and has made a lot of enemies…”

“It was Zhou Qing,” Mo Ting replied directly before he followed on by explaining the conflict between Zhou Qing and Superstar Media.

“Does President Mo have any evidence?”

“I am the CEO of Hai Rui. What reason would I have to slander him?” Mo Ting asked coldly. “My motive is simple. He made my wife unhappy, so I’ll never let him feel happiness again in his lifetime. I’m sure you understand what I mean.”

The Station Manager was a smart man. If he could get on the good side of Hai Rui and open himself to opportunities in the future, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to protect someone that possibly hurt his son and was so calculative.

“What does President Mo plan to do?”

“Since Zhou Qing wants to return to your television station, then let him return. But…he should never dream of hosting a top grade program again. If there is a place with tough conditions, then let him go. If there are any problems, let him shoulder it. In conclusion, I don’t want him to have a single good day in his life.”

“Most importantly, I want you to do this flawlessly so no one will ever find out.”

After hearing this, the Station Manager nodded his head. Everyone said that the CEO of Hai Rui was ruthless and cruel. Now that he experienced it first hand, he realized that they were right.

The fact that Zhou Qing made things difficult for Tangning, meant that he was making things difficult for Mo Ting.

“President Mo, don’t worry. I’ll pretend that I’m unaware of their private disagreement, but I’ll make my own arrangements well.”

“I’ll wait for your good news.”

If Zhou Qing wanted to improve his status in the entertainment industry, he had to first look at what he had to offer. He probably thought his trap was carefully laid out, but he had no idea that he was just a toy to those that were already at a high status.

Even if he won against Tangning. Even if he won everything, returned to his original position and tried to use Xia Hanmo he would still have no chance of making a comeback.

The next night at 7pm, Tangning’s meeting was held inside a restaurant.

Inside the private room, the Station Manager’s son was accompanied by two bodyguards, while Tangning also brought along Long Jie and two bodyguards.

“It’s an honor to meet with the infamous Tangning. You’ve sure given me face.”

Tangning looked at the Station Manager’s son and said, “Has Zhou Qing come looking for you?”

“You are indeed a smart person. Your first sentence is already enough to make the situation very interesting. You must be able to guess what he said to me,” the young man said as he looked at his paralyzed arm. “I would like to see what evidence Miss Tang has and how you are planning to convince me otherwise.”

“After all, Zhou Qing’s story is already very spectacular.”

“Do you have a better story than his?”

Tangning laughed and said to the Station Manager’s son, “Firstly, I’m not here to explain myself or gain your trust. You should know, with my status, it’s not necessary for me to lower myself by going against you.”

“Zhou Qing and Xia Hanmo may be thrown out like a couple of disowned dogs, but I’m not.”

“Moreover, I know you don’t completely trust what Zhou Qing has said because you know how untrustworthy​ he is.”

“You’re simply bringing him back to your territory so you can easily humiliate him and seek revenge on him.”

“He wants to resist, but you want to control him. You want him to know that there are some things that he is powerless against; that he can’t beat anyone with his tricks.”

After hearing Tangning’s words, the young man realized that Tangning was indeed Tangning.

“Haven’t you always been a fan of righteousness and tried to stick up for those that have been treated unfairly? What? Are you starting to bully others now?”

Tangning lowered her head for half a second before she replied, “I’m different to you. I will only bully those that bully me first. I never initiate the fight.”

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