Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 37: Eliminated

Chapter 37: Eliminated

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The next morning. Secret's Headquarters. Tangning was already waiting in the meeting room at 7:30am after being escorted by the front desk staff. She was earlier than Han Ruoxue and the others by half an hour.

Meanwhile, Mo Yurou was under the assumption that Tangning was still snoring away in bed.

Never would she have thought, by the time they arrived at the meeting room, Tangning had already been waiting for quite some time.

Han Ruoxue had a confused look on her face. She originally wanted Tangning to arrive at 9am - she was supposed to be so late, she wouldn't even be allowed in the meeting room. She planned it this way so Tangning wouldn't get the chance to find out she had intentionally given the wrong time. But right now, Tangning had arrived early. It was clear Tangning knew she had the intention to eliminate her. However, she didn't care, she was still the organizer of this event and no one could defy her.

"Tangning, why are you here so early?" Mo Yurou asked frustratedly; it appeared Han Ruoxue's plan did not work on Tangning.

"My friend was passing by, so on the way to work, he dropped me off," Tangning explained calmly.

"Enough talking, the meeting is about to start," Han Ruoxue reminded the two to be quiet.

Not long after, the person in charge entered the meeting room. She was a 40-something-year-old middle-aged woman. Behind her, followed two assistants that carried a huge stack of documents.

"Ruoxue, I have looked at the information regarding these two models." The woman raised her head and took one glance at both Tangning and Mo Yurou before she continued talking, "However, I only want one of them. I know everyone's time is precious, so I'm not going to go around in circles; I want Mo Yurou. As for Tangning, I don't think she is suited to the theme of our shoot."

She directly threw Tangning's portfolio on the table in front of them.

"It's OK if you don't want Tangning, I have other models for you to choose from." Things had panned out the way Han Ruoxue had expected. After all, Han Ruoxue had been implanting negative ideas of Tangning into this woman's head for quite some time. She immediately took out the portfolios of her other models and handed them to the woman in front of her. Not only did she find a way to get rid of Tangning, she managed to make good use of her - Mo Yurou had benefited and Han Ruoxue also had the opportunity to introduce some of her other models.

"Let me have a look before I make a decision," the woman asked her assistants to collect the portfolios and prepared to get up. However, Tangning held her back by suddenly speaking.

"May I ask what theme you speak of, Miss Mina?"

The woman obviously did not expect Tangning to speak up, so she replied, "Oriental Trend, I assume a dull person like yourself isn't too suited."

"Has Miss Mina seen any of my works or seen me in any of my shows?" Tangning challenged with a smile.

"Aren't you a...newcomer?" she asked; she obviously had never heard of Tangning.

"Let me first ask you, was it Miss Han that told you I was a newcomer?" Tangning remained calm - not wanting to sound overbearing.

"Tangning, don't go too far!" Han Ruoxue quickly growled as she glared at Tangning, "This is a decision between us, you don't have the right to question it."

"You used my popularity to bring Mo Yurou to the US and then used my name to boost your newcomers. You've used me so thoroughly, am I not allowed to ask a few questions?" Tangning asked sharply as she smiled at Han Ruoxue.

"Tangning, you really don't know how to be tolerant."

"My tolerance isn't used to tolerate jerks, tramps and their wonderful relatives..." Tangning said towards Han Ruoxue before she turned back to Miss Mina, "Since you haven't seen any of my shows, then let's not bother putting on this act. How about this, let's bet...before we even hit tomorrow morning, you will already regret your decision." After the words left her mouth, Tangning took big steps as she led Long Jie and Lin Wei out of the room; putting on her sunglasses as she went.

Miss Mina was stunned by Tangning's confidence. After Tangning left she immediately questioned Han Ruoxue, "Who is this model?"

Han Ruoxue was so angry her face was glowing red. She straightforwardly replied, "A newcomer model that will never get anywhere - no one important."

Miss Mina didn't think much of it as she turned around to leave the meeting room, ready to hand over the rest of the meeting to other staff to discuss costs. At this time, Mo Yurou stood up and fueled Han Ruoxue's anger, "Ruoxue Jie, Tangning's really beginning to not show any respect. She doesn't even have any regard for you."

Han Yufan wasn't present; this was a fight amongst the girls. So, Han Ruoxue didn't have to hold back, "She wants me to regret? Has she even taken a look at herself? Prepare yourself, once your value goes up, Tangning will have to kneel before you and polish your shoes."

"Yes Ruoxue Jie, I will not disappoint you."

Mo Yurou promised to herself, she was going to teach Tangning a lesson and even if Tangning was to retaliate, she wasn't going to have a fighting chance.

After leaving Secret's headquarters, Tangning returned to the manor with Lin Wei and Long Jie. Although they had mentally prepared themselves, Long Jie was still trembling in anger.

"I've never seen such a shameless person. The members of the Han family keep getting worse and worse."

"Tangning, what do you plan on doing now?" Lin Wei questioned Tangning. "We've already drawn the line with the Han siblings."

"You think if I hadn't drawn the line, they would have let me off easily?" Tangning laughed, "As I said earlier: Secret will personally give me a call tomorrow, or perhaps, they won't even be able to wait until tomorrow morning."

"OK, since you already have everything planned, we will just wait patiently for the result."

Lin Wei was extremely curious how Tangning was going to turn the tables, but she also knew Tangning was a very careful person. Until she had 100% certainty, she wasn't going to reveal anything. So, all they could do now was sit and wait patiently.

The truth was, even before Mo Ting had handed her an invite to the American Photography Exhibition that morning, Tangning already had other plans to deal with the situation. But Mo Ting's intention was obvious: since Mo Yurou recruited the help of Han Ruoxue, why couldn't she depend on him for once? After all, Mo Ting promised he wasn't going to come forward or help her pull relations; he simply gave her a chance at a fair fight with Mo Yurou. So, in the end, Tangning agreed to attend.

The exhibition was to be attended by many famous photographers, magazines and personalities, including...people from Secret. Most importantly, her mentor, the editor of Royal Magazine was the organizer.

The exhibition was scheduled for that night. So, after returning to the manor, Tangning quickly went to prepare. Even though the Entertainment Industry had its rules, it didn't mean there was no chance of change.

Han Ruoxue thought she was in control, but tonight, Tangning was going to let her know, in reality, she was nothing. The consequences of her arrogance was, she would only be able to control B-grade models like Mo Yurou to satisfy her ego.

She didn't need to remind everyone she was Kira, all she needed to do was stand beside her mentor and everyone would know, her status was above average.

Her? A newcomer? Who said so?

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