Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 916 - Only One Option

Chapter 916: Only One Option



"It's because of Xia Hanmo. If you can't host 'The Big Adventure', then our program will have no competitor," Zhou Qing explained.

"Did Xia Hanmo know about this from the start?"

"No. Otherwise, she wouldn't have gotten into an argument with Superstar Media because of me. She doesn't agree with what they've done either," Zhou Qing replied convincingly.

The Station Manager's son thought for a second and laughed, "I can't believe this. I thought I was already the most unreasonable person. Who would have thought that Tangning would be worse than me. Interesting."

"Superstar Media is going to play some PR tricks soon and flawlessly throw the blame on me. Originally, no one knew about their plan, but Hanmo accidentally came across it and she's too kindhearted. Superstar Media would never sacrifice one of their own, so they had no choice but to sacrifice me."

"But, it doesn't matter as long as I can protect Hanmo."

Zhou Qing acted righteously like he was simply trying to protect his woman and plea for her. But, in reality, he was diverting the blame onto Tangning and waiting for them to turn on each other.

"I can let Xia Hanmo go and not blame you. As soon as Tangning tries to frame you, I will make her life a living hell."

"By the way, who said you have no way out? You can always come back. Now that I'm injured, I have no way of hosting 'The Big Adventure' anymore. So, I'd rather give it to you than to benefit a competitor."

Zhou Qing's gaze turned dark and deep.

"I'm no longer suitable for the role, but Hanmo's still got a lot of potential. I can stay by her side and support her."

"Up to you."

To make a long story short, now that the Station Manager's son discovered who his enemy was, he could now place all his focus on Tangning.

As soon as Superstar Media made a move, it would prove that Zhou Qing was telling the truth.

Zhou Qing had set an extremely deep trap to protect his and Xia Hanmo's future and successfully divert all dangers. All that needed to happen now, was for Tangning to announce what happened.

Meanwhile, the public was filled with extreme curiosity as various forms of speculation sprouted from their mouths.

"I heard that both Lin Qian and Xia Hanmo like Zhou Qing, so Xia Hanmo ended up scheming against Lin Qian and making Superstar Media angry."

"But, what I heard was that there was a conflict between Lin Qian and Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian ended up getting seriously injured by Xia Hanmo. So, out of anger, Tangning had no choice but to tear her artist apart."

Regardless of the reason, Superstar Media did not provide an explanation. It seemed, Tangning was simply getting Long Jie to gather evidence and had no intention of exposing anything to the public.

She had three reasons: firstly, Superstar Media did not need to give an explanation for dealing with a person. If someone owed them something, they would need to pay them back every cent.

Secondly, the matter with Zhou Qing did not have definitive evidence, so she wasn't so stupid as to announce anything and have it bite her in the back.

Thirdly, because she didn't say anything, the public naturally became more wary of Xia Hanmo. Who would dare to use someone that Tangning personally tore apart? Did they want to be destroyed?

In other words, Tangning did not do anything that Zhou Qing wanted her to do.

As for the Station Manager's son, Tangning was of course going to see him.

But, the person he'd choose to trust in the end would depend on Tangning's convincing power.


Meanwhile, after meeting with the Station Manager's son, Zhou Qing went to Xia Hanmo's home even though he already knew what to expect.

"Zhou Ge...I couldn't come to a compromise with Superstar Media. I feel so useless."

"How are you useless? As long as you trust me, you will be seen as the kindest angel on this earth," Zhou Qing comforted as he cupped her cheeks. "Don't worry, in order to prove that I didn't do anything, I went to see the Station Manager's son. He agreed to place his trust in me and even invited us back to partake in 'The Big Adventure'."

"Are you being honest?" Xia Hanmo asked as she stopped crying.

"Of course. Our current station can't use us anymore, so we might as well return to the previous one."

"But, isn't it bad to jump back and forth like this?"

"Idiot. As soon as we return, everyone will view the television station as loyal and righteous for forgiving us during our toughest time. It's a win-win situation," Zhou Qing's understanding of people wasn't any less than Tangning. That's why their battle was much anticipated.

Zhou Qing appeared to be one step ahead of Tangning. Did this mean that Tangning would need to endure being wronged?

"That's good...that's very good."

Xia Hanmo felt like she had put her trust into the right person and that she had been blind in the past for asking Tangning for help.

"Lucky I met you, Zhou Ge. Otherwise, it would have been a matter of time before I'd get sold out by Superstar Media."

"Silly...things will only improve from now on. Don't worry."

Zhou Qing continued to grasp onto Xia Hanmo because she was still useful in a lot of ways. More importantly, she was extremely easy to trick.

She was, after all, an ex-artist of Superstar Media. There were so many secrets that she could share with him and he couldn't wait to hear them all.


At this moment, inside Superstar Media, Long Jie had organized a meeting with the Station Manager's son. Just as she was about to confirm the time with Tangning, she noticed that Mo Ting had arrived without her knowing and Tangning was currently using his lap as a pillow.

"What's up?"

"Boss, what do you think about the matter with Zhou Qing?" Long Jie was curious about Mo Ting's thoughts. Zhou Qing was much too hard to understand, unlike their usual opponents.

"Zhou Qing snatched Xia Hanmo away expecting to know about Superstar Media's secrets. Even if he gets nothing from her, he at least successfully snatched her away."

"But, no one is brave enough to use him at the moment..."

"Who said?" Mo Ting asked. "Zhou Qing can always turn back to his previous employer..."

"I don't understand."

"Xia Hanmo came from Superstar Media and is a good topic for discussion. With a little bit of hype, the results will be astounding. As long as he holds onto Xia Hanmo and uses her, no one will tread on him again," Mo Ting explained. "After all, he has the money to take this gamble."

"At the same time, the fact that his old employer is willing to take him back is a sign of loyalty and righteousness. Saving him is a win-win situation..."

"But, what about the Station Manager's son's arm...?"

"Without evidence, Zhou Qing can always make up another story," Mo Ting answered. "So, if we really want to defeat Zhou Qing - apart from finding evidence - we only have one option."

"Huh?" This was the first time that President Mo analyzed so much with Long Jie.

"Let Xia Hanmo discover the truth and wake up..."

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