Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 909 - With Me Around, She Won't Be Able To Take Her

Chapter 909: With Me Around, She Won’t Be Able To Take Her

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“With me around, she won’t be able to take her,” Tangning said confidently. “Firstly, your debts have already been cleared and your savings are in the 6-figures. So, there is nothing wrong with your finances.”

“Secondly, she has a history of abandoning Coco.”

“Thirdly, she’s actually the one that is facing financial difficulties at the moment.”

After hearing Tangning’s words Father Lee finally calmed down. Whenever he thought about the possibility of Coco leaving his side, he felt like he’d lose all meaning in life.

Tangning looked at Father Lee. This man was much too kind-hearted. To be exact, he was too soft. It was because of this that he couldn’t protect the most important person in his life. Things in life weren’t going to sort themselves out if he kept retreating.

In reality, Tangning actually had a much more complex plan. But, after seeing Father Lee, she realized he wouldn’t be able to do anything. So, she held back her plan and decided to ask Long Jie to execute it instead. However, growing up in a broken family and seeing the disagreement between her parents wasn’t good for a child’s mental health. So, Tangning could only hope that Coco remained as strong as she was now.

“Should I take Coco to see her?”

“Why not? You can’t stop a mother from seeing her daughter. But, bring a few extra people with you when the time comes,” Tangning replied.

“OK, I understand,” Father Lee nodded.

Meanwhile, Coco was on set filming ‘The Ant Queen’. As a child actress with no experience, she was extremely hard-working and determined. This made the adults on set feel a little ashamed in comparison.

Whenever Tangning wasn’t present, Coco loved to follow Mo Ting around.

She liked to look at his script and tail him around the set. In fact, her gaze barely left Mo Ting. This was because she felt extremely safe around him.

It was normal for Coco to seek protection from Mo Ting. After all, he was the Big Boss of Entertainment. But, the fact that Mo Ting let the little girl follow him around was what made everyone shocked.

“Coco, lower your hips a little…”

Seeing the strict expectations from Qiao Sen, Mo Ting couldn’t help but warn, “Be reasonable.”

Qiao Sen chuckled and replied, “Don’t worry, this child is born for the entertainment industry. It’s enough that Tangning cares so much since she’s cold on the outside and warm on the inside, but what about you President Mo…”

“I am training my future daughter-in-law.”

Qiao Sen’s eyes grew wide. Was this true? Weren’t the twins only a little over one? Was Mo Ting looking for a daughter-in-law already? And wasn’t she at least five years older than them?

Of course, Mo Ting was just joking, but Qiao Sen actually took him seriously.

“Uncle, I heard from daddy last night that ‘that woman’ wants to take me away from him.”

“As long as you don’t want to, no one can force you to do something that you don’t want to do,” Mo Ting replied.

A couple of days later, a piece of gossip started spreading around the variety industry. The son of a particular Station Manager lost his left arm because he was caught cheating with another man’s girlfriend. It was a much deserved result.

That night, while Xia Hanmo was filming her program, Lin Qian headed to the parking lot to fetch her a jacket. But, she happened to overhear someone talking on the phone.

“Let’s see if he tries to provoke me again. The entire nation now knows that I made his show famous and he simply picked up after me. Did he think that I didn’t fight back because I was afraid of him? You guys handled this matter beautifully.”

“He simply lost an arm. It’s not even enough to cure my hatred yet.”

After hearing these last few words, Lin Qian was stunned.

The voice was too familiar. So familiar that she couldn’t quite accept it.

Afraid that she’d be discovered, Lin Qian quickly returned to the studio. But, the man that was on the phone noticed her leaving. Fortunately, he couldn’t confirm her identity.

As soon as Lin Qian returned to Xia Hanmo’s side, she quickly removed her black jacket.

A moment later, Zhou Qing returned to the studio and saw Lin Qian. But, she did not arouse his suspicions.

Because Lin Qian was now wearing a white shirt.

“Qian Qian, where’s my jacket? I thought you went to the parking lot to fetch it for me.”

As soon as Zhou Qing heard Xia Hanmo’s question, his expression slightly changed. However, Lin Qian remained as calm as ever as she replied, “I didn’t go to the parking lot, I went to ask the stylist for your earrings instead.”

After hearing this, Zhou Qing let go of his suspicions and stepped back in front of the cameras. They were filming a new promotional trailer.

Lin Qian did not make a fuss. While everyone was busy filming, she quietly snuck to the back and made a phone call to Tangning.

She couldn’t believe that there was actually someone in this world that was so good at disguising themself. This experience completely ruined Lin Qian’s impression of Zhou Qing. It turned out, a person could completely fool everyone with a high EQ and gentle exterior.

Afraid that Xia Hanmo couldn’t accept the truth, Lin Qian decided not to tell her about it for now and instead told Tangning.

After Tangning heard what had happened, she immediately told Lin Qian, “Don’t let anyone know about this for now. If Zhou Qing is actually like that, then we need to have a proper plan of attack. Especially for Hanmo, we need to help her withdraw safely.”

“OK,” Lin Qian forced herself to calm down, but she was still afraid for her own safety, so she decided to give Li Jin a phone call.

Afterwards, Lin Qian returned to the studio. But, at this time, Zhou Qing happened to look her way.

Lin Qian couldn’t avoid his gaze, so she looked directly at him.

Why hadn’t she noticed that this man was so good at hiding his true self?

After filming was completed, Lin Qian went to the parking lot to fetch her car. At this time, Zhou Qing approached Xia Hanmo and said to her, “Hanmo, I think Lin Qian lied to you. I’m certain she was in the parking lot earlier. She may have heard me talking on the phone.”

“Why would Lin Qian lie?”

“I think she may have misunderstood me. The Station Manager’s son has been causing me a whole heap of trouble, so my friends offered to stick up for me.”

“She may have thought that I did something to him.”

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then just explain yourself to her,” Xia Hanmo didn’t seem to care. After all, overhearing something incorrectly was a normal occurrence.

“If Lin Qian actually misunderstood, can you explain to her on my behalf?”

“Don’t worry, Zhou Ge.”

Xia Hanmo had no idea that this was all a trick. So after she boarded the car, she asked Lin Qian, “Qian Qian, Zhou Ge said he saw you going to the parking lot. Did you actually go there?”

Lin Qian did not reply. She could already guess that Zhou Qing had tried to explain himself to Xia Hanmo, but the content of his explanation would only be known between the two of them.

For the sake of her own safety, Lin Qian shook her head, “I honestly didn’t go to the parking lot. I went to the makeup room. Zhou Ge must have confused me for someone else.”


“Really,” Lin Qian nodded.


From that moment onwards, Xia Hanmo simply felt that Lin Qian and Zhou Qing were a bit weird.

Lin Qian suspected Zhou Qing, but if she had no evidence and tried to point him out, she would simply end up exposing herself. Worst of all, Xia Hanmo would lose her trust in her.

Soon, Li Jin arrived to take Lin Qian home. After listening to Lin Qian recall what happened, he patted her on the back with praise, “You did well.”

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