Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 28: Precious Little Wife

Chapter 28: Precious Little Wife

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"Tangning, I'm warning you, if you still want to survive in this industry, you better get out there and apologize. Or else, I will make you regret ever existing," the angry company representative yelled at Tangning arrogantly.

Tangning laughed gently as her expression remained calm - like she had just witnessed a joke, "The words have already left my mouth, how am I to apologize? On top of everything, if I was to apologize, who would apologize to the consumers?"

"If you don't apologize and help us eliminate all the negative responses you have created, then we will have to use extreme measures," the representative warned threateningly. After speaking, he glanced over at the event security guard and gave him a look. Understanding the hint, the security guard immediately started walking towards Tangning.

Seeing the scene unfolding, Long Jie and Lin Wei quickly formed a human barrier in front of her. Long Jie pointed at the client as she asked angrily, "What are you trying to do?"

Han Yufan whose face was pale, normally wouldn't deal with companies like this, but because he was in a rush to clear Mo Yurou's name, he did not prepare himself against Tangning.

An outdated model actually had the nerve to announce a comeback?

Did Tangning really think, after leaving him, she could start all over again?

Han Yufan sneered before pulling Tangning over and throwing her to one side, "Tangning, I know you hate me. But by doing this, you aren't hurting Yurou, you are hurting yourself. A model that has broken the industry rules, no matter how proud you are, will not be hired by anyone."

"Really?" Tangning raised her eyebrows slightly, "I don't think so!"

"I don't care why you did this. I also don't care how envious you are of Yurou. Now that the event has been completely messed up, you will need to explain things to the client and you will have to pay the compensation for breaching the contract. Don't even try to throw the blame on Tianyi Entertainment," Han Yufan yelled at Tangning heartlessly. "Also, in relation to clearing Yurou's name, since you won't cooperate, I have no choice but to release a statement on your behalf. When that time comes, you will just have to suck up any negative comments."

"President Han, it seems you have not fully understood my words. My announcement for my comeback was to show that from now on, I will comply with whatever parts of the contract I should comply, but at the same time, I will enjoy what I deserve to enjoy." The look in Tangning's eyes at this moment were cold, without even a trace of warmth, because towards the man in front of her, all she felt was disgust, "President Han, no need to be impatient, my lawyers will arrive this afternoon and run through each section of the contract with you. They will clarify every part of the contract that I should have enjoyed over the years which I have not received."

Seeing Tangning like this, Han Yufan was stunned, he never thought Tangning had this side to her. He couldn't believe she could force someone into the corner so aggressively that they couldn't even fight back.

No, it must be because she received a shock , Han Yufan comforted himself. A woman that had usually been weak, how could she suddenly become so powerful?

She must be trying to gain my attention , Han Yufan told himself. Oh, Tangning, must you really cheapen yourself to this extent? Why can't you just let go?

As a result of Tangning's sudden announcement, the scene of the event was in total chaos. The company representative saw that the two had not come to a resolution yet, so rushed to their side impatiently. Looking at Tangning threateningly he spoke, "If you don't give us a satisfactory explanation, then don't expect to walk out this door."

"Tangning, don't force us."

It felt like a showdown was about to take place, but Han Yufan simply stood back and observed the scene playing out in front of him. He had no intention of helping Tangning, because he wanted Tangning to know, the consequences of betraying him shouldn't be taken lightly. However, never did it cross his mind, that he himself was the one to betray first.

Long Jie protected Tangning anxiously as she watched the 3 security guards closing in on them. Within the industry, there were plenty of artists without a high status, that had experienced all sorts of abuse. Long Jie, at this moment, hated the fact that she was not a man.

Seeing they had nowhere to run, the security guards' eyes smiled slightly - it was impossible for them to escape. However, at this time a loud 'PANG' echoed through the room as the waiting room's door flew open.

A man holding a briefcase entered with 3-4 bodyguards. Scanning the room with his eyes, he asked, "Who is in charge here?"

"May I ask who..." the company representative stepped forward.

"I am the lawyer of Hai Rui Entertainment, my surname is Qiao," the lawyer responded sternly as he pulled a letter out of his briefcase and handed it to the representative. "The advertisement you shot last month has illegally used a photo of one of our artists. This is a serious violation resulting in damages to Hai Rui Entertainment. This is a letter of notification, we are confident we can sue you until you are bankrupt." After speaking, the lawyer took big poised steps out of the room while leaving the bodyguards behind - the reasoning was simple, they were to protect Tangning.

The representative looked like he had just been handed a bomb as his hands began to tremble. He never thought he would attract the attention of the famous entertainment empire, Hai Rui.

Small companies exploiting loopholes to increase their companies popularity was not uncommon. But, no one had ever had action taken against them by Hai Rui Entertainment.

Was it because they were having a run of bad luck?

No one knew the real reason, but Tangning was well aware, this was Mo Ting's way of finding a chance to help her take revenge.

Out of everyone they could offend, who told them to offend Mo Ting's precious wife?

Long Jie snickered on the side realizing the situation. This small company was so arrogant without knowing Mo Ting had already instructed his men to lie low until the time was right. It was clear how thoughtful he was towards Tangning.

At this moment in time, the client was no longer in the mood to care about what Tangning said at the event. Inside, they knew very well, getting on Hai Rui's bad side meant they were watching their own imminent death.

Han Yufan was also frightened by this sudden turn of events. In order not to be implicated, he immediately left the waiting room. His cowardly face was so shameful it did not deserve a second glance, not even from someone like Lin Wei.

"Tangning, let's go!"

Because their motive had been achieved, Lin Wei treated everything like a stroke of good luck. She knew, luck was very important in this industry, and Tangning, obviously had luck on her side.

Announcing a comeback meant everything would have to start afresh. But, Tangning believed, as long as she didn't give up, she could still get back to where she was 3 years ago and even surpass it.

The internet was cheering while the name Tangning, was once again revived. Everyone started to see Tangning in a new mysterious light.

Long Jie was so excited she started reading some of the comments to Tangning with a huge smile across her face, "I can already imagine Mo Yurou must be so angry right now. She must have thought, the mistake Tangning made just now, would be enough to end her career."

"She probably also thought she could have had the opportunity to bad-mouth you even more in front of Han Yufan as well as request him to punish you."

Tangning didn't take note of Long Jie making fun of Mo Yurou, she just turned her head to question Lin Wei, "The contents of the scandal, have you already organized everything?"

"Of course, it is going to be amazing," Lin Wei replied.

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