Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 903 - Don't Blame Me For Not Being Sentimental

Chapter 903: Don't Blame Me For Not Being Sentimental



Lin Qian stepped into the training grounds without much optimism. After all, she did not know Li Jin well. She did not know how the usual Li Jin was like and how different he was when he was working, nor did she know who his friends were - she knew nothing.

She couldn't be like Tangning. When Tangning made a decision, she accepted whatever consequences came her way, good or bad because she wasn't afraid of anything.

But, Lin Qian was different. She was scared. When she didn't think something over properly or there was too much of a risk, she would immediately retreat.

It's not that she wasn't willing to fight for something. But, being afraid was her natural reaction.

Soon, Lin Qian and the soldier arrived at the training grounds. But, Lin Qian didn't see any soldiers training, she simply saw Li Jin and a few of his comrades. This included his supposed godsister, Han Xiao.

Actually, Han Xiao was also surprised. She never expected Li Jin to bring Lin Qian to the training grounds to meet his closest comrades.

Were his feeling for her actually real?

"Qian Qian..." Li Jin called naturally. As Lin Qian approached, he pulled her into his arms and said to his comrades, "Qian Qian was unconscious last time, so I didn't get to introduce her properly. This is my girlfriend Lin Qian. We should be getting settled down very soon."

This was the first time that Li Jin admitted to having a girlfriend. Even Han Xiao, who had stuck around him for so long didn't receive this kind of treatment. From the looks of it, Li Jin had truly fallen in love.

The comrades looked at Lin Qian and then glanced at Han Xiao. They then exclaimed, "You rascal. So you had a girlfriend all along. Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"We only met not long ago."

Lin Qian could tell that the comrades were a little awkward. It was probably because Han Xiao was around.

At this time, Han Xiao tried to make an excuse to leave, "I still have some training to do, so I won't be sticking around."

"Wait." To everyone's surprise, Lin Qian suddenly spoke up.

Han Xiao assumed that Lin Qian wasn't the type of person to expose a small quarrel between women to the men. But, Lin Qian was exactly this kind of person.

"Since Li Jin and Miss Han are both here, I would like to discuss some matters. Li Jin, let me ask you, is Miss Han your godsister?" Lin Qian asked as she stared at Han Xiao.

"No," Li Jin replied straightforwardly.

"But Miss Han came looking for me last night, claiming that she was checking me out on behalf of her godbrother. She also told me to get used to her existence because she is a comrade of yours and the two of you often work together, so I shouldn't get jealous. Lastly, she even told me to watch my image because you are in the military," Lin Qian recalled Han Xiao's words from the previous night in front of everyone.

"Since, the timing seems to be right, I would like to give Miss Han a response. Firstly, you're overstepping your boundaries. I don't care if you're Li Jin's godsister, even if you were his actual sister, you have no right to approach his girlfriend and order her around."

"Secondly, I honestly do mind your existence because no woman could stand having such a calculative woman by her man's side. It's much too dangerous."

"Thirdly, I admit that people in the military are amazing because they are protecting the security of our country, but that doesn't give you reason to look down on me. I do my job well and I contribute to society in my own way. I am not any less significant than you."

"I can't stand your arrogance, so I want to make things clear to you right now."

"Don't think that you can see through a woman's heart with a few days of training.""

"In terms of career, I admit that you are stronger than I am, but when it comes to love, I hope you can be honest."

"I am happy to put up a fair fight."

After hearing Lin Qian's words, everyone froze.

No one expected that this weak-looking woman had so much fighting power. In fact, she ended up leaving Han Xiao with no pride and embarrassing her in front of all her comrades.

But, even though Lin Qian's words were extremely direct, she wasn't don't yet.

Because, at this moment, she turned around to face Li Jin and began to scold him as well, "If you have any godsisters or internet sweethearts, then I don't think things will work out between us. I'm not one to endure things for the sake of a relationship. I hate seeing my man having unclear relationships with another woman and being expected to cover up for him."

"Qian Qian, are you saying all this because you're jealous?" Li Jin didn't mind her temper. Instead, he felt that she was extremely cute when she was angry.

Lin Qian glared at him without a response. Afterwards, Li Jin said, "Han Xiao and I are merely comrades. Whether in the past, present or future, this will remain the same."

"Plus, I don't have any godsisters nor online sweethearts. I simply have a jealous girlfriend."

Han Xiao looked at the affectionate couple as her red face turned pale. At this moment, all she felt was humiliation. She never expected Lin Qian to be so straightforward.

"Major General, I don't think it's necessary to hurt the people around you because of your relationship. Even if Han Xiao did something nasty, you should still consider her pride. After all, she has stuck by your side for so many years. Even if there was no love between you and she was merely a comrade, you shouldn't force her into a dead end like this. Han Xiao, I'll escort you back to the base," one of Li Jin's comrades said to the couple as he began to walk Han Xiao out.

But, after hearing this, Lin Qian couldn't help but say to the two, "Since you admit that she's done something nasty, what makes you think that she is the only one that's hurt?"

The man turned around and glared at Lin Qian. It seemed, he didn't have a very good impression of her. But, Li Jin stepped forward at this time and said, "I didn't say you could leave."

Han Xiao and the man stopped in their tracks, too afraid to take another step.

"I called you all here to see Qian Qian and I've already declared that she is my girlfriend."

"You are welcome to dislike her or disrespect her, but keep those thoughts to yourself. If you bully her the way that Han Xiao did last night, I will kill you."

"I don't want to hear about another woman approaching Qian Qian to put on an act behind my back. I hate dirty methods like that."

"So, if it happens again, don't blame me for not being sentimental."

After speaking, Li Jin subconsciously glanced at Han Xiao. Han Xiao endured the pain and left; she had never suffered such humiliation.

She had come all the way to this military base because of Li Jin, yet this man was so heartless towards her - all because of another woman. She originally thought that he'd say a few words to stick up for her even if Lin Qian decided to expose her, but, he didn't...

At the same time, she also thought that Lin Qian was a simpleton, but she wasn't as easy to deal with as expected.

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