Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 907 - The Little Actress

Chapter 907: The Little Actress



The little girl was indeed a true acting talent. From a young age, she already started appearing on television to help her father make money. But, this was, in essence, very different to acting in a film.

Even though Coco was born into a mixed culture family, in reality, she only had her father. Because her mother viewed her father as weak and useless, she ended up leaving him and marrying a rich businessman as his second wife. But, little Coco was very mature. As soon as her father realized that she had acting talent, she decided to help lighten her father's burdens by working. As a result, she was now quite famous within the industry.

Tangning was, after all, a mother. So, when she heard that Coco Lee was so mature, she couldn't help but sympathize with the little girl. Hence, when they finally met, Tangning subconsciously patted her on the head.

Tangning would perhaps never forget the first time she met the little girl. Her eyes were especially big and clear and she had a certain determination to her.

"Although I'm thankful that Miss Tang has offered my Coco such a great opportunity, I've read through the synopsis of the film and don't feel like she can handle it," Father Lee patted his daughter on the head. "I am her father. I've already lost her mother, so I can't lose her as well. That's why I need to protect my daughter."

"Coco, what do you think? Do you want to give it a try?" Tangning looked down and questioned the seated little girl.

The little girl had a head of long black hair and an intelligent aura to her. After careful thought, she tilted her head and said to her father, "Daddy, I want to give it a try."

"But, what if you get scared..."

"Daddy, you're being silly. There are so many people on set. As long as there are people around, I won't be scared," Coco replied confidently. "Plus, I trust that auntie will protect me."

Father Lee actually knew that his daughter was scared, but he was aware that she was trying to help him.

Because, in the past, he had been too naive. While running his own business, he was tricked by his friends and ended up with a huge debt.

"Fine then."

"Don't worry, I'll protect her well," Tangning said as she handed Father Lee a contract. "You can ask a lawyer to analyze this contract for you."

Father Lee had looked through plenty of contracts in the past because of his daughter, so he could tell that Tangning was trying her best to take care of them.

"No need, I'll sign it."

Tangning really liked Coco; it was hard not to like her.

So, before Father Lee took the little girl away, Tangning said sincerely to him, "Mr. Lee, there are a few words that I'd like to say to you."

"Please go ahead, Miss Tang."

"Coco is currently seven-years-old, but in the future, she will eventually gain more and more attention. So, you need to toughen up. Otherwise, you won't be able to protect your daughter."

"I'm sorry, we investigated your current situation and are aware that you are in debt. We also know that you shouldn't be held liable for this sum of money, so why did you accept the responsibly?"

"To be honest, it's because I'm not good at playing tricks," Father Lee replied helplessly. "As soon as someone threatens me with Coco, there's nothing I can do."

"It's because of this that Coco tries so hard to toughen up and protect her father," Tangning replied. She then turned and looked at Coco, "If you have money, what would you do with it?"

"I would hire a bodyguard for daddy so no one can hurt him ever again. After that, I would hire a lawyer, so I can teach the people that bullied daddy a lesson."

"Look, even Coco knows what to do. Of course, these are all external factors. The most important thing is how you can toughen up on the inside."

Father Lee thought for a second and appeared like he had been enlightened. A moment later, he quickly thanked Tangning and led Coco out.

As she watched the father and daughter leave, Tangning felt her heart ache.

So, after she returned home later that night, she recalled what happened to Mo Ting.

After hearing what happened, Mo Ting furrowed his brows and asked, "Are you heartbroken because of them?"

Tangning knew what Mo Ting was thinking, so she immediately hit him on the chest, "Where has your mind wandered off to? This is a natural protective response towards the weak."

Mo Ting reached out his arm and pulled Tangning onto his lap. He understood that even though his wife had been hurt by Han Yufan in the past and appeared cold on the outside, she was still warm-hearted on the inside. Especially after becoming a mother, she had become more sensitive towards human relationships.

"You will definitely like this little girl."

Mo Ting did not say a word as he focused on his work and coaxed Tangning to sleep in his arms.

3 days later, Qiao Sen scheduled for Coco Lee to undertake an audition. Even though the little girl had strong acting skills, President Mo simply said, "Trainable," before he confirmed her role as the female protagonist in 'The Ant Queen'.

To be exact, she was a mini-protagonist.

Afterwards, Mo Ting sat to the side and read his script. Under normal circumstances, Mo Ting didn't usually allow others to disturb him. But, when Coco saw him, she walked over and asked, "Uncle, can I sit here?"

Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at the little girl, but he did not respond. His silence symbolized consent.

Coco sat down not too far from Mo Ting as her two little hands pressed against the chair and her eyes peered at the script in Mo Ting's hands.

"I heard from the big brothers that uncle is really good at acting. Can you teach me?"

Mo Ting slightly shifted his script to the left so the little girl could see it. He needed practice interacting with little girls. After all, his daughter was on her way.

As soon as the staff saw this, they were quite surprised. Barely anyone ever had the guts to directly approach Mo Ting.

But little Coco wasn't afraid.

A member of staff even snapped a photo. This was a huge contrast from the usual Mo Ting. They were completely shocked.

"Tangning has good taste."

Later on, someone questioned Coco, "Don't you think that uncle is scary?"

The little girl shook her head, "No. I haven't done anything wrong, so there's no reason for uncle to do anything to me, right?""

This little creature was much too loveable. In an instant, everyone on set felt they couldn't compare to this little seven-year-old.


Looking back at the film, now that the main characters changed from lovers to father and daughter, it was actually easier to jump straight into the main plot because they no longer had to create an awkward encounter between the characters.

In the end, the film was about a father saving his abducted daughter by entering into an unknown land. Whilst fighting with the kidnappers, someone accidentally woke up a mysterious creature - a giant white ant!

The first scene was of the daughter being abducted. Coco was inexperienced with films, so during the first scene, she fell over and scratched off some skin.

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