Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 904 - It Actually Bothered Her So Much

Chapter 904: It Actually Bothered Her So Much

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After watching Han Xiao leave, Lin Qian turned around to face Li Jin, “Do you have anything else? I need to go to work.”

Li Jin could tell that Lin Qian was still upset, so he turned her around and began to lead her out, “I’ll walk you out.”

“No need…” Lin Qian’s voice contained a certain coldness. She was sure that Li Jin knew how Han Xiao felt, yet he still allowed her to stay by his side. What was the meaning of that?

Li Jin knew that something was still bothering her, so he hooked his arm around her shoulder as they exited the training grounds.

After seeing the scene in front of them, the remaining comrades naturally felt quite complex, “Sister-in-law can’t be blamed for getting angry. Han Xiao’s actions were indeed very sly.”

“Love can’t be forced. The Major General knew how Han Xiao felt all these years, yet he always kept his distance. It’s obvious that he never liked her.”

“Seeing the anxious look on the Major General’s face, he must be truly in love.”

Lin Qian didn’t care what the comrades were saying, she simply wanted to shake away Li Jin’s arm.

“Qian Qian…”

“Let me go.”

“I’ve always kept my distance with Han Xiao and never overstepped my boundaries. Above all, I’ve never given her the slightest bit of hope,” Li Jin explained. “At the military base, I have always been just a soldier. I cannot and will not involve myself in any relationships.”

“The person I like is you. There is no other.”

“The incident that happened last night will never happen again. I promise.”

After hearing this, Lin Qian turned around and looked at Li Jin, “You’ve already broken your promise with dates a few times, how can you guarantee that you’d keep your promise this time?”

“When it comes to work, I am just a soldier to this country. I have no choice but to follow military orders. But, in my private life, I will never lie to you,” Li Jin said patiently. “I know that you don’t have a sense of security around me, so I’ve already made a request to my superiors: if we get married, you can also join the army.”

“Who wants to do that? I have my own things that I want to do,” Lin Qian said. Her anger had obviously subsided a little.

“Let’s go then. I’ll drive you to work.”

In reality, Li Jin made sure that Han Xiao was present today because he wanted to clarify things in front of her. This clearly showed how he took responsibility when it came to relationships. But, Lin Qian still couldn’t stand that Han Xiao would remain by Li Jin’s side.

Just like Han Xiao had predicted, it bothered her.

It actually bothered her so much.

Li Jin understood what Lin Qian was thinking. So, as soon as they boarded the car, he immediately grabbed onto her chin and pulled her in for a kiss. He then said, “Have some confidence in yourself, OK?”

“I hope to see the same kind of possessiveness every time you face Han Xiao.”

“Because it proves that you care about me.”

Lin Qian rolled her eyes. Just as she was about to argue back, a soldier suddenly ran out and blocked their path, “Major General Li, the political commissar wants to see you. It’s urgent.”

“You go back, I can leave on my own,” Lin Qian understood that Li Jin was busy. The fact that he spared half a day for her was already a tough thing to do.

Li Jin did not say a word. He simply pulled out a folded up paper from his pocket and handed it to Lin Qian. Before she opened it, he said, “I’ll get someone else to escort you.”

After he left, Lin Qian unfolded the paper and discovered that it was an application for marriage approval.

Because an army officer’s partner had to go through serious background checks, it was necessary to hand in a formal application. In fact, the check usually took one month to approve.

Lin Qian understood why Li Jin had submitted an application. He wanted her to know that he was ready to get married whenever she was ready.

Lin Qian placed the application into her bag, even though, at the moment, her heart desperately wanted a family of her own…

After returning from the military base, Lin Qian went to the set of ‘Late Night 8pm’ to look for Xia Hanmo. The current Xia Hanmo had improved dramatically from the past because of help from Zhou Qing. She even developed her own methods for dealing with outsiders.

After arriving on set, Lin Qian stood quietly to one side as she watched Xia Hanmo and Zhou Qing interact.

Han Xiao’s words actually tormented Lin Qian. Although she was a part of the entertainment industry, it didn’t mean that there was no value to her existence.

So, as she watched the successful Xia Hanmo, a new thought popped up in her head.

She needed to be even more serious to ensure that Xia Hanmo had nothing to worry about.

Soon, it was time to vote for the annual Fei Tian Awards again. As one of the mainstream awards in China, Mo Ting instructed Fang Yu to nominate Tangning even though she no longer cared about being an actress. The nomination this time, was for ‘Survivor’.

Mo Ting’s reasoning was simple. Even if Tangning didn’t want it, he wasn’t going to give it to someone else.

Within the industry, new artists debuted every single day. At the same time, there were plenty of artists that fell from their positions. While newcomers became famous, old artists were forgotten. But, Mo Ting didn’t want Tangning to become a thing of the past. He wanted her to live on forever.

So, even though the filming for ‘The Ant Queen’ was extremely tiring, Mo Ting always prioritized Tangning.

However, the covetous Cate did not retreat as she continued to analyze Mo Ting’s likes and dislikes.

Even though she appeared to have given up, she was actually mesmerized by this oriental man.

His skillful acting and his charming appearance in front of the cameras made her completely infatuated in him.

Her manager reminded her that oriental men always prioritized their family and told her not cause her own suffering. If she continued this way, she would simply end up burning herself alive. But, Cate grabbed onto her last bit of hope and wished for the bed scene to arrive soon. She refused to believe that a man could resist her perfect body.

“When it comes to your bodies, Tangning used to be a model and almost made it onto the runway of Victoria’s Secret. President Mo already has Tangning to look at, why would he be tempted by you?”

Cate’s manager had always felt that she was hard to control. But, at least, Cate held back a little in the past. However, this time, she seemed to be serious about Mo Ting.

“While we film the bed scene, I’m going to let Mo Ting feel my real body. It’s going to be exciting.”

Her manager felt that she had gone crazy. Because the manager always looked at the bigger picture, she didn’t want Cate to offend Mo Ting and cross his bottom line.

“You won’t get the chance,” Cate’s manager said.

Afterwards, the manager contacted Cate’s agency. She felt that Cate was acting too recklessly and was ignoring the agencies interests.

The manager had often done underhanded things, but she wasn’t ruthless enough to allow her artist to ruin someone else’s family.

So, she felt it was necessary to request the director to remove the bed scene completely.

But, Qiao Sen ended up replying, “It’s fine. When the time comes, we will use a body double.”

Actually, Qiao Sen had tolerated Cate enough; he had already used up all his energy.

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