Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 905 - Immediately Leave And Go Back To France

Chapter 905: Immediately Leave And Go Back To France

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Cate’s manager already heard alarm bells ringing, but Cate was still oblivious.

After all, Cate’s manager spotted a pile of actress’ portfolios on Qiao Sen’s desk when she entered his office, and it was obvious that he had looked through them all. It seemed, he was seriously considering the option of replacing Cate.

The manager wanted to calm Qiao Sen down, but Qiao Sen’s condition was for her to prevent Cate from acting recklessly.

Because of this, the manager ended up gifting Qiao Sen an expensive branded watch. But, Qiao Sen returned it straight back to her without opening it.

Of course, Qiao Sen had given Tangning a phone call to discuss this matter, but the two of them had different opinions regarding which actress to choose. So, they couldn’t settle on a suitable actress in the end.

“Let’s give Cate another chance. Since we’ve already filmed so much, it’s a shame to give up now.”

“I should have listened to you from the start and not hired an actress from overseas. I’ve simply brought upon my own suffering.”

Tangning did not reply. To be exact, her attention was currently drawn to the children’s show that was playing on the television in front of Mo Zichen.

The little rascal was mesmerized by the television screen as he held onto the remote control in his hands. Yet, he obviously couldn’t even walk properly yet.

Afterwards, Tangning hung up the phone and focused on the images on the television…

Out of the two brothers, Mo Zixi enjoyed sleeping, but he was also playful and active. Mo Zichen, on the other hand, was like an old man. No matter what he did, he resembled a mini-adult and was extremely interesting to observe. Hence, Zixi appeared more like a child, while Zichen appeared beyond his years. At this rate, Tangning predicted that the little rascal would end up smarter than her and Mo Ting.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of a certain television station.

Xia Hanmo and Lin Qian stepped out of the studio to find that it was raining outside. So, while Lin Qian ran off to fetch the car, Zhou Qing approached Xia Hanmo from behind.


“Zhou Ge?” Xia Hanmo looked confusedly at Zhou Qing.

“I know that you have a good relationship with Lin Qian, but there are some things that I’m not sure whether I should say. I simply want to give you a suggestion; I mean no harm.”

Xia Hanmo was a little surprised, but she replied politely, “Go ahead.”

“I acknowledge Lin Qian’s abilities. Plus, I know she treats you really well. But, I believe that her background is a little complicated. After all, her boyfriend is in the military. If she gets married one day, she will likely place all her focus on her family. So, I think you need to start preparing yourself for that possibility and keep an eye out for a suitable assistant and manager.”

“Although I’m sure that Tangning will have her arrangements, I believe that your needs are the main priority.”

After listening to Zhou Qing’s advice, Xia Hanmo nodded her head, “Thank you for the suggestion Zhou Ge, but I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment.”

“Yes, I’m simply preparing you for the possibility,” Zhou Qing smiled.

Soon, Lin Qian arrived with the car and Zhou Qing’s assistant also stopped his car in front of the two people. They each boarded their own car and returned to their respective homes. But, Xia Hanmo felt a little uncomfortable. Even though Zhou Qing was simply making a suggestion, Xia Hanmo couldn’t accept the possibility of Lin Qian leaving her side.

So, while they were driving home, Xia Hanmo couldn’t help but ask Lin Qian, “When are you planning to get married?”

“I haven’t considered it yet,” Lin Qian replied.

Xia Hanmo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn’t anytime soon. So, the matter that Zhou Qing brought up, she would have to consider it again when the time came.

Cate wanted Mo Ting, so she had no other option but to try and get some physical contact with him. But, by this time, pretty much the entire crew knew she was interested in him.

However, the crew were relieved to see that Mo Ting never even took a glance at her; those that were fans of the Mo Couple didn’t need to worry.

“This Cate is so cheap that she won’t let go of any opportunities.”

“President Mo belongs to Tangning. I hope this woman can control herself.”

“I really dislike actors from overseas. They may be good at acting, but their relationships are too messed up.”

“Just wait and see. Cate is bound to humiliate herself.”

As the staff gathered together to discuss Cate, Cate’s manager naturally caught wind of their conversations. Things were already getting difficult on set for them, yet Cate didn’t know how to restrain herself.

A little while later, Cate asked a member of staff to fetch her a glass of water. However, she took a sip, spat it back out and tipped the glass on the floor; it was too hot.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to burn me?”

The little set assistant felt wronged. Especially since serving this actress was never a part of her job description to begin with.

But, in order not to offend the woman, she picked up the glass and went to fetch another one. However, this time around, Cate complained that she didn’t put any sugar in.

The set assistant couldn’t stand it anymore and mumbled a few words under her breath. However, Cate heard what she said. Even though she didn’t understand Chinese, she could tell that the assistant was complaining. So, she asked her manager, “What did she just say?”

“She said that you can’t compare to Tangning,” her manager replied straightforwardly.

“If Tangning is so great, then why didn’t you guys hire her instead? I’m sure you guys could have supported her no matter how much of a lousy wh*re she is.”

The set assistant didn’t understand English, so she simply felt even more frustrated. Seeing this, Cate let out a laugh and poured the glass of water all over the set assistant’s head, “Tangning is a lousy wh*re, a lousy wh*re!”

The manager let Cate say these words because she knew that no one was around. But, she never expected that these words would travel to Mo Ting’s ears.

After all, the set assistant was bullied, so she naturally complained to Qiao Sen. Although she didn’t understand English, she remembered Cate’s last words and repeated them to Qiao Sen.

After Qiao Sen heard this, his face turned red in anger. Worst of all, Mo Ting was standing right behind them.

“President Mo…”

Mo Ting did not say a word as he glared at Cate, who was in the distance, and walked towards her.

Qiao Sen and the set assistant quickly followed behind, prepared to handle the storm that was about to hit.

Of course, Cate was surprised to see Mo Ting. After all, when did he ever approach her on his own? So, she immediately stood up from her chair and greeted him with a smile. However, Mo Ting simply said to her, “Immediately leave and go back to France! Don’t let me see you ever again!”

Cate’s expression turned cold, confused by Mo Ting’s demand.


“Shoo,” Mo Ting said coldly as he turned to Cate’s manager, “If you’re smart, you’ll tell your agency to give up on Cate. Otherwise, I’m going to make your agency suffer.”

The manager did not move. To be exact, she didn’t know how to react to Mo Ting’s threat.

The manager could tell that Mo Ting was truly angered.

So, she had no other choice but to do as she was told. After all, compared to Cate, no one dared to offend Hai Rui.

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