Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 911 - You Won't Spend Any Less Than Seven Years In Prison

Chapter 911: You Won't Spend Any Less Than Seven Years In Prison



"What a joke! I'm Coco's mother. Plus, her father has no ability to take care of her. Why can't I take my daughter back?"

"Don't you bunch of lawyers think you can trick me. No matter how good you are at talking, you can't change the fact that Coco is my daughter."

"It's only right for a mother to take back her daughter."

From this sentence alone, it was clear to see that Mother Lee was an unreasonable person. So, the lawyers directly handed her a letter, "Before you try to take back Coco, let us discuss a few issues. Firstly, you left your husband and daughter and never took care of Coco after your divorce with your husband. You even abandoned your daughter! So, before you make any demands, let's first discuss these legal responsibilities that you have owing."

"Secondly, even if you still insist on fighting for Coco's custody, the court will look into your finances. Are you sure you want to face the court in your current situation?"

"Madam, we all know what your true intentions are. But, we can confidently tell you that if you go to court, not only will you lose your custody battle, you may even incriminate yourself. According to the law, abandoning a child is liable to up to 7 years in prison."

"Think it over..."

Mother Lee was obviously threatened by the lawyers words. After all, her history of abandonment, as well as her finances, were black marks across her name that could never be erased.

"Even if I can't take back Coco, isn't it only right for her to give her mother some money now that she is earning so much?"

The lawyers felt that Mother Lee was completely shameless.

They couldn't believe that Father Lee was attracted by this woman in the past and eventually abandoned by her as well.

"Madam, I think you've made a mistake. You may not fight for the custody of Coco, but we can still report you for abandonment. If you want to continue with this, we don't mind."

"So, do you still want some money?"

The lawyers sneered as they watched Mother Lee's face turn pale.

"A despicable person like you does not deserve to be a mother. You just wait and see, I'm sure your current husband's children will kick you out in a matter of time."

"Lastly, I would like to add one more thing. Coco's value may have changed, but it's not something that someone like you will have anything to do with. If you decide to appear in front of Coco again, I can guarantee that you won't spend any less than 7 years in prison. Do you want to give it a try?"

After speaking, the lawyers left and reunited with Coco and her father outside.

"Let's go. The problem has been solved."

"That woman won't come looking for me again, will she?" Coco asked.

"Don't worry, she won't," the head lawyer replied as he lifted Coco in his arms. Before he parted with the father and daughter, he added one last thing, "Mr. Lee, have you ever heard the saying, 'Weakness is the biggest evil'? I know you've already tried your best to protect Coco, but what you've done isn't enough. I suggest you hand Coco over to Superstar Media so they can help you plan out Coco's future."

After hearing this, Father Lee understood that the lawyer was simply being honest. So, he nodded his head and replied, "Thank you, I will seriously consider it."

"Don't just consider it. You need to do it."

After speaking, the lawyer boarded his car and quickly disappeared from sight.

Coco looked at her father's hurt expression and felt a little bad, "Daddy, you've already done your best..."

"But daddy is honestly weak," Father Lee sighed. "Coco, let's both learn to improve. You can improve your acting and I will improve my strength."

"OK, daddy."

The father and daughter declared to keep their distance from the frightening woman. Meanwhile, just as the lawyer predicted, as soon as Mother Lee returned home, her husband's children kicked her out of the house. The reason was simple, this woman had borrowed a large sum of money from them, so they demanded that she pay them back or give them the house. But, how was she capable of paying them back?

So, in the end, there was no choice but to kick her out...

After hearing of this, Coco barely had any reaction. It was almost like it was someone else's mother that was living so pitifully.

Afterwards, she immersed herself into acting. She had promised herself that she'd thank all the people that had helped her. So, she was learning to be the best and putting in her best efforts...


Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo had already met Zhou Qing in private quite a few times. But, every single encounter was unbeknownst to Lin Qian. Whenever Xia Hanmo was at home, Zhou Qing would think of a way to do something unforgettably romantic for her.

On that particular night, Zhou Qing once again met Xia Hanmo outside her apartment. But, Lin Qian had forgotten to give Xia Hanmo something, so she turned her car around and returned to Xia Hanmo's place. However, she ended up seeing Xia Hanmo and Zhou Qing strolling together in a nearby park.

No wonder Xia Hanmo appeared to be in a good mood the last few days. Lin Qian originally thought it was because filming was going well. But, from the looks of it, Zhou Qing had secretly made a move on her.

Lin Qian didn't know how far Xia Hanmo had fallen into his trap, but she knew that if she was to tell her the truth now, Xia Hanmo would not listen to a word she'd say. In fact, they would simply fall deeper into Zhou Qing's trap by drifting further apart.

So, what was she to do?

Lin Qian contemplated for a while and eventually gave Tangning a phone call, "Ning Jie, I saw Hanmo and Zhou Qing meeting in secret tonight. Is there a way to prevent them from seeing each other?"

"Since Hanmo is so cautious of you that she hasn't notified you of something so important, then we should use Zhou Qing's scheme to our own benefit and spread news of the two's meeting. Afterwards, you can tell her that they can't create a scandal and restrict her from seeing him," Tangning instructed.

"OK, I understand."

Lin Qian didn't like playing tricks like this, but she was doing it to protect her friend and artist. Zhou Qing was too secretive and not deserving of Xia Hanmo's friendship.

So, the next day, a picture of the two appeared on the newspapers claiming that they had turned a working relationship into something serious. As soon as Lin Qian saw the news, she immediately gave Xia Hanmo a phone call, "Hanmo, you should keep your distance from Zhou Qing from now on. Rumors have already started between the two of you."

"But, how did this get leaked?" Not only did Xia Hanmo not listen to Lin Qian, she even suspected her.

This was because Zhou Qing had actually spotted Lin Qian's car the previous night. So, the fact that this rumor was started afterwards made it hard not to suspect that it was Lin Qian's doing. After all, it wasn't the first time that Xia Hanmo's manager had betrayed her.

"Hanmo, what do you mean?"

"Nothing. I understand," Xia Hanmo brushed her off before hanging up the phone. But, Zhou Qing was next to her the entire time.

"I don't know what's going on with Lin Qian."

"It's nothing. She's simply trying to keep us apart," Zhou Qing laughed.

But, it was obvious that Lin Qian had lost this round. Because, Zhou Qing was now certain that Lin Qian had heard his conversation in the parking lot.

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