Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 902 - I Can't Be Bothered Talking To Another Female

Chapter 902: I Can’t Be Bothered Talking To Another Female

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“If I was Qian Qian, I would completely ignore you from now on. What rubbish.”

“You better clean up your mess as soon as possible. If you don’t, I’m going to claim Qian Qian as my daughter and kick you out of the family.”


Was this something that a mother would say?

Others would probably question the scene that was playing out in front of them, but Li Jin simply smiled to himself in secret. This was because his mother had developed a particular liking towards Lin Qian. It seemed, this would make up for the pain and trauma that Lin Qian had experienced growing up.

Afterwards, Li Jin put down the phone in his hand. Of course, the meeting wasn’t anything serious. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly talked on the phone.

But, after his phone call, his gaze turned a lot colder.

“Major General, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Continue,” Li Jin instructed. After quite some time, the meeting ended and everyone began to leave.

But, as he watched Han Xiao leave, Li Jin couldn’t help but ask the subordinate beside him, “What’s​ your opinion of Han Xiao?”

“She’s a good girl,” the subordinate replied. “Major General, Han Xiao has been reporting to this base for many years. Her personality is clear to see.”

“Not necessarily, some people are good at hiding their true selves,” Li Jin said with a deeper meaning. He then lifted his head and asked another question, “If a woman that has a crush on you, goes to look for your girlfriend behind your back and deliberately says things to cause a misunderstanding, what are your thoughts regarding that?”

“I hate women that play tricks. I may not hit a woman, but I would definitely stay away from someone like that,” the subordinate replied swiftly. But, a moment later, he quickly realized that the woman they were talking about was Han Xiao, “It couldn’t be…”

Li Jin looked at the man with deep meaning, but he did not say a word.

“Oh God, I never thought that she’d be like that,” the subordinate felt chills down his spine.

Not only was Han Xiao’s method quite sinister, for a woman to do something like that, meant that they were extremely shrewd.

“Did Han Xiao go to look for sister-in-law? Does that mean sister-in-law has a misunderstanding? Major General, why are you still sitting here? Go and explain yourself!”

Li Jin did not move from his seat. Instead, he said to his subordinate, “I have a mission for you tomorrow.”

At this time, Mo Ting was still on set. After completing his shoots, he generally drove straight home without any intention to stick around.

But, Cate was injured that night​ because she hit her knee cap during a fight scene that they shared.

As long as Mo Ting was a man, Cate expected him to at least show some concern. But, Cate was, of course, disappointed.

Because Mo Ting ended up telling Qiao Sen to call for the medical team. He wasn’t about to let anyone stop him from going home.

“Don’t you know how to be a gentleman? I got hurt because of you. Don’t you feel guilty at all?”

“I don’t think you got hurt because of me. I think you got hurt because you were trying to attract my attention,” Mo Ting replied in front of everyone. “You asked for it.”

“Cate, I suggest you stop wasting your time on me. I’m finding it harder and harder to tolerate you. If you still want to continue shooting ‘The Ant Queen’, you should focus your mind on the film. Otherwise, I will directly send you home.”

“Also, please don’t do something stupid like this again. You’re delaying me from going home.”

Mo Ting’s words were so direct that they completely exposed Cate’s hidden motive.

Because Cate’s position in the cast wasn’t set in stone yet, even Qiao Sen couldn’t contain his anger. So, he knelt down and said to her, “If you’re just here to act, I think I could tolerate you for a few days, but…”

“…if you’ve got other motives, you can leave right now.”

“You don’t seem to understand who President Mo is. He’s not just an actor, he’s the CEO of a huge multinational corporation. He has control over the life and death of multiple artists. If he wanted to, he could make it so you can’t survive anywhere in this world.”

“So, if you can resist provoking him, then please avoid it.”

Cate had never been threatened like this before, so she naturally felt a little scared.

But, Qiao Sen didn’t need to mention Mo Ting’s identity. Because now that he did, Cate wanted to pursue Mo Ting even more. After all, she enjoyed the excitement of a challenge.

But, her methods from now on weren’t going to be so stupid.

Mo Ting didn’t care if the bimbo understood his words or not, at least he had already given his warning. If Cate dared to cross his bottom line again, he was going to send her packing all the way back to France.

After returning home, Mo Ting transformed back into a father and husband. As soon as he saw Mo Zichen jumping around in Tangning’s arms, he immediately carried him away.

“You have a child in your stomach. Don’t you know how to be careful?”

“It’s fine as long as he doesn’t step on my stomach,” Tangning smiled. “From your expression, I can tell that Cate has created some problems for you today.”

Mo Ting did not say a word, but Tangning already knew the answer.

“Do you really hate dealing with women that badly?”

“Apart from you, I can’t be bothered talking to another female. It’s a waste of my energy,” Mo Ting replied.

“What about our daughter?”

Mo Ting placed the two kids on the floor and let them move freely while Tangning lay on his lap, “I will need to teach her how to select her friends as soon as she is born.”

“You’re so exaggerated,” Tangning laughed while she imagined Mo Ting being a strict father.

The thought of this cold man hugging a squishy little girl was so contrasting that it was bound to make people squeal.

If one was to ask what ultimate love was, then Mo Ting would be the perfect example. Apart from his wife, he couldn’t be bothered with other people because it was a waste of his energy.

Of course, this was his attitude towards love.

The next morning, after spending an entire night in anger, Lin Qian stepped out of Xing Lan’s apartment to find that there was a military vehicle waiting for her downstairs. And of course, there was a young man leaning against it.

As soon as he saw Lin Qian, he immediately saluted her, “Sister-in-law, good morning.”


“The Major General told me to come pick you up,” the young soldier replied with a chuckle.

Lin Qian didn’t know what Li Jin had planned. Initially, she was going to reject the offer, but, she knew that Li Jin wasn’t in the wrong, so there was no reason for her to avoid him.

As a result, Lin Qian naturally boarded the vehicle and they quickly arrived at the military base.

“Don’t the rules say that outsiders aren’t allowed in?” As soon as Lin Qian saw the entrance, she was reminded of the day and night that she spent standing outside.

“Sister-in-law, I must apologize for what happened previously, but you are indeed not allowed in the base. However, the training grounds are OK,” the young soldier quickly explained. “Follow me, the Major General is waiting.”

Lin Qian was a little annoyed and angry.

Did he perhaps bring her here to meet his godsister?

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