Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 908 - Fighting For Custody

Chapter 908: Fighting For Custody

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As everyone watched the injured little child, their heart’s ached. But, Coco did not cry, even though her eyes were already welling up with tears.

“Qiao Yeye 1 , I’m not hurt. Let’s try again.”

“Aiyo, how could Qiao Yeye bear to see you try again,” Qiao Sen leaned over and picked the little girl up in his arms.

Meanwhile, everyone placed their gaze upon Mo Ting. But, he stood around helplessly as he waited for backup to arrive.

Soon, Tangning arrived. As soon as she saw that Coco was hurt, she immediately ran over to comfort her. Afterwards, she smiled and offered, “I’ll teach you how to do the scene.”

Tangning could already imagine how badly President Mo would dote on their daughter because he would be completely helpless around her.

In the end, even though Tangning couldn’t personally act in the film, she did some great demonstrations for Coco. Coco’s scenes weren’t that dangerous because Mo Ting took on the majority of the action scenes , so, the demonstrations posed no danger for Tangning.

“They look like a family of three…”

“Yes. Tangning’s daughter will definitely be just as beautiful.”

One of the members of staff ended up posting the photo they took of Mo Ting with Coco. Originally, they simply wanted to admire the image, but, the photo unexpectedly went viral.

After all, the image was so contrasting that it was perfect.

“WTF, what’s this? When did President Mo take this photo?”

“Who’s this little girl? She’s so cute! They look like a loving father and daughter.”

“It’s so contrasting that it pulls at my heartstrings. When was this photo taken?”

“Isn’t that Coco Lee? Why is she in a photo with President Mo?”

Soon, someone brought up Cate’s incident and speculated, “This may be from the set of Tangning’s sci-fi film. Didn’t Cate say that the male lead is President Mo?”

“Previously, when I heard that she was filming a sci-fi film, I didn’t really put much thought into it. But after seeing this photo, I suddenly feel a bit of anticipation.”

“I love the contrast. President Mo looks like a cool father.”

Actually, the leaking of this photo didn’t end up affecting ‘The Ant Queen’. After all, the public were simply speculating and the photo wasn’t from the actual shoot. However, the photo did catch the attention of a particular person.

Coco Lee’s mother!

This woman who had run off to marry a rich businessman wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. After her husband died, she didn’t receive any monetary inheritance as it all went to his children. So all she was left with was a house. Previously, when she saw that Father Lee was deep in debt, she had no intention to look for the father and daughter. But, now that she saw her daughter had connections with Mo Ting, she finally felt it was time to fight for her custody.

After all, Coco’s appearance fees looked promising and Father Lee was too weak to hold up against her.

To create the image of a loving mother, Mother Lee ended up giving her ex-husband a phone call.

“Sam, I miss my daughter, I want to see her.”

Father Lee was a little taken aback. He hadn’t seen this woman in five years, yet the first thing she said to him was that she wanted to see her daughter.

So, he hung up the phone without hesitation. But, in the end Mother Lee directly showed up at his doorstep.

“Seriously, after so many years, you’re still living in the same place?” the woman complained as soon as she stepped into the home.

In the past, she had endured many tough years in this place. So she couldn’t imagine that this man still lived here.

Had he perhaps spent all the money that Coco made from her jobs?

“Why are you here?”

“Do I need a reason to see my daughter?” the woman said as she spread her palms questioningly.

“Coco’s not at home. You should come back another time,” Father Lee began to send her away.

“I want to know if Coco is partaking in a film. I heard that she has a good relationship with the richest man in the entertainment industry…”

“There’s no such thing,” Father Lee said as he pushed the woman out.

He was certain that this woman was here because of greed.

So, after he kicked her out, he immediately gave Tangning a phone call, “Miss Tang, Coco’s mother came looking for me claiming that she wanted to see her daughter. I don’t think she has pure intentions. What should I do?”

After hearing this, Tangning was quite surprised by how quickly the woman acted.

She actually went directly to Father Lee’s home?

“Firstly, the two of you need to move houses. I will arrange for you to stay at a hotel near the studio.”

“But, she’s Coco’s mother. I have no reason not to let her see her child. Even legally, I have no right,” Father Lee said anxiously. “I’ve been cautious all along because I was afraid she’d try and snatch Coco away from me. If she honestly wanted to be a good mother, I would not be so resistant. But, she’s definitely not a good mother…”

“Mr. Lee, don’t panic. We can discuss this in detail when we meet tomorrow.”

With Tangning’s help, Father Lee immediately calmed down. However, the woman continued to knock on his door, “Sam Lee, if you don’t let me see Coco, I will find lawyers to sue you. You must know that your finances aren’t stable at the moment. So, under these circumstances, the judge will definitely give custody to me.”

This was exactly what Father Lee was worried about.

But of course, when Tangning first approached the father and daughter, she was already prepared to help them handle their family issues.

She wasn’t about to let someone ruin an actress with so much potential.

Plus, she hated people that abandoned their children and only returned for benefits.

“Leave this disgusting matter for me to handle. In the meantime, you can mentor the little girl.”

“I feel a little awkward around her,” Mo Ting replied honestly.

After hearing this response, Tangning let out a laugh, “So you’re actually aware of that. When you’re around little girls, you look completely helpless. At this rate, how badly are you going to dote our daughter once she’s born? President Mo, you deal with a host of problems every day, yet you can’t even handle a little girl?”

“It’s different, I can carry and teach my own daughter.”

“Then just treat Coco like your own daughter,” Tangning smiled as she left.

However, she couldn’t help but sigh – producing a film was hard work!

She had previously heard about how people had to start afresh. But now that it happened to her, she finally realized how difficult it was to be a producer.

But, even if it wasn’t for the sake of her own film and she came across a situation like Coco’s, she would still offer assistance to the best of her ability.

So, she was going to deal with the b*tch.

But of course, Father Lee played an important role. So, Tangning decided to meet with him. However, the first thing he did when he saw her was sigh, “I feel like Coco will be taken away from me.”

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