Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 914 - Do You Think I'm Wrong?

Chapter 914: Do You Think I’m Wrong?

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Soon, Lin Qian was sent to the hospital. Although her wounds were treated, she still started a course of vaccinations.

And because the hospital room was filled with people that she knew, Lin Qian finally broke into tears.

Li Jin quickly drew her into his embrace so she wouldn’t feel like she had no one to rely on.

In this moment, Tangning understood Lin Qian’s suffering. So, even if she had a falling out with Xia Hanmo – even if she had to tear apart her own creation – she would do it without hesitation.

It wasn’t like she didn’t want to give Xia Hanmo a chance, but if the kennel attendant hadn’t been doing his rounds, Lin Qian may not have walked out of there alive. Worst of all, while Lin Qian was missing, Xia Hanmo didn’t even care at all.

The thing that disappointed Tangning the most was the look on Xia Hanmo’s face when she appeared. Xia Hanmo was actually so proud of herself because she was famous. She actually thought Tangning was giving up on Lin Qian. From the day that Superstar Media was formed, its main aim had never been purely on gaining benefits.

Meanwhile, inside the hospital room, everyone watched as Lin Qian weeped and released her suffering. But, a moment later, Tangning received a phone call from Long Jie, “What happened? Everyone’s saying that you publicly tore your artist apart. What’s going on with Xia Hanmo? What exactly happened?”

As it impacted future PR, Tangning explained the entire situation to Long Jie. And of course, with her bad temper, Long Jie immediately exploded after hearing what happened, “You did well! I can’t believe that Xia Hanmo can’t distinguish right from wrong.”

“Zhou Qing is a schemeful person, but Superstar Media has always respected the truth.”

“Do a proper investigation into this matter and secure any evidence you can find. Most importantly, don’t forget to send Xia Hanmo a contract cancelation.”

“Even if Zhou Qing manages to settle this matter. I can guarantee that his previous television station will chase him for revenge.”

“Understood,” Long Jie nodded her head.

After making her phone call, Tangning returned to the hospital room. By this time, Lin Qian had calmed down and stopped crying.

Tangning walked over to Lin Qian and pulled her out of Li Jin’s arms so she could hug her, “You’ve suffered. I’m not going to let this incident pass.”

“But, Zhou Qing’s really scary.”

“No matter how scary he is, he still has his flaws. Even if he doesn’t get exposed now, he will eventually be exposed some day,” Tangning comforted. “Go home and focus on your recovery. Leave the remaining matter for me to handle. I will get revenge for everything that you’ve suffered.”

Lin Qian nodded as she hugged Tangning tightly and buried her head into her neck with a sob.

That night, Xia Hanmo thought back on the day and felt like she had been dreaming a very unrealistic dream; Tangning actually announced in front of everyone that she’d be canceling her contract.

It turned out, she was just an easily disposable chess piece to Tangning…

Yet, she thought she was important.

“Hanmo, are you OK?” Zhou Qing comforted with guilt. “Sorry, it was my fault for causing such a huge misunderstanding between you and Superstar Media.”

“No, I should be the one that’s sorry. You only just accepted this job, but I seem to have ruined it for you.”

“Be good Hanmo, break all ties with me and go apologize to Tangning…” Zhou Qing sighed. “Don’t give up on the life you created because of me.”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo turned around and clasped her hands around Zhou Qing’s cheeks as tears rolled out of her eyes, “I can go back and apologize to Tangning, but I will never break up with you. You are a great person and I don’t want to give up on you. I’m simply going back to apologize because I don’t want Tangning to go up against you.”

“You know how scary she is. There’s nothing in this world that she can’t do.”

“Hanmo, it’s been tough on you,” Zhou Qing pulled Xia Hanmo into his embrace, “I won’t let you down, I promise.”

Xia Hanmo felt like she had been truly wronged because she didn’t think that she did anything wrong. Zhou Qing was such a great guy, why would Tangning misunderstand him? It must have been Lin Qian’s manipulation that caused Tangning to dislike him.

She simply overheard one phone call, how could Lin Qian be so certain?

But, Xia Hanmo had no idea that this one phone call was just the start. Because, from that moment onwards, Zhou Qing’s every move proved to Tangning and Lin Qian the type of person he really was.

Xia Hanmo didn’t want to return to Superstar Media to apologize. But, looking at the current situation, she needed to make a sacrifice to ensure a future for both her and Zhou Qing.

At least, that’s what she thought.

Otherwise, Zhou Qing’s recently revived career would be destroyed again.

That night, because of Tangning’s treatment of her own artist, the internet was in an uproar.

How ruthless must Tangning be to do that to her own artist?

“According to my friend, Lin Qian was attacked by dogs, but Xia Hanmo didn’t even notify Lin Qian that they had moved filming locations. That’s why Tangning came to give Xia Hanmo a slap.”

“But, how did Zhou Qing get dragged into all this?”

“That’s right. Tangning definitely threatened Zhou Qing.”

“What exactly happened between these four? I’m so curious!”

The newspapers and internet were covered with articles about Tangning ruthlessly treating her own artist. Although outsiders had no idea what the reasoning was, they had a feeling that they were up for another good show.

Only after reading the news did Xia Hanmo realize how ruthless Tangning was the previous night. So, she felt even more wronged.

For the sake of her and Zhou Qing’s future, Xia Hanmo ended up visiting Superstar Media. But, Tangning had no patience to deal with her, so she directly handed her to Long Jie.

As soon as Long Jie saw Xia Hanmo, she was so tempted to slap her as well, so she’d wake up.

Especially when she thought about the injuries on Lin Qian’s body.

In the end, she held back the urge and instead handed her the contract cancelation that she had prepared, “Have a look through it. This is your contract cancelation agreement.”

“Long Jie, can I please see Tangning? Even if she wants to cancel my contract, she needs to give me a reason that I’m satisfied with. If she thinks that there’s something wrong with Zhou Qing simply because of what Lin Qian said, then that’s much too hasty of a conclusion.”

Long Jie looked at Xia Hanmo and felt that the woman that originally showed up pleading for help, had now disappeared.

The current Xia Hanmo simply had ‘love’ written all over her face. She had already lost her ability to distinguish right from wrong.

“I thought the first thing you’d ask would at least be regarding how badly Lin Qian got hurt. After all, Lin Qian has done so much for you,” Long Jie sneered. “You must have forgotten that Lin Qian almost died at the kennels last night. And the reason why she got hurt? It was all because someone said you were missing and she was worried about you!”

“She was worried about a tramp like you, so she ran out there all on her own and was bitten by dogs. She almost couldn’t make it out alive. Meanwhile, all you can think about is Zhou Qing?”

“Would Zhou Qing risk his life to save you like that?”

“Do you think I’m wrong to call you ungrateful?”

After hearing this, Xia Hanmo was stunned…

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